Letter #19 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

Saturday, November 7, 2009 A.D., Day 37 – 143 to go

I’m officially out of cash. The human cages who hurt me and caged me wiped out my “canteen” account. All I received was two Chick-o-stick candies which I ordered for another human who is caged in here who is indigent. If they were trying to shut down my mail, they found their way.

I’m guessing they are charging the account because of the “meds,” the Motrin I’m on that barely takes the edge off and permits me to sleep. It’s all about profit from any angle they can get it. If they can’t force the humans they cage in here to pay, they will steal it from you, at the point of a gun, and tell you it’s for God and glory and to keep you safe from the bad people who hurt others… sorry, I never could quite swallow all of that giant turd of a story, though for a time, I remained silent and therefor consigned the abuses, though I knew in my heart what it was all about… though not in my head.

So, the team of human cagers don’t like to hear me. I know I’m not the easiest to take but I have little patience for evil and heartless people who repeatedly abuse others, for a paycheck… make no mistake, that is what it’s all about folks, if you need to experience it for yourselves, just try to drive without begging their permission on roads that are supposed to be “public.” That is where they profit, on your “public” land. There are so many, far better and efficient ways to have commerce and enjoy travel on “public” ways. Why they feel they have the right to profit and aggress against you on them, is beyond me. Sure, you don’t want crazy people doing God knows what or what have you on public roads but… I can’t get into it here, just try to think, or listen to all the ideas that will work and will work peacefully, without theft and destruction by the Department of Roadway Aggression aka the “State Police” with guns and handcuffs.

It is with hope and joy that I look to the day when we put lawyers and human cagers out of business. First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win… Hooray!!! The day when a father of three young grandchildren and wife, he provided for, for years, misses a driver license registration and gets shoved in here for a year, treated the same as one who stole from others or hurt someone, after all it’s government and as Denis Goddard says “It’s one size fits all… right?” The peaceful man is now destroyed and full of hate. The hurtful man, learns he can hurt others better, they are treated equally. It’s only business though. It’s creating a problem (or a perceived problem) and offering the “one size fits all government *$olution!*” What a gig it is to steal forcefully from the masses to pretend to keep people “safe.”

The mafia calling itself government doesn’t like me talking about this one bit. They listen in on my conversations with my attorney. They block “due process” by ignoring their own “rules” to “care” for the caged humans. They force their own sick version of what they think is their “morality” but really, I know what it is, it’s violence, self-serving violence that grows like a cancer…

It’s clear to me now that the only cure for this disease is to strike it like the beast it is, from as many angles as we can. Do you think it’s too late? If you answer “yes,” what does that mean to the oppressors, the current group of people calling themselves “your government.” If you don’t know, the Greek root of the word “govern” is quite literally “control”.” “Who controls you and where?” I ask myself often. They seemingly have me coming and going, in every facet of my personal life. Often too, I ask myself “What am I willing to live with, or how far has this escalated in my own life?” My only conclusions always end in frustration and lack of acceptance of what it has become… it despirits me, divides me, discourages me… isn’t that what the system counts on? If I’m week and silent it will rip a hole in my life, and that of my family’s. They will take what you call yours forcefully, disarm you, make you dependent on them. Isn’t this clear to everyone by now?

Sure, these are just ramblings of a man in jail for (who cares what anymore?) but they are my ramblings and you are still reading.

Last night, after my attorney (Aubern) visited me, and again they listened in to our call (against their rules) and planned yet another attack on the 10 minutes a day that I am out of camera range. Sgt. Westney gave the order to “Corrections” OFficer Mitchell to watch me in the shower. Do you imagine it is because they care? Do you think it’s because they are voyeuristic and want to see a paste white guy, naked and struggling to walk on his heels as he attempts to support himself in a most humiliating way to keep from getting the disgust of the shower room on his skin? Is it really all about making sure a guy who can’t walk suddenly needing supervision so he doesn’t slip and fall? No. It has to do with one of two things, it has to do with either the fact that they know legal retaliation is coming or what I’ve come to expect, that they are trying to make false “reports” about events… how many “corrections” officers does it take to throw a cripple down the stairs?… None… he fell… this is one fell when he was running or something. It sure looks like war on you and me. It’s them against us and make no mistake, they have had plenty of time to prepare.

I was livid, humiliated, again, reactive, likely what they are trying to do, to get me pissed. Well, I bit on it. Why I try to reach the unreachable with the message of peace and non-aggression, while I let them further violate me, is beyond my own ability to understand. Ignorance is bliss… bliss this! (wink) At east Mitchell had the guts to take me into a room and quietly share that he was “ordered” to do it. I do always and make no exception to share my own message with him. It is really impossible to reach them if they get a paycheck from it all. Either that or my communications skills once I imagined were highly effective, have gone to rot.

“Corrections” Officer Swan awoke me this morning to announce “You have a video 8:30 on Monday.” I supposed he meant a “video hearing” which is safe from the prying eyes of the public… but of course, they “allow” you to get a record of it by submitting a request in the form of begging and wait until they are good and ready to “allow” you to have a copy, at your expense, that you already paid for with the “taxes” they extorted from you.

Time passes slowly here. Mail doesn’t go out fast (my mail at least) so I’m going to pack this up.

Peace, Love, Blessings,


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