Critics: Liberty Activists Have “wreaked havoc” in Keene; FreeKeene is “failing”

Westmoreland busybody and statist Pam Martens has continued her uninformed hit pieces on Free Staters. Normally they don’t get mentioned here, but this time she mentions Keene activism (it’s such a great quote, I added it to the “unintentional endorsements” section of the 111+ Reasons to Move to Keene.):

the Free State Project holds extremist views and their participants have wreaked havoc in areas like Keene and Grafton. We’ve seen a steady stream of Free Staters taunting the Keene police and ending up in the Westmoreland jail, costing taxpayers dearly.

You can see her full hit piece below. Wreaked havoc? What exactly has been ruined or destroyed in Keene besides old ideas? Are the 420 celebrations wreaking havoc on the idea of prohibition? Quotes like these make it clear that the liberty movement is really bumming out the statists up here. You should come join the fun – just over 25 more signups before the Free State Project reaches 10,000 participants!

We also had a youtube critic send me an angry message where he accuses liberty activists of making an “unimaginable blunder” by holding candlelight vigils outside the homes of government aggressors. (I posted the full text of his message and my reply here.) In it he claims is “failing”. Really? By what measure? Failing because some people are upset? What about all the people who appreciate the liberty activists? I imagine liberty activists aren’t too popular amongst those who work for or benefit from the state. We can’t please everyone and shouldn’t try. To say this website is failing, however, is simply a denial of reality. Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

According to Google Analytics In February of 2009, this website, not including the forum, had 14,031 visits. In Feb of this year, that number was up 68.1% to 23,586. Aside from that, more people are moving to the Keene area in pursuit of more liberty. That means even more “havoc” will likely be “wreaked” each year. Of course, anyone that has actually met Free Keene’s activists knows we are peaceful, and not wreakers of havoc.

It’s time the government people stop wreaking havoc on peaceful people. That’s why this website is here to document and help bring about the evolution of a consensual society wherein institutionalized coercion against peaceful people has no role. If that is wreaking havoc to you, check your premises.

For those who are interested, the full letter from Pam Martens is here:

Don’t Pull Back the Curtain on the Free Staters
March 3, 2010
By Pam Martens

The individuals supporting Bill Campbell in his bid for Selectman of Westmoreland want you to look in another direction altogether, rather than demand his truthfulness on his affiliation with Free Staters.

His supporters want you to focus on those “outsiders” from the “city.” (My husband and I have never lived in a big city; we come from a tiny town, Garden City, Long Island, that clips happy faces in the shrubs in the Town Square and where the 1931 bakery still hands children a free cookie; where calling residents “outsiders” is just too silly to even contemplate. But if we did come from a big city, so what. This is xenophobia-baiting and should be deplored by any person of good character and conscience.)

His supporters implore you to look at those people who have (patiently) attended 10 hearings over two years on a gravel pit that has been illegally located in their residential neighborhood for 17 years but they might sue the Town eventually. (Don’t stop to ask yourself how the gravel pit issue is relevant to whether Bill Campbell backs the agenda of the Free Staters.)

His supporters want you to look at the pedigrees of those telling you Bill Campbell is not a Free Stater — they’ve lived here 49 years, or 25 years — and if they say Bill Campbell is not a Free Stater, well, that should be the end of the matter.

Aside from his supporters’ denials, Bill Campbell has issued a campaign letter seeking votes in his bid for Selectman that is completely silent on his long-term involvement with the Free State Project. Mr. Campbell instead suggests these are just “rumors” and “negative campaigning.” This is his exact statement:

“You may have heard negative rumors about me, fueled by my opponent’s supporters. I don’t believe in negative campaigning and I ask you to consider the source and motivation.”

That statement in itself is negative campaigning since it strongly suggests the “rumors” are false and maliciously motivated by Mr. Campbell’s opponent’s supporters. (Neither my husband nor I knew in advance June Hammond planned to run for Selectman nor do we know what’s going on in her campaign. Our issues are with the Free State Project’s unconscionable plan to take over local and state politics in New Hampshire.)

Why does it matter that Bill Campbell refuses to discuss his involvement with the Free State Project? For one thing, good character is reflected in forthrightness. For another, the Free State Project holds extremist views and their participants have wreaked havoc in areas like Keene and Grafton. We’ve seen a steady stream of Free Staters taunting the Keene police and ending up in the Westmoreland jail, costing taxpayers dearly. We also know the Free Staters ran a campaign of intimidation and smear tactics in Grafton against anyone who dared to stand up to them. The web site’s still up. My husband and I know from first hand experience the tactics used against people who speak truth to the Free State power base. But we think what’s at stake is worth the threats and slander against us.

If the Free Staters gain a foothold in Westmoreland, Mr. Edgington, co-host of the Free State Project sponsored radio program, Free Talk Live, could implore more Free Staters to swarm into Westmoreland. Mr. Edgington’s radio program is affiliated with 65 radio stations around the country.

Below are the links that document Bill Campbell’s long-term involvement with the Free State Project. It’s time for Mr. Campbell to come clean with voters.

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