Nashua Thugs Arrest Sovereign Curtis, Refuse to ID Themselves

Ryan McGuire Qikked this video of Keene’s Sovereign Curtis being arrested by badge-wearing thugs who refused to identify themselves during today’s 420 event in Nashua. Does anyone really believe these people are our “servants”?

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  1. The moral-god-speech dude sounds pompous and cultish. Just try to remember that winning hearts and minds is the goal.

  2. Thanks for the video Ryan. It's great to see a light shined on our "servants" consequently revealing the true arrogance and ignorance of these thugs.

  3. Fascists? A little over the top maybe?

  4. Good PR while not compromising your principles in the process is a delicate balance.

    Maybe I did lose my cool; I'm really sick of seeing my friends victimized for doing nothing wrong. But I can't honestly apologize for what I said.

  5. "Fascists" are exactly what they are.

  6. thanks for the video

    it is important people see what the government is doing with their money

  7. Disgusting.

  8. Powerful ststement Chaz.

  9. A fellow Keeniac had a great idea last year. He would go around town with a friend taping the transactions.

    He would hold up a pair of handcuffs while smoking a joint. He asked the person if they would put the cuffs on him themselves, rather than calling the cops.

    Don’t believe he went through with the plan, yet I thought it was very powerful on more than one level.

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