Gambling Hypocrisy: “Live Free or Die” (So Long As You Pay)

It’s next week.  You’ve just finished a hard day of work.  You get together with a group of friends and decide to play cards for money while enjoying some cold beer.  You lose $20 to your friend’s superior poker skills.  You’ve just committed a “crime” in New Hampshire which can get your ass tossed in jail for a year.

Refuse to be arrested for having done nothing immoral and having hurt no one, by defending yourself against the initiated violence of the state…  and the state will kill you.  You cannot defend yourself against state violence.  It is illegal.  State agents can kill anyone who defends themselves against state aggression.

It’s next week.  You’ve just finished a hard day of work.  You get together with yourself and go on the new New Hampshire Lottery Commission website while enjoying some cold beer.  You waste your entire life savings to the odds of the lottery system.  You’ve done nothing illegal.  The state has gotten its cut of your money.  Sucks to be you.

The state will launch on July 1. The site includes interactive games such as “Super Slots,” “Speed Bingo” and “New Hampshire Poker.”

Don’t you see the insanity of this?

The article is here.

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  1. Seriously, it's sad to know that my home state of California has more freedom than New Hampshire when it comes to marijuana and poker.

  2. Yeah Seth, but it's not going to stay that way. NH is really pinched for cash and that Sweet Sweet Barney is with each passing day, becoming a lower priority on Mr. Cop's to-do list. Just ask anyone on Central Sq in Keene around 4:20 in the afternoon.

    Sure they will eventually tax & attempt to regulate it, yet all that means is that Officer Unfriendly will lack incentive to bother the people who bypass the gooberment's taxed bunk herb and grow and/or sell their own.

    As for poker, it's small potatoes and as much of a tiny blip on leviathan's radar as an office betting pool would be. Big Bother has painted himself into a corner regarding enforcement of lots of things. It's gross stupidity regarding just how broke they are is the monster's Achilles Heel that will eventually bring it down.

    Just keep chipping away at their "legitimacy" and otherwise just wait them out, as they're almost done for.

  3. Great post… such glaring discrepancy in legal reasoning is astounding.


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