Capuzzo, Rich Paul, Adam Mueller, Pete Eyre, All Jailed in Greenfield, MA.

AdamKeeniac activists Rich Paul and Capuzzo were traveling through the police state of Massachusetts yesterday and were arrested for allegedly possessing cannabis and a firearm. Along with them was a female I am not familiar with named Jackie. The heroic bloggers from, Adam and Pete headed down to Greenfield today to bail them out. Naturally, they brought along video cameras to document the process. Turns out the police didn’t like that very much and proceeded to arrest Adam and Pete. Cop Block reports:

Cop Block bloggers Adam and Pete were arrested in Greenfield, MA for videotaping (which I believe is a felony in MA) while trying to bail fellow activists out of jail. You can listen to audio of the arrest here.

They are being held at the Greenfield Police Department which can be reached at (413) 773-5411. If I understand correctly, Adam and Pete have not identified themselves, so ask about “John Smith” and “John Smith” instead of Adam and Pete.

No bail has been set yet, but I’ve been told it will probably be set tomorrow. Allison Gibbs of LOLA is raising money to bail them out. If you’re interested in contributing, please send money ASAP to via PayPal.

UPDATE 7/2: Everyone except Capuzzo is out!

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  1. They're fucked. Are we sure they want to be bailed out? There needs to be a way to make sure fellow liberty activists don't bail out one of their own if they don't want to be bailed out. I know I wouldn't.

  2. The firearm charge alone is a mandatory minimum 1 year in the MA clink. MA sucks, and avoiding it is strongly encouraged. Especially if you're the 2A type.

    I wish them luck.

  3. What do you mean by 2A Type?

    Hopefully they can take some solace in playing the part of martyrs for the next few years. And hopefully they can feel good about the fact that tax monies are being wasted on housing them.

    And hopefully this will help strengthen the resolve of some other activists, myself included.

  4. That would all be well and fine, except that they are of much more use to the community as activists.

    Martyrs are over rated.

  5. I disagree. I think martyrs are an important propaganda tool. If we don't show the world that we're putting our money(and our lives) where our mouths are, then we're not likely to be too effective in getting others to disobey.

  6. God no … why did they have to go to MA? GOT to pick your battles. There's a reason PRM wasn't chosen for FSP. It's tyranny and police state central.

    I can't even imagine being thrown in jail for a year for this bull@#$#. I hope there's some decent human being somewhere in the MA "justice" system, who has a mind of their own, and a modicum of common sense.

    I do hope they take this to the supreme court though, if it comes to that.

  7. "I do hope they take this to the supreme court though, if it comes to that."

    Yeah, seems like that's going to be their only real option, unless MA is as broke as most other states, and can't afford to prosecute. The Chicago case is decent grounds IF the Massholes are trying to hit them with a felony for simple possession of a firearm, but even then, it's concealed in a vehicle with no MA permit to do so, which opens up a whole other can of worms.

    I'm all for pushing buttons in MA, but you're looking at a year if a cop stops you for a blown tail light and spots a spent casing on your floorboard. I don't think there's a worse state to get a firearm charge.

  8. As I said on CB, if anyone else must go to the cesspool of tyranny and abuse known as MA, I advise that they stay under the radar, hold their nose, and get in and out quickly.

  9. I agree, with the addition of leaving the standard means of self-defense in the Free State.

  10. Dispatcher man sez bail is $2,500 + $40 each. 🙁

  11. Why the hell would they come to MA? They treat firearms like nuclear devices here and the cops here are paramilitary – they do not tolerate videotaping.

    Stay in NH where it is safer, live to fight another day. They drove right into Mordor.

  12. Dan, that was funny.

  13. I feel uncomfortable with Seth's statement that "martyrs are an important propaganda tool". This does not sound like someone who understands the Philosophy of Liberty. This ain't the government, son. We don't need to stoop to propaganda when we have reason and truth on our side.

    As for martyrs, nobly sacrificing yourself for some valiant cause may sound great but more often its just a big waste of a person's potential. Now if that's what you choose for yourself, fine, but I think most of us would prefer that our friends not be sacrificed to make a point (let alone for something stupid). This isn't a game we're all playing here. There can and will be life and death consequences for resisting the unending invasions of the state into our lives. You've got to pick your battles. With more turbulent times approaching, we can't afford to lose four solid activists over something stupid like a Sunday drive through Tyranny Central.

  14. The definition of propaganda is:

    The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

    There are no negative connotations that I can tell in that definition. Therefore, propagating the news of our loss in no way implies stooping to the government's level.

    The goal of those activists, I can only imagine, was not to get "caught." Their goals were to live life like free individuals, consequences be damned.

    I doubt any of them would want us to shut up about it. I think they would appreciate as much press as possible.

  15. Zeus-your last sentence says it all for me-there will be times when a sacrifice is needed,but is it worth it for this 'crime' at this time? I think not,but it doesn't matter,whats done is done.I hope that they can get things straightened out tomorrow (today),because this is the big holiday weekend.And what irony it is!

    However,Friday on a 3 day weekend is not a good time to find yourself in jail.Not much gets done,you have 3 days where no-one is there,weekend staff with no decision power,and Tuesday court usually starts with the usual Monday arraignments.I know,I spend a long weekend in the Bridgeport,CT jail,many years ago.Not a lot of fun,then or now.Good luck to the guys.(and girl)

    Mass. is one of the biggest fascist states when it comes to many things,firearms laws especially.Even traveling through can be dangerous if you are carrying.If you have to,wrap it in plastic and tape it over the front wheelwell,inside the fender.Or behind the battery,someplace where they would have no reason to look in a quick search.This is not Keene,or even Nashua.Greenfield court is not a nice place.(spent a day there,too! 🙂 ) —bil

  16. It's like being right next to North Korea…except it's south of us.

    Maybe there could be a border fence to prevent people from accidentally crossing into Mordor.

  17. Seth on Thu, 1st Jul 2010 10:54 pm
    "I think martyrs are an important propaganda tool."

    Seth, you are so right. As a sovereign individual, you cannot assume the moral debt of another, but you can always assume another's property debt, especially those of a friend.

    The "martyrs propaganda" you describe in this particular instance, could be even more effective, if you, yourself, headed down to MA and offered to serve Rich Paul's time in prison, for him.

    Rich will thank you,and while you are gone, everyone will have great memories of you.

  18. There was an update from Jason Talley on Facebook….

    Adam is charged with resisting arrest & wiretapping.

    Pete has five charges including vin removal, possession of a gun without a fid card, wiretapping (felony) and two unknown charges.


    Via Antigone Darling: "No bail! Personal recognizance for Adam M. Mueller ? !!!!!!"

  19. I heard that Pete and Adam were out of jail. From Facebook:

    Jason Talley Pete Eyre ? is free to go and is giving an interview to the Franklin county Recorder, a local paper. More details as I get them.

    Jason Talley Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about Adam M. Mueller ? and Pete Eyre ?. I'll be on Free Talk Live tonight where I'm sure we'll discuss this and more.

  20. The majority of Keenes citizens are absolutley ecstatic knowing that they won't have to put up with Rich Paul and his beloved bullhorn for at least a year!!!! Time to celebrate!!!!

  21. Yes, it's always time to celebrate the assault and kidnapping of another human being because they're annoying you.

    Good thing he didn't do anything more severe than speak into a bullhorn or you might have savagely dismembered him in your woodshed, inhuman psychopath that you are.

  22. Yes, it's always time to celebrate the assault and kidnapping of another human being because they're annoying you.

    Good thing he didn't do anything more severe than speak into a bullhorn or you might have savagely dismembered him in your woodshed, inhuman psychopath that you are.

    Constitutional rights are only important for peaceful assembly and freedom of speech when HE thinks they are.

  23. Oh I don't even think he's put THAT much thought into it.

    I imagine his thinking is more along the lines of "Me Ogg! Me no like loud man! Me happy him thrown in cage so him family and friends sad. Me now go kick kitties in head for fun."

    I may be oversimplifying though.

  24. Zeus, correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't even live in Keene, right?

    As a native resident of Keene, I've had to put up with the arrogant, selfish, pompous, annoying jerkoff known as "Rich Paul" for over a year, and I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed with joy right now. I am also entirely certain that an extremely large portion of Keenes population shares my feelings of delight and bliss.

  25. Finally,

    You might not like Rich personally, but don't you believe it is important that Americans have the right to protest their displeasure at government rules?

    Has Rich Paul ever hurt you?

    The 1st Amendment was not designed to protect speech or protests that we personally agree with….

  26. So because you find him "arrogant, selfish, pompous, [and] annoying", that's cause enough to strip him of his freedoms and condemn him to a six-by-eight cage for an entire year?

    If you're willing to do that for some you dislike, I'd hate to see what you'd do to someone you really despised.

  27. finally,
    I fully understand your missing the bullhorn. I do too. In the meantime, with some effort you could search the porc411 archive and hear Rich's voice. Slather on some digital signal processing you could get that bullhorn effect.

    In the meantime all is not lost –
    I'm pretty sure that Seth is going to do Rich Paul's prison time, and I will volunteer to purchase new batteries for the bullhorn. With this going to be an especially hot summer,
    you will again be able to come and enjoy a full 10 Watts of bullhorn audio power, Free State mammaries, and man-boobs down at the square.

    We should all engage in productive voluntarism, and don't forget to get your Shire Society id card!

  28. I feel "Rich" could have handled his presence in the town he chose for relocation a little more tactfully. I have respect for those who respect me, and as a native Keene resident, I feel he treated me with very little, as well as the community as a whole. I take my shoes off when I enter a guests home, but it seems "Mr. Paul" does not practice a similar policy.

  29. "Finally", your desire to see another person thrown in jail for a year because you dislike what they say, or because they annoy you, is absolutely disgusting.

  30. I feel “Rich” could have handled his presence in the town he chose for relocation a little more tactfully. I have respect for those who respect me, and as a native Keene resident, I feel he treated me with very little, as well as the community as a whole. I take my shoes off when I enter a guests home, but it seems “Mr. Paul” does not practice a similar policy.

    Now that's a much more reasonable statement. I don't know all of the details of the situation, but I'd hope he would treat others with kindness and consideration, even as he communicates his ideas.

  31. I don't know Rich but I find it hard to believe any Free Stater would enter someone else's property and not follow the rules of the property owner. Respecting property rights is the core of the Philosophy of Liberty.

    Unless, of course, you're claiming to own all of Keene and that his mere presence in the town gives you (and/or the other people you refer to as "the community") the right (as owner) to control his behavior?

  32. Also finally,

    I'm sure there were people who felt the same way you do about Rich, about the people protesting the Vietnam conflict.

    All Rich (and we/I) want is less government oppression directed at victim-less acts. Rich would not be out there with his bullhorn if people had the freedom to treat their body as if it actually belonged to themselves.

    You may disagree with his methods but he was actually trying to make it so you have more freedom. More freedom to use an alternative to alcohol… which marijuana is provably far safer than.

    Well behaved people rarely make history. Dr. Martin Luther King wasn't well behaved… He wanted racial equality.

    Rich Paul could be viewed as not being well behaved… He wants people to stop being branded as criminals for smoking a plant.

    I think Rich is someone the founding fathers of the country would have approved of.



  33. So some cops break into your home and shoot your dog and ransack the place looking for some plants that aren't there and walk away saying "it was a mistake; tough shit". Everyone in the community, including the people who are supposed to handle egregious violations of rights like this just treat you like you're crazy or like it was your fault. "You shouldn't have let your house look like it had the wrong plants growing in it…. quit being such a pussy" they say…

    What do you do? How would you feel?

    Why do people have to be such heartless sycophants?

  34. "arrogant, selfish, pompous, annoying jerkoff"

    It's pretty clear you've never spent much (if any) time talking to the man. If you do, maybe you'll discover the friendly, smart, engaging, funny Rich Paul I know.

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