This is what Anarchy is All About.

It has been said of anarchism/voluntarism—the idea no group can be given greater rights than its members if all members are beings of equal moral nature—that it is the effort to build the first human civilization. (Keene being very much an epicenter of that transformation in human thought.)

Thanks to a liberty activist posting on Facebook a reference to a particular academic presentation, I became aware that a certain speaker (Jeremy Rifkin) at the British Royal Society for the Arts has done a far more credible job articulating that perspective than I could presently hope to.

Further, having done a small spot of research into it myself, I found that RSAnimate also did an excellent exception of the total talk, further encapsulating and better communicating the topic even more so.

[Viewer-discretion advisory: this animation contains some cartoonish nudity in scientific context.]

…and finally, here is the talk in its entirety:

Couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

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