The TSA and the State House(s)

Considering the recent and dramatic escalation of the security theater’s intrusion into the world of air travel (i.e. body scanners and invasive pat-down procedures), and moreover considering the recent news about the New Jersey state legislature’s resolution (plain HTML here) which “Urges Congress and President to address certain concerns raised by advanced imaging technology employed at airports or to discontinue their use,” I had been strongly desiring to see a way to press this issue in other regions besides New Jersey.

Lo and behold, such an opportunity has appeared to me, in the form of an activist of long-time New Hampshire residence, whose acquaintance I’ve been honored to have made not long after I first moved to New Hampshire, namely Leah Wolczko. She has reported to me that she has arranged to meet with New Hampshire representative Bill O’Brien, to discuss drafting a similar resolution for New Hampshire.

What she would like to do, is to include as many name+town listings in the signature section of her letter, which she will be presenting to Representative O’Brien on Monday, November 29th:  (more…)

This is what Anarchy is All About.

It has been said of anarchism/voluntarism—the idea no group can be given greater rights than its members if all members are beings of equal moral nature—that it is the effort to build the first human civilization. (Keene being very much an epicenter of that transformation in human thought.)

Thanks to a liberty activist posting on Facebook a reference to a particular academic presentation, I became aware that a certain speaker (Jeremy Rifkin) at the British Royal Society for the Arts has done a far more credible job articulating that perspective than I could presently hope to.

Further, having done a small spot of research into it myself, I found that RSAnimate also did an excellent exception of the total talk, further encapsulating and better communicating the topic even more so.

[Viewer-discretion advisory: this animation contains some cartoonish nudity in scientific context.]


Keene Radio Hosts Featured as Promised

As he promised on a recent episode of Free Talk Live, a talk-radio program based here in Keene (and as of May 22nd, is syndicated on 79 radio stations across the radio/geographical territory controlled by the organization widely known as the Federal Communication Commission), famed pundit Alex Jones  featured  the hosts thereof on  June 11th, on his own program: for a debate regarding immigration as it pertains to strategies for, and philosophies of, liberty. That represents a turn-around of five days—an excellent speed in this commentator’s opinion.

Here is one of several uploads available; this one inclusive of Alex Jones’ preface:

…on which they played the pivotal line from a video of the man currently widely known as President of the United States of America, speaking on “private contractors.” Here is a quick link to the video from the point at which they began playing it on the show, and here is the video in its entirety: (more…)