VIDEO: Meet Dick Tracy

I was at the attorney genital’s office to support Ivy Walker in her hearing for “practicing law without a license”, but they would only let one other person into the hearing. I had questions, so Dick Tracy (really!) was sent to speak to me, but decided against it when he saw my camera. He then came out again several moments later only to repeat his earlier actions. Enjoy Dick in full HD:

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  1. He is actually a law enforcement officer with "arresting" authority:

    RSA 21-M:3 Attorney General; Deputy; Associates; Assistants. –

    VII. The attorney general may nominate, subject to confirmation by the governor and council, criminal justice investigators and consumer protection investigators within the limits of the appropriations made for the appointments, each of whom shall have statewide law enforcement authority, shall be a peace officer as defined by RSA 594:1, III, and shall serve for a 5-year term. Any person nominated for such a position shall be certified or eligible for certification as a police officer pursuant to RSA 188-F:26. A criminal justice investigator or a consumer protection investigator shall be removed if he or she fails to achieve certification or if he or she is decertified by the police standards and training council, otherwise a criminal justice investigator or a consumer protection investigator may be removed only as provided by RSA 4:1.

  2. I liked what Ian said about "it doesnt matter what you want you are a public servant"

    (maybe not exactly) Regarding the taping

  3. Its the whole transparency and accountability thing. Great slogans for political gain. When put into practice, they want non of it. Its awful hard to defend a corrupt system when you could be held accountable for it.

  4. Nice to see you talk about accountability.

  5. The attitudes of these people is just so despicable. They steal our money, and then laugh at us.

  6. I love dick in full HD!

  7. No comment at this time…

  8. Geoff – Downloading in HD makes it harder and longer to finally get dick.

  9. Allright, settle down folks .. making fun of a person's name is not exactly high class.

  10. 'Attorney Genital'?




  11. A closed mouth gathers no foot.

  12. "HD"= "hard dick"…(harder & longer)…/Sometimes, some snarky poster will cast a "PALL" over things!*grin*… "WELCOME TO FREEKEENE-where we "open mouth, insert foot, chew thoroughly"…Just like *READERS*"DIGEST"!…get it???…BWA HA Ha ha ha ho hum…///…BTW, how can a can of oil be Holy??? &, exactly how "mature" was Dick's behavior???…

  13. Julia slipped up once and accidentally said "Attorney Genital" on-the-air once a couple of years ago and it stuck.

    It's important to make fun of the people who aggress against others, and the attorney genital is one of those people. They hurt people – better to laugh at them rather than get angry, don't you think, Holy?

  14. No, Ian, I absolutely disagree.

    I don't think making fun of people is productive at all.

    Just because laughing at them may be better then getting angry at them, doesn't make it a good thing.

  15. I agree with HC on this one.

    Actually, I don't have a problem with laughing at politicians' and bureacrats' actions — but mocking names or titles is in poor taste.

  16. Paul,

    Yeah, there is definitely a difference between laughing at or about a politician when you are simply talking with friends (who hasn't done that?) and publicly mocking them.

  17. HC, have you seen this?:

    I think it's a good example of mature, substantive humor — making fun of bad behavior (not names), and drawing attention to it, so it can be changed.

  18. Paul,

    I hadn't seen that, but it's great, for sure. The difference between that video and making fun of names is 'smart humor' vs 'dumb humor' I think. Also, the entire feel of the video is sarcastic and mocking, so it works.

    In this post, I feel Ian was trying to mix name-calling with serious issues—just not a good color on anyone, I don't think. It only makes you look like a disgruntled person who isn't well-versed enough on the issues to actually talk about them, or even make fun of them, so you have to resort to name-calling to make yourself look better. In my opinion.

  19. Holy,

    There's no real issue in my video besides the typical lack of accountability for the violent monopolists. I fully admit I went for the easy joke.

    Also, I respect people as human beings until they give me a reason to not respect them. The people working for the attorney genital, (Dick is one of their "investigators") are aggressors.

    Does a rapist deserve respect and not to be made fun of? How about a murderer? People in Dick's position hurt peaceful people. As soon as Dick says he's sorry and stops hurting people, I'll stop laughing at him. Until it's all I can do besides be scared of him and his ilk, and fear won't get me anywhere.

    Dick is a criminal.

  20. Such integrity! I'd love to meet you and discuss this. Mc Cues at about 6:30?

  21. Ian,

    It's not a matter of whether or not they deserve respect, it's a matter of how you choose to present *yourself* A cheap joke about someone's name is a reflection of your own maturity and how you handle things that upset you.

    Have you ever heard a politician, or really anyone serious, call Sarah Palin 'Sarah Failin'? No. Why is that? Not because it might not be funny, or because everyone thinks she does great at her job…it's because calling her that would make *them* look bad, and would only pointing out to others that she has a name that rhymes with another word–it doesn't speak at all to her policies or any real issues that people have with her.

    It's no more mature than a 3rd grade bully calling someone four-eyes. Does that accomplish anything? No.

  22. Holy

    Lighten up.

  23. Vince,

    Imagine how Free Keeners would react if I posted a blog called "Free Kooks" or something of the like. Do you think they would take it lightly and just laugh it off?No. Name calling doesn't get you anywhere and it's not respectful.

    It's not a matter of 'lightening up' I'm just trying to show some people in Free Keene why many citizens think they are annoying and disrespectful. This type of blogging is certainly one example.

  24. You gonna be there tonight, Ian? I'm buying. Of course if there's somewhere else you have to be, I'll understand,

  25. canoli,




  26. I'm not the only one who found this pots unnecessarily childish, David. I wasn't even the first person to mention it. Why am I the only one who is taking to seriously then? Obviously others agree with me.

  27. How does making fun of their names challenge their legitimacy exactly?

  28. Making fun of them is a way to encourage people not to take them seriously.

  29. Soooo we shouldn't take people with names that are easy to make fun of seriously?

    On what basis?

  30. No, we shouldn't take people who threaten to use violence against peaceful people seriously.

    Making fun of them is a way to not take them seriously.

  31. Making fun of their actions, or policies or whatever may be a way to not take them seriously.

    Making fun of their names just makes it look like you have no basis for your arguments other than the fact that they have a funny name.

    Again, how does making fun of someone's name challenge their legitimacy?

  32. Great Vince! Remember to remind Sam of that.

  33. Can we make fun of Ian for not taking me up on getting beer past his bedtime? I mean bed check time.

  34. Steve,

    I don't think fighting fire with fire ever gets you anywhere.

  35. Tweedlee Dumb and Tweedlee Dee-tainened, between 6pm & 6am.

  36. canoli,

    are you always contrary?

    Like if we was to say "the Nazis was very very bad people"

    would you like argue " they was NICE!"


  37. Hi Steve,

    If you look for my posts, you'll see that I did just that. I was appalled by Sam's actions in "cupgate".

  38. David,

    I hold strong beliefs on what is effective communication. I'm not going to accuse Ian of doing something, and then condone Steve for doing the same thing….

  39. "Again, how does making fun of someone’s name challenge their legitimacy?"

    Again, making fun of them is a way to not take them seriously. Not taking them seriously is a challenge to their authority.

  40. I still don't see how you can connect a silly name with illegitimacy.

    There's no logical connection between having a silly name and being a bad person.

  41. Vince,

    sam got pissed at a jerk interfering with the video …

    being "appalled"

    is like being "appalled"

    at nature……..

    I guess all you people who seem to throw stones at Sam

    are PERFECT

    "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

    all yall are goofy

    sam did fine :.was he gandi?


    was he mike tyson?


    he did F'ING fine

    …..and Canoli, you seem to be BLIND to James' sins in this situation and all you do is cast stones at others

    enough already

    I guess you.canoli, are perfect perhaps we need to follow canoli and we will be F'ing perfect

  42. 🙂

  43. David,

    Have I even mentioned James and Sam on this board? I don't think so….

  44. Sorry, I didn't spell your name right, Tweedlee Dee-tained between 6pm & 6am. My bad.

  45. canoli,



  46. 🙂

    my bad then canoli


  47. "I still don’t see how you can connect a silly name with illegitimacy"

    Making fun –> not taking seriously –> challenge to authority


    I'm not perfect. But I can control my temper. Yes, James was being a jerk…and you might even say he is equally culpable. That said, we need to set a good examples.

  48. Vince,

    Whatever you say. I'm just trying to let you know that making fun of people for something as silly as their name really only ends up making *you* and your arguments look bad and illegitimate.

  49. I get it David. It's ok for you or Sam to be violent, but not others. Wonder how Sam's exgirlfriends feel about that. Oh, wait, Sam said she hit his hand with her face. Must be true. Oh, poor Tweedlee Dumb.

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