Questions for the NH Supreme Court

In search of answers from the NH “justice” system on the camera ban in the 2nd floor lobby, which applies to everyone, except the state, main stream media, and important bureaucrats, I’ve drafted a writing. I ask about the supposed investigation into the assault and resulting damage to my camera by the CSO’s. Jordan Hazy, supervisor over all the court security officers,  has hung up on me and refuses to return phone calls. So our latest attempt is with Laura, the spokesperson for the Supreme court.

Hi Laura,

In our conversation on September 8th, you agreed respond with answers around the 10th.

I haven’t seen an answer to the questions we discussed, and I wanted to follow up to see what progress has been made. When can I expect answers the questions per our phone conversation:

1) Related to the Nashua District Court incident on or around August 3rd,

a.) Can CSO’s arbitrarily close public sections of the court house?

b.) Where are CSO’s granted the authority to close down public areas of the court house in a non-emergency situation?

c.) Is the local Police department under the authority of the CSO’s while in the court house?

2) Related to the Keene District Court and CSO Dwane Dehotman’s (sp) actions on April 26th, 2010, which resulted in the $130 in damages to my camera outlined here:

a.) What is the status of this investigation?

b.) Is it normal to not contact the victim or return phone calls in an investigation?

c.) Who do I contact about compensation for the damage willfully caused by your agents?

3) Related to the assault and disarming of Rich Paul recently in the 2nd Floor common area of the Keene City Hall. Here’s KPD’s log of the event:

10-23083 1242 Phone - DISTURBANCE Field Interview/Checksli
Call Taker: 110 - Wilson, Anmarie
Primary Id: 036 - Madden, Darryl
Jurisdiction: KEENE
ID: 198 - Collier, Lesley
Disp-12:43:33 Arvd-12:46:29 Clrd-12:50:32
ID: 197 - Corbett, Katie
Disp-12:44:00 Arvd-12:45:26 Clrd-12:50:47
ID: 085 - Sargent, William
Disp-12:44:03 Arvd-12:45:23 Clrd-12:50:35

ID: 029 - Peloquin, Timothy
Disp-12:44:46 Arvd-12:46:36 Clrd-12:50:46
ID: 036 - Madden, Darryl
Disp-12:46:39 Arvd-12:46:40 Clrd-12:50:31
Refer To Field Int: 10-1832-FI

Rich Paul’s firearm was returned to him, and he was informed it was a training issue with the CSO’s.

Can you confirm with the AOC that guns are allowed in the 2nd floor common area in Keene city hall?

4.) Related to the Keene District Court ban on Cameras in the second floor common area.

a.) Can CSO’s lawfully enforce orders which have not been authenticated or signed by any judicial authority?

b.) Is this camera ban enforced equally as the posted document mandates or was it meant to target specific groups?

c.) Why is the main stream media and the state allowed to openly violate the camera ban? (example here: )

d.) How can a judicial authority ban a camera in an area where their law doesn’t allow a firearm ban?

e.) What is the reason the NH judicial system is more fearful of cameras than firearms?

The lack of a response on these issues was disappointing to say the least. I have sought answers repeatedly up and down your chain of command. The supreme court spokesperson would seem to be the last place I can get answers.

I’ll be posting this letter, along with any response to the blog at


Sam Dodson

My previous email:

Hi Laura,

Thank you for speaking with us today. Here’s the link to the video I mentioned where several members of the media are filming in the common area on the 2nd floor of city hall, with the order banning all filming in the background:

The filming in the lobby starts at 5:04. My camera was damaged on April 26th, 2010, and I spoke with Lance shorty afterwords. This was the 3rd time I was attacked not only at KDC, but specifically by Dwane Dehotman. (sp) He was also present when Rich Paul was attacked for Open Carrying his firearm in the same lobby.

IF you would like to see the Burke’s order justifying district court’s ability to ban cameras I can forward that as well. (Burke cites the ability to ban firearms outside the court as justification) The current AOC/KDC position has more holes than swiss cheese, and I hope they can be addressed before I start dismantling them bit by bit.

Setting philosophies on liberty aside, I think the Dwane is dangerous, and should be removed before something worse happens.


Sam Dodson

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  1. Haha fucking idiots. See, you're not as dumb as you sound. You know that you were at fault for the camera being broken. That's why you aren't suing for the damage. I've changed my mind about you fuck ups. I want you to stay around town because you are truly hilarious entertainment. You're the scum suckers of society and you just continue to get yourselves boned. It's tragic comedy. Thank you.

  2. The lack of answer is an answer!

    How can we (the people of the court) maintain the facade of justice and fairness while still being a mafia!?
    We can't!
    1. Dig hole in sand.
    2. Stick head in hole.

    Regarding the unwelcome abusive language of the troll:
    How can I mentally contain two contradictory ideas: a) courts are there to offer justice and fairness, b) courts behave like a mafia.
    I can't!
    1. Dig hole in sand.
    2. Attack/abuse/bully fellow slave – child/brother/peer (this is how the mafia is able to survive).
    3. Stick head in hole.

    Keep up the good work, Sam.

  3. @frake – Yep, I'd say this one definitely hit the target. Such an angry response filled with personal attacks while ignoring the valid issues brought up. Bingo. 🙂

  4. I wonder if people are protesting outside the court wendsday (the 29th) for Ians' trial
    if so maybe someone can have a "fire Dwane Dehotman"
    or other such sign

  5. Che,

  6. Go get 'em Sam!!! I think Frake has a coffee cup!

  7. People, let the coffee cup thing go, seriously. He apologized and (finally) replaced the cup. Everyone makes mistakes … it's water under the bridge.

  8. Perhaps if they replace the camera equipment, they will engrave "Turn the other cheek." on it.

  9. shush resorg

  10. Forgiveness does not negate the need for restitution for damages rensorg.

  11. Obviously. I just thought they could add a little 'honest' sentiment for comic relief.

  12. What do you think Sam, would it be appropriate?

  13. ah gotcha =)

  14. God damn the creepy bureaucrat smile gives me the shivers every time!

    Good stuff, keep the pressure on and keep us updated.

  15. Do you guys know about this?

    (And p.s….if Sam gets to write something like 'love your neighbor' on a coffee cup, does Dwane get to write 'We the people' on the camera? :] )

  16. Sam? You out there? No reply? Hmmm… Must be at another Quaker meeting. Good thing you filed this under 'hypocrisy'.

  17. H.C.: Yeah, we've heard of such ludicrous interpretations of the law. Here in New Hampshire the law states something to the effect of: "You can't record someone. Who has a reasonable expectancy of privacy." Now, can a public employee expect any privacy while they're on the job and in a public space?

    Also, I feel there's an unfair distinction between "official" media doing the recording and a citizen media outlet doing the same action. The idea that a worthless piece of paper makes you "real" media or not is ridiculous. It's the same old battle that continues to rage between the old ways and the new.

    Getting back to the law, this has happened to many of my friends, including my good buddies Adam and Pete from Liberty on tour. It's yet another example of the government arresting folks for victimless crimes.

    I hate to use this logic, because I know it's incredibly flawed, but if the cops have nothing to hide then why don't they want to be filmed? The only reason I bring it up is to point out the hypocrisy behind the badge.

    When they ask to search your property, refusal becomes reasonable cause. It makes it damn near impossible to say no. you don't have to be hiding anything to resist such an invasion of privacy. Plus, when a cop searches your car, they ALWAYS leave it in shambles. First they force you to pay for their tyranny, then they don't even have the courtesy to respect you or your property. What great service!

    The cops use this bullshit law as a way to cover up a lot of their misdeeds. The article mentions a plain clothes officer yelling and waving his gun around. This would scare the shit out of me, especially since you cannot physically defend yourself against the government without looking like some crazy violent nutbag. If a non-cop sociopath stopped my car and started waving a gun about, I could stop him with defensive force if necessary. But once said sociopath gets a piece of metal on his chest, all logic goes right out the window.

    I also think it's immoral to have arrested the young man from Illinois for selling his art in a public place to begin with. But adding this wire tapping charge just adds insult to retarded injury. Cameras are a powerful tool in holding public officials accountable (if anyone thinks they're held to the same standard as the rest of us, you're incredibly naïve). Bad laws like this "no selling art in space you collectively own" one prevent people from entering the marketplace and earning wealth for themselves. This is bad. (Bad government! Bad!) By filming it, you can expose their naughtiness, which they don't like.

    Two more quick, unrelated items: First, IMO, both parties involved in the dreaded cup incident of 2010 are pathetic in their actions. IT'S A FRIGGEN PIECE OF GARBAGE! And secondly: I don't like your "We the people" comment. I am a person, and I do not always agree with the crowd, so I do my own thing. Who are you to lump me in with groups I do not wish to be a part of? Collectives cannot have rights, only individuals. If you are so insecure that you need to force your will upon me, at least have the decency to get a gun and do the dirty work yourself.

  18. Rensorg, your continuing maturity is a shining example to us all. I'm sure you've frightened Sam off with your proverbial "nya na na nya nya!"

  19. Luthor,

    I agree with probably all of your lengthy, well thought out comment, so I don't really have much to say haha. I think this law is unjust. However, as you expressed, the 'if you don't have anything to hide' logic is pretty flawed, because that could be extended to any and all wiretapping laws, and I'm sure you wouldn't want the government using that to wiretap your home…so yeah I'm glad you saw the flaw in that as well I guess.

    As for the cup thing….yeah, it's garbage, but it's the principle behind it. Whatever. No need to get into it anymore. As for the 'We the People' it wasn't supposed to be something you'd like. The comment Sam left on the cup was passively aggressively asserting Free Keene ideals (although I'm sure he would deny that) and so I was trying to think of a phrase which would passively aggressively assert 'statist' ideals in return.

  20. Thanks Luthor. Good to see you are so high above it all. What an honor it is to be put in my place by someone such as you. You are the true shining example. Lead the way, Noble One.

  21. @renseorg – The answer is clearly no, that would not be appropriate James.

    "We the people" does not' take into account the mindset of the court bureaucrats. The message they would want to write would be something like "respect our authority".

    If they did that, then the replacement filter would never see any use, I would encase it in acrylic and turn it into a paperweight for my desk

    The addition of "Love thy Neighbor" was a suggestion from one of the Quaker school teachers. That way if you decide to use it instead of move on to productive discussion as everyone else around you seems to have done, there will be at least one message of compassion returned while your out spewing your message of intolerance and bigotry.

  22. RENSORG,

    just a "fmi"(for my information)


    the name "rensorg"

    it sound like a name of a ALIEN from another Galaxy

    can you confirm that you are from another planet?

  23. So, 'Turn the other cheek' isn't a "message of compassion"? That's what I asked. But I agree with holy_canole, passive aggressive- and you're out there spewing your message of hypocrisy.

  24. I didn't realize Sam wrote an extra message on the cup …. lame. (and now I really get the joke)

    I definitely don't want to see that controversy revived however …

    And, sam is still is due restitution for the lens.

  25. I agree on all 3 accounts, Paul. Lame, no need to revive that again, and restitution is due for any damages.

  26. "Turn the other cheek" is an interesting sentiment, and often misunderstood.

    The statement was made in response to a slap in the face. At the time, that behavior was how a master might discipline a servant.

    Turning the other cheek meant that, if he wanted to hit you again, he had to treat you as an equal.

    "I won't stop you, but I won't let you treat me in a condescending way, either."

    It is non-violent, but also an act of defiance.

  27. I think it's important to understand that the police exist to protect private property. I would like to see the police abolished eventually, but at the same time I think it's counter-productive for people to deliberately provoke the police into arresting them, just so they can record their arrests and get Ridley to post it to youtube.

  28. Funny, last I checked, the police existed to enforce the laws of this socialist hell-hole, not to protect private property.

    On rare (very rare) occasions, they may do so (just for PR), but the utterly-overwhelming majority of the time, they are enforcing socialism.

  29. its not a "socialist hell hole"

    that just makes you sound ignorant and mad…….get a grip and get educated

  30. I think it’s important to understand that the police exist to protect private property. I would like to see the police abolished eventually

    I don't support forced monopolies by government, but I will always support the existence of organizations which defend people's property, which they have produced, from those who would steal their property from them.

    You don't own other people, and you don't own the fruit of their labor.

  31. its not a “socialist hell hole”

    that just makes you sound ignorant and mad…….get a grip and get educated

    It's all relative. The colonists rebelled over a couple percentage points in tax. Compared to that we're practically the USSR.

  32. Sam,

    There was no need for you to add your passive aggressive comment on the cup, and you know it. If you had truly wanted to promote peace, you wouldn't have done something that would provoke James. If you claim that you thought adding your comment on the back would actually make him reflective and a better/nicer person, rather than just make him upset that you didn't simply replace the cup the way it was originally, then you don't know much about dealing with people who feel they have been wronged. But I think you *do* know a lot about that, which is why I think you purposefully put those words there to upset him.

    Also, as much as you may wish to believe that there is only one person in this entire world who would thinks your actions are ridiculous or your beliefs or hypocritical, Rensorg is not James.

    Getting back to the real issues, did you read my article? You seemed to skim right over that and jump right to the drama-inducing conversations.




    BUT THEY STUCK TO THAT FALSE CLAIM. And i didn't get to visit.




  34. paul,

    you are wrong

    I was right

    yours truly


  35. @David: "its not a “socialist hell hole”

    that just makes you sound ignorant and mad…….get a grip and get educated"

    The US us run according to a neo-Fascist system. Fascism is a particular type of socialism. And it's a hell-hole. Therefore, it's a "socialist hell-hole."

  36. @MaineShark

    no it is not .


    have a nice day

  37. Well, if that ain't the epitome of intelligent discussion…

    I think I'll go talk to my 4-year-old. He uses better arguments than "because I said so."

  38. sorry


    its the best i can do

    plainly others are better than me


  39. Sam, "Comply or Die!" is what Dwane would put on the camera.

  40. OK,Ok,ok…"keene" is a ***SOCIO-FASCIST*** HELLHOLE…sez me…

  41. I agree. Keene sucks. It's a socio-fascist hellhole…

  42. KN-do you want the royalty GC or not? It is enough for a buffalo burger and fries.MMMMM You worked hard for it! —bil

  43. well yea hell hole

    …….it reminds me of the SONG "hell hole dont let me die in this hell hole"

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