Suicide by Self-Immolation in Keene – Confirmed

Keene Police were not giving out much info, but there is a dead body out front of Cheshire Superior Court and a large amount of charring on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. Police scanner recordings confirm this is a case of suicide by self-immolation. You can listen to the Keene police scanner here.

Makes you wonder what the court did to the poor guy/gal. More details as we learn them:

UPDATE: Here’s the Sentinel’s piece with comments from a witness.

UPDATE: Here’s audio from the police scanner feed after the man sets himself ablaze.

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  1. Shut up david. You have reached a new low. Announcing your morbid glee at being "right" about the unfortunate demise of this poor man. Before, I thought you were just ignorant. Now I know the truth…. You are a sick twisted sad little man who just needs to feel he is right.

  2. Are you claiming that you speculated that this had something to do with parental rights without any outside information about this particular incident?

    You didn't read someone else's opinion about it, or hear from someone…

    Every piece of information that you used to make the speculation, or educated guess, was already known to you at the time when you first heard about this case of self-immolation.

    Is this what you are claiming David?

  3. @Bill,


  4. @ng,

    family courts are at that building.

    men get screwed in family court.

    Family court is THE most upsetting court room for people .

    People that know court know this.

    This is why i speculated that .

  5. It was a yes or no question David. Did you know every piece of information that you used to speculate at the time you first heard about the self-immolation?

    This is a black and white question, I would appreciate a yes or no answer.

  6. @ng,

    I didnt know i was on the witness stand.

    Yes i knew what everyone else knew.; nothing more.

    But some people know the courts better and some people know how things go better.

    It's no big deal that i guessed it.

    Lots of people would have.

  7. @ NGDGT: The answer is NO, he's just a sick twisted sad little man who just needs to feel he is right. He makes me want to puke!

  8. @Bill,


  9. Well Bill, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this David character.

    Not to minimize the tragedy of this event or anything, but the way David, who is otherwise a complete idiot, gets certain things so precisely right is baffling. I have to find out what's going on.

    The time When Lauren made the video claiming that they invited her to the prison, while only playing a recorded message of a cop saying 'please call us back if you can help', David predicted that the charges would be dropped. He never explained why he believed that, but he kept repeating it like a parrot, and later it was revealed that she had called back and made an appointment. So either it was dumb luck on David's part, or he had more information that he refused to share.

    Now he speculated correctly that the family court had ruled against this man about parental rights ("family courts are at that building. men get screwed in family court.") before even knowing it was a man that set himself ablaze.

    Dumb luck simply does not strike twice like this, that's why I'm curious about this David character.

  10. So it’s my “twisted perspective” that allows me to bear with these minor injustices and not feel the urge to barbecue myself? Is that what you’re saying Zeus?

    Nope. Just you and your strawmen again. None of my comments that you're responding to involved the topic of the story above. I didn't mention it. You? You not only bring it up as a smokecreen to twist my words, you equate a tragic death by self-immolation to a barbecue.

    Thanks, but I’ll take my worldview over yours any day.

    Most sociopaths do.

    This is factually untrue, the government has deregulated trucking, airlines, phone services… so on, just off the top.

    And they've installed federal agents at airlines, in hidden rooms at various phone services, and they harass, rob, and detain truckers on a regular basis. It's just three shells and a pea.

    See Zeus, your freehippie rhetoric may work when you’re participating in the freehippie circle jerk. But when you come out and play with the big boys you’ll get exposed as the ignoramus that you are. Maybe the reason the FSP is such a failure after a decade is because its most vocal proponents are so painfully incompetent.(you, Ian, the LOT bunch…)

    I'm not the one using childish, inflammatory language equivalent to "You're a dumb gay hippie!" to win my arguments. Your rhetoric is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    That you consider yourself a "big boy" and think that's relevant in any way is amusing at best.

  11. At this point in time I am still undecided as to how much respect I should have for this self-immolator, but in the meanwhile I believe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. So I won't use space to post off-topic material. Please be so kind as to move this to say…. Ian's 'facebook fixed' post, as that is non-issue post.

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