The War on Hats Continues!

The City of Keene’s War on Hats on continues and Judge Burke is making you (the taxpayers) pay for what he claims is ‘disrespect.’

This morning, while attending the court proceedings of other activists, Beau Davis was arrested for wearing a hat. This past January James Cemorelis and Matt Griffin, both who are employed by the Keene Police Department – with help from Peter Macy (Keene Bailiff), physically assaulted  Pete Eyre for wearing a hat. Those charges, issued by police, were later dropped by the District Attorney’s office.

Since then the bailiffs in Keene haven’t initiated any arrest of those wearing hats inside court. Instead they’ve been asking people to remove their hats and if that person doesn’t they leave it up to the judge. I’m not sure if anyone, other than the officer pictured below, has worn a hat in Keene District courts since January but today Beau did. After calling a recess Judge Burke – the same “judge” who sentenced me to 60 days in jail for contempt – said, “If you still have the hat on when I come back, I’m going to hold you in contempt” according to witnesses. After that Ron Dunn – Keene Bailiff – asks Beau to remove his hat or face arrest.


Beau was later brought back into court to once again face Burke. We’re working on a video of the entire event but ultimately Beau was sentenced to 5 days in the Cheshire Co Jail. No joke, when the police charged Pete with disorderly conduct and resisting the charges were dropped. Probably because wearing a hat isn’t disorderly – or a crime at all – and that it’s not resisting when you go limp. Yet, Beau’s charge is contempt of court – a charge that is heard infront of the same judge who issued it and without due process, like a trial. It’s a loop hole the court is using to punish people for wearing a hat, welcome to 2011 folks.

Please call the Keene District Court (number below), let them know that wearing a hat is NOT a crime. Jails were not built to house people who wear hats, Free Beau.





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  1. Soon, we will all be screwed by government run healthcare. Anyone know about what happened in Massachussets? Thanks to the people in congress and our president, it will happen to us all now. We have a horrible economy. Our kids are coming out of school stupid with low test scores. Obama is going after guns again. We are fighting a third war now instead of the two we already had…. and you guys are fighting for the right to wear hats in Cheshire district court?

    There are fires raging all around us. May I suggest that you look harder at the battles you are fighting and start looking at some of the more damaging ones?

  2. What are "We" fighting again? I missed the memo..

    But you don't realize it'll be your "Cheshire district" goons who's gonna bend you over and rip you a new one over your guns,health,kids, do you? Can't connect the dots I see

  3. I was brought up to take my hat off when entering a house, store, restaurant and other public places. It's just good manners to do it. I was also brought up to say please and thank you, and to address people in authority as sir or maam. And it pays off, as people take me seriously. I've had police officers not write me a ticket because i was polite and courteous. This does not happen when you piss off a cop or a judge. So why do it? To make a point? To protest? To spend 5 days in jail that costs the city money Money that is paid by myself and others in the form of property taxes and license fees? All that does is make me angry and make me look at the Free Keene movement as nothing but rabble rousers and wannabe hippies. Please think about your actions before you decide to do something that pisses people off. If you just acted lijke adults instead of spoiled children people would take you seriously and actually listen to what you have to say.

  4. It's very sad that so-called adults cannot take responsibility for their moods- namely anger.

    Oooooh! Don't piss me off! I'm an authority figure!

    Whaaaah! Handle your head-coverings like I do!

    You can always tell when someone has no argument when they resort to name calling. i.e.

    Bad mannered, trivial, rabble-rouser, unthinking, wannabe hippie, spoiled child. and not worthy to be heard.

    They're showing the force inherent in the system in the most obvious way possible.

    That's why you get angry. Sucks to be oblivious, don't it?

  5. Well, you may have been "brought up with manners", but on *THIS* blog, who gives a shit? I have always been polite in Kangaroo/keene District Court, but I have been screwed in that court. Apparently, "B.U.W.M."("brought up with manners"), was also brought up to believe that Court rules are suggestions only, and judges and other Officers of the Court can do whatever the fuck they want, with impunity. You don't like your tax money being wasted on keeping the "FreeWeenies" in jail???…. Then maybe the keene cops-n-courts game should stop harassing the "Freeweenies". Remember, nobody is forcing the "Freeweenies" to show up in court. But they are being dragged out of court by force. You call *THAT* manners???…Maybe, all this crap is just getting ready for the coming military coup…..I support the imminent military coup, because now, a military coup just might be our best hope…

  6. Beau is a drug dealer/narc…the "arrest" was just to give him street cred…DEA is using Beau to climb up the ladder, and nail the big dogs. How do I know? i'M A cop! hah!

  7. The hat video was funny, but my Lord do you people like to dramatize things. Cookie was calling this arrest "violence". I guess she has never actually seen violence if this is violent. Take a trip down to Mexico City and you can observe some violence. Go to Newark, NJ and you might get to see it there too. Maybe just use words like shocking, ridiculous, outrageous, or unbelievable. They are more in line with what you are looking for. I like to see this kind of "freedom" fighting. It is just what the Founding Fathers intended. I mean, back in 1775 you could wear a ball cap to court. You could walk around pestering the sheriff any time you wanted. A

    I think I would like to start my own website linked to yours. Mine would be http://Www.misunderstrqndingthefoundersmeaningoffreedom….. What do you think?


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