Ademo and Derrick Arrested at District Court Today; Ademo Still in Jail

Local Keene-native liberty activist Kate Ager has written a blog post on her facebook regarding this morning’s kidnapping of Ademo Freeman and Derrick Horton:

I woke up this morning (Tuesday June 28, 2011) to a Keene 411 text message alerting me that, “Ademo Freeman just got arrested at city hall,” so I went down there. When I arrived, I passed Jason Repsher downstairs who was doing Don’t Take the Plea outreach and proceeded to the second floor where the first thing I saw upon opening the door was a Keene Police officer grabbing Derrick Horton’s arm; he was ordered to put his camera on the counter, placed under arrest and taken into a back room. Ademo, who was being held in the conference room, was taken to a room off to the side where I could see him through the window and spoken to by multiple police officers. After their encounter, Ademo was taken to the Keene Police Department. Jason Repsher stayed at the Keene District Court to watch Derrick’s proceedings while Rich Paul and I went to the police department to gain further information about Ademo. At the police department, the woman at the front desk said that she did not know any information and would speak with the arresting officer when he was free for a moment. We checked in with her multiple times, but she did not follow through. About forty-five minutes after arriving, I was standing outside with Rich and Jason, when Officer Short drove into the parking lot and informed us that Derrick had been transported to the police department and would be released shortly, and Ademo was being charged with a Class B Felony, Improper Influence [*]. Ademo’s charge was based off of asking judge Ed Burke questions on his walk into the building regarding caging peaceful people, such as Beau Davis, for wearing hats in the courtroom. Derrick was released with a violation for filming. Twenty minutes later, we were told by Officer Rivera that in half an hour Ademo would see a judge other than Burke, because of the conflict of interest, at Keene District Court. I parked at the courthouse and saw Ademo in the back of Officer Peloquin’s cruiser, so I was able to exchange a few words with him on the way to the second floor. Judge Lane ‘oversaw’ the bail hearing/arraignment and decided that “the state,” who brought up prior arrests and that Ademo is on bail for the chalking incident on June 4th in Manchester, had made a convincing argument. Ademo argued that he has never missed a court date and should be released on signature bond, but bail was set for $5,000. At his request, Officer Peloquin turned Ademo’s property over to me – except his video camera. When Ademo was taken out a side exit and put into the Sheriffs vehicle, I left through a different exit and watched as they drove away. A bailiff whom had followed Ademo and the officers outside apologized to me, telling me that he was “sorry for what I had to go through in there” and to call or come speak with him in a few hours to find out Ademo’s court date and the location where it will take place. The bailiff should not be apologizing to me, he and his colleagues should be apologizing to the person(s) whom they actively aggressed against. Ademo was taken to Cheshire County Jail awaiting a probable cause hearing which is to take place at 9:00 AM on July 7, 2011 in Jaffrey District Court. Pete and I went down to the courthouse around 3:30 PM to inquire further about Ademo’s hearing. The bail hearing this morning was also an arraignment – I learned thatt with felony charges a plea can not be submitted; not guilty is submitted automatically by the judge. Pete got the phone number of who to call in Concord regarding getting a copy of the footage taken today by the surveillance cameras in the courthouse. Ademo was filming his encounter with Ed Burke but his camera is being held, presumably as evidence.

[*] Improper Influence:

Any influence that induces or tends to induce a Government employee or officer to give consideration or to act regarding a Government action on any basis other than the merits of the matter.Free Ademo Freeman! Peaceful people do not belong in cages.& Beau Davis, who will be caged four more days for ‘contempt’ of Ed Burke (wearing a hat).

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