Cheshire Superior Court Bans All Recording Devices from Premises

I’m sick to my stomach and upset. Mostly at myself because I am not able to risk violating (due to being out on at least two bails) this absurd new ban on all recording devices at the Cheshire “superior” courthouse.

Yes, it’s another unsigned order, this time from the top of the circuit and superior courts (this applies to all courts in Keene, and only Keene).

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech is a huge joke. The court bailiffs this morning were gloating and reveling in their new power to control activists.

Anyone bringing a recording device into the court may be caged for “contempt of court”, which is a “power” of the robed man to lock you in a cage for a possibly indefinite period of time. Apparently this is all justified because they feel “intimidated”.

You read that right. Media are being threatened with a cage in the so-called land of the free. It’s only a matter of time now before some brave reporter steps up to violate this outrageous ban.

Here’s an OCR of the order, which you can see as a PDF here:

This Order is made pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 54 in an exercise of
the undersigned’s general supervisory responsibility for the administration and
operation of the New Hampshire Circuit Court. Specifically, this Order is meant
to apply to the facts and circumstances at the district division of the 8th Circuit in –
In recent months certain members of the public have caused disruptions
of the court’s ability to conduct business in Keene. In addition to their refusal to
abide by court rules related to the conduct of trials and conduct in the courtroom
in general, these members of the public have also congregated in the court’s
lobby for extended periods of time making it difficult for other members of the
public to conduct business with the court and, in particular, creating conditions
and disturbances which have obstructed court staff from performing their duties
in an orderly way. Additionally, these members of the public have, on occasion,
accosted the presiding judge as he enters and leaves the building in which the
court is housed, creating an atmosphere of hostility and intimidation and a
legitimate fear for the safety and well-being of the judicial and nonjudicial staff at
this court.
Based upon these conditions and facts, and mindful of the holding of the
New Hampshire Supreme Court in State v. Moquin, 105 N.H. 9 at 11 (1963) that,
” … it is the duty and responsibility of courts to be alert to protect the judicial
processes from being brought into disrepute and to act vigorously when
confronted with acts or conduct which tend to obstruct or interfere with the due
and orderly administration of justice … ” it is ordered as follows:

1. No cameras or audio equipment may be used at any time in the court’s
lobby or anywhere in the public area of the court’s leased premises;
2. The provisions of District Court Rule 1.4, made applicable to the Circuit
Court, related to the use of cameras, broadcasting equipment and
recording devices during courtroom proceedings shall be strictly enforced.
Except under situations where advanced notice is not possible due to the
timing of relevant events or other pertinent factors, all requests to bring
cameras, broadcasting equipment and recording devices into the
courthouse housing the 8th Circuit District Division shall be made in writing
on a form prescribed by the court, no later thao 48 hours prior to the court
hearing sought to be recorded;
3. Members of the public entering the court facility for purposes of
conducting court business will be expected to conduct that business
expeditiously and leave the premises immediately thereafter;
4. Members of the public entering the court facility for purposes of observing
a scheduled event(s) in the courtroom will be expected to conduct
th~mselves according to the instructions of the presiding judge, refrain
from any conduct which disrupts the proceedings and leave the premises
immediately upon the end of the court session.
This Order is effective on the date it bears and shall be enforced through the
contempt powers of the court.
Edwin W. Kelly
Administrative Judge
New Hampshire Circuit Court
July 1, 2011

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  1. Ian, would you mind elaborating how the bails figure into your decision?

    Is there some possibility that your bail could be reversed?

  2. Mitch, if I am arrested on bail, I will violate the bail conditions and return to a cage while I await trial. Also, I will be charged with another "contempt" charge.

  3. Who is "creating an atmosphere of hostility and intimidation and a

    legitimate fear for…safety and well-being"? Oh, the irony!!!

    If bureaucrats, judges and cop have got nothing to hide, they should have no objection to being recording when they are "just doing their jobs".

  4. I am a member of the "public" and i welcome and encourage cameras and found the folk doing the public duty (the camera folks and the pamphlet giver outers ) to be very cordial and friendly and am glad and happy to know they are there.

  5. can they just unilaterally do this……seems to ME there should be a hearing with the "public" involved….those motherfuckers

  6. I think this sort of action is worthy of a well planned, mass recording event. 20+ cameras, but why limit ourselves there?

  7. Won't you continue your courtroom activism even if you can't have cameras recording it? It is about the activism after all.

  8. @Frenis McSovereign,

    Did you ever hear the expression:"if a tree falls in the Forrest and there is no one there to hear it does is make any noise?"

    Ok well the same can be said for misdeeds injustices in the court"

    "if there are injustices and misdeeds in the courtroom and there are no cameras there to report it does it………etc"


  9. My question stands; if they ban cameras in the courtroom will you concede their victory or continue the activism? Will you continue to wear hats and be carried out if nobody is there recording?

    If an activist is in court but there are no cameras to play to will their activism make any noise?

    I'll bet they take you for children looking for attention and the approval of you peers which is why, they think, you record every interaction with authority figures. Well, prove them wrong and continue your courtroom activism.

    Fight the power! Don't take the plea!

  10. @Frenis McSovereign,

    You said "if an activist is in court but there are no cameras to play to will their activism make any noise?"

    I don't know WHAT your point is in saying that (if you have one).

    But yes the point of activism is to make it KNOWN.

    You don't seem to have a point.

  11. david's point is on the top of his head! McSovereign's point is very clear. If you truly believe in your stance, you will make your stand with or without your precious cameras. The only purpose of the cameras is for you to record your silliness and prove (to each other) how dedicated you are. If you were truly devoted to the cause, you would protest anyway. If you're really making a difference, people will notice.

  12. @BILL,


  13. david,

    You reinforce my belief, every time you post!

  14. I think it's hilarious that all of these police officers and "robed men" can drag their feet and arrest you people for stupid stuff purely because you are the most annoying fuckers in this town. They now banned all recording devices merely to spite yo guys, cause no one else is complaining about taking off hats or not being allowed to bring cameras in.

    it's just you guys, so they sit dismiss speeding tickets here and there, then you guys walk in complaining so they choose to make it hard on you guys cause you won't just let them do what they need to do properly.

    I can guarantee you that they think its fun to make life hard for you morons, cause if you just let due process take it's lawful course, you wouldn't be getting "assaulted" and "put in cages"

    you fucking retards

  15. @bill,

    so by me saying "you are wrong" i reinforced something?


  16. No, david-keene, by you posting 'YOUR WRONG', you reinforce Bill and everyone else's belief that you are an idiot.

  17. 4WTB@David,

    So that means if I disagree with bill I'm a idiot?


    I didn't know you liked bill that much

  18. so is the whole building an accountability free zone? Or just the court lobby/room?

  19. This isn't 1990. You can get a camera the size of a pin, that won't even set off a metal detector. Problem solved.

  20. Yes, david-keene, your[sic] a[sic] idiot.

  21. …Oh, I don't think that "david-keene" is an idiot…a fool, maybe….~tKoK.

  22. I have had family court hearings at Cheshire Superior Court, which should be renamed Thomas Ball Memorial Court, in which the court-generated recording has gone lost or the parts in which Judge Arnold screams at me that I'm guilty in a preliminary hearing in family court disappears. I have tried to get an independent, certified court reporter in on my own dime, but I have been told that no outside recorders will be allowed in state courts anymore. The federal courts allow it, but not the state courts. So now, any type of independent recording devices are banned in Cheshire Superior Court at a time when the legislature is considering judicial impeachments, including one against Judge Arnold. Coincidence?

  23. YO!, "FK"!…You say that the NH Legs. is considering impeachments against judges, including John "Boy" Arnold…Can you confirm that, or is it just a rumor???……They should remove Burke, first, but Arnold is a close second…~tKoK.

  24. David-Keene isn't an idiot, but he appears to be (very) wrong, in this thread.

    Also, his grammar is off, but that wouldn't be much of a problem if he would re-read this thread carefully, and find the mistakes he made that actually matter.

    So far no one has pointed out them out concretely, but all in all the burden is probably on him to figure it out, this time.

    On your side buddy, but I can't agree with you on this one, because you jumped first and misread and you'll just have to try again.

  25. Edwin W Kelly

    22 SUMMIT RD

    Plymouth, NH 03264

    (603) 536-2060

    Yard: $ 19000 Land: $ 76600 Building: $ 256500 Total: $352100

    NOTICE: This info is for educational purposes only. Shows how one is rewarded for tyranny.


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