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Ian Freeman

[We were unable to transcribe this letter due to injury, so thanks go to volunteer Anthony Richard for transcribing this letter from Ian. We have not checked the transcription, so we are still attaching to this post Ian’s letter scanned in a PDF format.]

My most asked question – “Was it worth it?”

My answer – It depends on your perspective. What do you think?

Allow me to explain. The question feels like there should be some objective criteria by which one can determine the worth of civil disobedience. There is not. It’s completely subjective.

For instance, were you to look at this from a financial perspective, I took a big hit. It is costing me thousands to hire contractors to run my business in my absence. My phone bill alone will likely be in the hundreds with the collect calls I am making to the LRN.FM studio to be on-air occasionally and to assist Mark and the rest of our great crew with Technical Operations. Does it hurt to cut those big checks? Yes, of course. Could the money have been spent in better ways, perhaps on other activism? I don’t know. How could I quantify what the extra publicity that Free Talk Live and Free Keene may be receiving is worth? How many people have decided to move to NH or have moved up their plans because of this incident? No way to tell. Even if there was some way to know, what value could be put on each? Incalculable. Therefore, while it is tempting to judge the “worth” of this incident by a financial perspective, doing so is folly. Besides, I came here to do activism. Activism takes time and costs money. I knew that going in.

So, “Was it worth it?”

Another perspective to consider is that of the listener of my radio program, Free Talk Live. The show is my creation and I have been with it from day one without any real vacation for almost nine years. I have my fans and my critics and while I appreciate someone who says, “we need you behind the microphone.” I would encourage them to remember why It’s not called “The Ian and Mark Show”, FTL is a open phones panel discussion with a pro-liberty viewpoint. It has multiple hosts because of a few reasons:

1. I created the show I wanted to listen to, and I prefer not to listen to myself monolog.

2. Multiple hosts bring multiple perspectives to the table and can check each other’s egos.

3. I wanted the show to continue in my absence. It sure would be a waste to put years into building a major communications tool for the liberty movement and then have it wiped out because I got hit by a bus or targeted by aggressors. Considering I am an activist AND talk host, the latter was only a matter of time.

Therefore, the show goes on, with or without me. While I would certainly prefer to be on-air, it would be inappropriate for me to decide the”worth” of this incident from that perspective. No doubt my critics would answer the question with a resounding, “Yes!” I’m glad I could finally make them happy. They will be pleased to discover I still face a trial for last year’s “drinking game”, wherein I may be locked up for 18 more months.

So, “Was it worth it?”

The only valid way for me to answer this is based on how I feel.

I did what I felt was right. I stood in front of that police car as they were kidnapping my peaceful friend, Heika.

I had determined in advance that I was going to take this action after being inspired by David Krouse’s actions during the 2010 420 in Nashua. When one chooses the road of disobedience one should expect to be caged. To believe otherwise is delusional.

I wish the sentence were shorter, but it could have been longer. One must expect the worst. I knew I might get a harsh sentence, as whether I like it or not, the government guys think I am the leader. “Judge” John P.Arnold even called me the spokesman. I hope my time in a cage shows them that the activism continues without me.

See blog post #2 for a detailed description of my conditions here at the Keene Spiritual Retreat a.k.a. “Cheshire House of Corrections”. Being caged could be a LOT worse. Just look to Maricopa County, AZ to see how. Iam making the best of my time here.

I talk on-air and blog about civil disobedience and non cooperation. I advocate it. If I were to advocate it and not perform it, I’d be a hypocrite. Why would anyone want to listen to a hypocrite? If I were to advocate, as Gandhi did, to be the change you wish to see, then stand by and expect others to be that change for me, I’d be a user.

I followed my inner light. I fulfilled my promise to myself. I set an example in the hope of encouraging others. I am the change I wish to see.Had I chosen otherwise, I’d not have been able to live with myself.

I chose to stand for liberty, peace, and love. My awesome liberty family supports me.

OF COURSE it was worth it!!

Ian’s Blog form Jail #4.pdf


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