Keene Law Enforcers Use Violence to Shut Down “Live Free or Dance”

A peaceful and fun evening for the Keene community devolved into chaos when law enforcers, employed by the city of Keene, showed up to make threats and eventually kidnapped three people, Ryan Maddox, Roz and Derrick Freeman.

I was in Central Square to dance but instead my evening was spent livestreaming the violence that is unfortunately becoming more commonplace with militant law enforcers “just doing their jobs.” I was able to broadcast the following seven video playlist live:

Police interrupted the celebration in Central Square at around 10:15. According to Jason Repsher, “The music had only been playing for a minute and it wasn’t very loud.” [Video: Live Free or Dance Begins Peacefully] Keene native Jacqueline Lemieux commented on a Keene law enforcer’s claim that “a citizen complained” about the noise:

That is a flat out lie. The music had just been turned on and I was walking in front of The Stage and over towards the common and was not able to hear any music at all until I arrived a few feet from the gazebo. KPD is quickly developing a habit of lying and abusing its public and I will not stand for it!

Jason Repsher stated in the description of the video he recorded (below) that:

The cops make up a story that they were called because of a complaint and the cops insist on permits and licensing in order to play music in the park. The cops wanted someone to claim the equipment so they could check ID.

Repsher continues:

The cops knew it wasn’t his, but apparently the kid had gotten into trouble earlier in the night and they wanted a reason to arrest this kid. After the kid was arrested and hauled off, the cops proceed to take it upon themselves to seize the equipment. At which point, Derrick Freeman, Ryan Maddox and Roz get arrested in the attempt to prevent the property from being stolen by the Keene PD (for holding onto the property while the cops pry it away). After Derrick Freeman is handcuffed one of the officers maces and puts him in the patrol car. In the video you can see the officer shake his pepper spray at which point two officers come over and attempt to block my video.

When you watch the above video take note of how at least two law enforcers shine their flashlights at cameras just before Derrick gets maced. It seems obvious that they were attempting to censor the recording of their violent colleague. It’s unknown if this technique is taught during their training, is department policy or just the actions of two law enforcers who want to hide their aggressive actions from the public.

Another witness, Nick Ryder, posted the following on the Free Keene Forum along with his video:

1. Police show up on a noise complaint and inform people to tear down the lights, speakers, etc and not use city power.
2. Police ask who owns the equipment. Nobody answers.
3. After a while, random other guy (non-activist) claims to own them. He is arrested.
4. Police come to confiscate said equipment under the baseless claim that random guy owns it.
5. Derrick contests the claim, saying he owns it, and does not let the police take it.

All three were eventually released after many hours in solitary confinement. There are reports that Derrick was able to continue the dance party at the Cheshire County House of Corrections for four hours. He was able to eventually able to return home to shower out the mace before going to work. Stay tuned for more information about future court dates and danceobedience.

Photos used in this post were taken by James Schmill of

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  1. Wow, that does suck.

    What do you think you'll do to solve this problem of power-hungry cops?

  2. jULIA…NOTHING YOU SAY IS HELPFUL(NOT THAT IT'S MEANT TO BE)………………JUST QUIT FEIGNING TO BE on the side that is against the establishment……. you look JUST LIKE a hypocrite

  3. I'm not praising the pigs (cops). I'm just asking what you think needs to be done in order to solve this problem so it never happens again.

  4. oic..ok 🙂

  5. Remember,david-keene-think,THEN type.It might help you to stop insulting people that may agree with you,even a little bit. Try counting to ten,read your post again,then read their post,before submiting your comment.In the real world,you don't usually get away with insulting someone,then making things better with a little smiley face.Maybe you could print a big one up,and glue it to a paint stirrer.Then when you insult someone by accident,you just say "OOPS,I C' and hold up the smiley!

    Where you get the idea that NOTHING julia says is helpful is beyond me.I don't always agree with her,but she,unlike myself and others,has only posted thoughtful,helpful posts. As for looking like a hypocrite,do you get that from a picture somewhere? I think you meant 'sound' like a hypocrite!


  6. I think the Keene PD did a fantastic job keeping cool while the Free loaders were clearly the ones causing the scene with their screaming and swearing. Not once did I hear any of the officers swearing. I also love how the free loaders called this "their" community. The majority of this community can't stand your nonsense and would prefer to see you all arrested and thrown in a cage. Also if you read the sentinel at all this week you would see that Central Square was a major topic with the nonsense that has been taken place there and the community did step forward and ask for action taken. So go ahead and yell and scream all you want, the KPD did exactly what the COMMUNITY requested.

  7. Thank you Keene Police, for stopping the "Freeweenies" from stealing the power I paid for. Yet another case of "freeweenies" doing things that they know could get someone arrested, then acting outraged when it happens.

    david-keene…….. FETCH!

  8. Wow, if that doesn't remind me of crying six year olds wanting to stay up past their bedtime, I don't know what would. Good work, talleytv, for showing what a complete bunch of losers these people are. Do you really think you will ever change any part of society, let alone the government with this bullshit?

  9. bob barker and David: I don't think the police were right in breaking up the party, nor do I think they were acting ethically. But there is one thing I would like to ask: what would Free Keene do if most of the people in Keene were growing tired of the "civ-dis" arrests and took their frustration out on the keeniacs as opposed to the police or victimless crime laws? How would they react if their neighbors finally had enough and wanted their town being the site of a rothbardian experiment no longer? Would the keeniacs continue doing what they're doing, or would they leave and relocate to another NH town, or would they switch to another form of activism that other Keene residents wouldn't mind?

  10. Julia, the police are their neighbors. They, and the VAST majority of the rest of the town are sick and tired of their bullshit and total lack of concern for anybody other than themselves.

  11. David, that's what I figured. I don't support the state's hired thugs with guns (i.e. police), but I can see why the town residents would be frustrated by now.

    I'm also surprised why they chose Keene to be the "free town" in NH. Why not Concord, say, since they'd be getting into the faces of state politicians every other day? Why not Nashua where the police are considered to be the most corrupt in the state? (I have friends who live there so I'd know.) Why not a smaller town like Grafton that has only one cop?

  12. @@Julia

    i read the last post by "David".

    I live in Keene too.

    He doesn't speak for the"vast majority of the town".

    He is making shit up,ie LYING.

    As usual he is talking out of his ass to serve his narrow purposes.

  13. david-keene: so how do most of the Keene residents feel about FK? How many of them want their town to be a libertarian guinea pig?

  14. @@julia,

    Unlike "David" I can't speak for a whole town.

    And i don't agree with your words "libertarian guinea pig".

  15. I thought the whole "libertarian guinea pig" thing was the whole point of Free Keene; creating a "voluntary society" in the town of Keene through "peaceful evolution".

  16. I'm not a free stater but I think keene is just one section of the fsp.

    The keene section,and yea there are negative loudmouths in here …but don't take them as representing anymore than themselves.

    That's what i got to say about that :-)(sorta lie Forrest gump ) 🙂

  17. So what do you think the keeniacs would do if there was mass opposition against them in Keene? Do you think they would continue with the civ-dis or do you think they'd leave or change tactics?

  18. Gee – and here your friend was getting "kidnapped" by "aggressors" and all these wimps can do is whip out cameras and talk tough so their friends watching it later can think they're bad ass.

    Keene PD acted fantastic in this – I fucking love it. That first cop was calm and talking nothing but common sense while being circled by a bunch of screaming hyenas hoping and praying good video coverage would be forthcoming. I am a little surprised Derek Not So Freeman was so degrading towards homesexuality by mocking it while getting frisked.

    There are apartments all near there….some people work night shifts and 10:00 pm is like 4 or 5 am to some people. Take your dance party to a dance hall or a field. That includes you too Michele "Seven" – acting like a complete ignoramous about what the city is, or regulations, or power sources…..IDIOT.

  19. That is hypothetical,and negative hypothetical at that, and I don't see that happening.

  20. The system you advocate having positive results is also a hypothetical. Are you going to answer my question or not? What would Free Keene do if worst comes to worst and the town of Keene wants them ostracized?

  21. It's hypothetical and won't happen.I like talking about real stuff .

    As far as paralleling it with what the fsp is striving for,it's not a parallel

  22. So what does Free Keene want *exactly*?

  23. I'll tell you my understanding :

    expose the absurdly overreaching government,ad thereby end it…..make it so REAL justice prevails…expose the fake bullcrap "justice"…and bring people of like mind here to help reach that end.

    That's my understanding of the fsp and fk.

  24. WTF??? Expose the absurdly over reaching government? Hasn't that already been done long ago?Haven't you heard?? My father was under FBI surveillance for helping expose COINTELPRO when I was in high school! We were in Vietnam under false pretexts from the beginning! Oswald DID NOT kill Kennedy alone,if at all! The thing most call the 'justice' system is not designed or even worried about justice,it is a 'court of LAW!' What else needs to be exposed? Don't you get it-anyone with any brains ALREADY KNOWS!! Why hasn't it ended? Too many people are content to sit on their asses and as long as there is a 6 pack and something stupid on the TV,they aren't moving. They don't care if somebody gets screwed by the ststem,as long as it isn't them. After all the work some of us have been doing for years to expose and change things to little avail, do you seriously think a bunch of self-centered,unorganised clowns coming to little ol' Keene,New Hampshire is suddenly going to do it?? And replace it with-nothing?? The whole shithole is on the verge of collapse anyway,I suppose you will take credit when it implodes. Myself,I am stocking up,just in case.Your understanding of the real world is amazing to me,how do you get dressed in the morning? And why do I bother even answering your posts? —bil

  25. PS-my mention of clowns in the above post is no reflection on the ICP and Juggalos.Or any real circus clowns.Sorry for any confusion. —bil

  26. "expose the absurdly overreaching government,ad thereby end it…..make it so REAL justice prevails…expose the fake bullcrap “justice”…and bring people of like mind here to help reach that end."

    So why Keene, NH? Why not a city in a state with much worse laws like Boston, Mass?

    A friend of mine, who happens to live near the "Keene Activist Center", told me that before FK showed up all the Keene police would do is give college kids slaps on the wrist for possessing alcohol. Now that the keeniacs are out doing what they do, the Keene police are having a field day. If the whole goal is to bring justice and expose BS laws for what they are, why go after the little fish? It makes no sense.

  27. Julia,

    david-keene is not qualified to answer your questions unassisted. The answers he is giving you are all Parroted from statements that have been previously been posted by Ian, who is currently incarcerated and unable to provide canned answers for david-keene. David, however, does speak for many of the people of Keene, who dearly wish the "Freeweenies" would just go away!

  28. I figured. Something tells me that the keeniacs' reluctance to answer my – and quite possibly, many others' – questions about their movement shows me that they're obviously true believers who refuse to consider the legit criticisms others would take with what they want to carry out. If someone asks you a question about your motives, you just change the subject or say something like "that's a hypothetical so why should I answer it?". Obviously, if you had a real legit answer, you'd give the questioner that answer!

    I've lived in NH for most of my life (I'm in Maryland for college now, but I will be going back home for break in a few months). I've seen standards of living go down for one portion of the population and go way up for another portion. I've seen things drastically change. When I moved to Windham with my parents and brother back in 1993 (I was four years old then) the entire area was nothing but forest and farm land. Now, the entire area has been bought up by developers who have managed to turn SE NH into Boston's New Jersey. You talk a lot about buying raw milk from the farm down the road – you can't really do that anymore because all the farms have been turned into cul-de-sac neighborhoods full of mcmansions (well, at least in my area they have). I get really pissed off when a bunch of people who aren't from the region try to turn the region I spent most of my life in into some kind of zionist movement for libertarians, simply because of the amount of uncertainty that would follow (especially once you consider that "anarcho-capitalism" has no evidence of working in history or reality). Long rant short: if you want the FSP to succeed and end up resulting in something really good, you best put a lot of time into showing solidarity with the NH locals. Build solidarity groups that help everyone, not just members of the FSP. That's the win-win scenario.

  29. @@if you DO have a friend that lives near the KAC he/she is mistaken in what he/she said.

    Sounds like you friend has a bias against the free keene folk,as you do.

    And just because people are not on here answering your questions doesn't mean this or that .


  30. @,

    You your proclaiming how anarchy was good at one point now you keep siding with abusive police.

    Maybe people won't entertain your questions because they can't tell which side your on.

    Bye julia have fun with the trolls

  31. Show me a statement of mine which proves I'm siding with the police.

    I'm pretty sure my friend was right in what he said. I have other friends who went to KSC who have told me the same thing; that the Keene police had nothing to do until FK showed up.

    I'm asking legitimate questions about what the free staters (FK specifically) want to do with NH. I'm sure most other NH residents have the same question. Listen: no matter what you do, you're never going to turn NH into the kind of society you desire unless you reach out to the locals. You can do as much civ-dis activism as you want but you're never going to accomplish your end goals if you completely ignore the thoughts, feelings, situations, contexts, needs, etc. of your neighbors, because if you've given your neighbors a reason to be suspicious of your motives they will resist whatever change you want to bring. This isn't hard to figure out.

  32. There are no legitimate criticisms of a voluntary society.

    Because it is just what it says. If you want to have a commune, build one. If your neighbor wants to live his life as a capitalist, he's welcome.

    Do anything you like, as long as you do not use force against others.

    Only a Statist or a sociopath (but I repeat myself) could find fault with not being allowed to forcefully control others.

  33. julia,

    you are unaware of A LOT.

    All you do is take a critical stance.

    From your theoretical pov.

    There are people DOING THINGS (not theorizing ,as your doing).

    And your few friends that you speak of ..seems like they are a pretty small sampling that you are basing things on which undermines your credableness.

    You aren't a very credible source :you base a STRONG STANCE on a smattering of he said she said.

    You not credable

  34. "All you do is take a critical stance."

    Well yeah, because I haven't been given a reason to do otherwise.

    Tell me how right-libertarian activism has (not "will", but what it already has) done for the people living in NH since free staters began moving there eight years ago. Will the budget cuts I keep hearing so much about improve standards of living (which is something I doubt considering that the cuts may very well lead to the loss of over 1000 jobs)? Will civ-dis do anything to help others outside of the FSP?

    You guys talk the talk but don't walk the walk. And for the record, when I'm back in NH a lot of my time is dedicated to solidarity work.

  35. julia,

    you said

    Well yeah, because I haven’t been given a reason to do otherwise"

    That isnt why julia,be honest julia, you are not very honest.

    I'm not doing your research for you Julia.

    Just because you haven't done your research doesn't men there isn't evidence julia.

    your full of crap julia. you said quote "Well yeah, because I haven’t been given a reason to do otherwise"

    So your default response is to be negatively critical and your default response ISN'T to do research. Why isn't your default response to be on the side that against the establishment juli?.Your full of crap julia

    "Well yeah, because I haven’t been given a reason to do otherwise" Done wasting my time talking to you julia your a hypocrite

  36. The only "research" on the FSP that I've done brings up articles about their alleged Koch family funding and links with other corporate-funded groups (like the Mercatus Center). I'm not sure how credible those articles are, but I can't seem to find much else.

  37. "Done wasting my time talking to you julia your a hypocrite"

    Don't worry Julia – he doesn't *really* mean it. If I had a dime every time david-keene has a hissy fit and states he is "done" – I could pay back Koch every dime they've given to Pete Eyre and his vintage gas hog RV.

  38. there are many fsp folks in the corridors of power in concord.

    and much legislation that has been passed

  39. I'm sorry for being harsh.



    I think your on the free stater's side :come up and visit 🙂

  40. I went to Keene a few weeks ago.

    Walked through a few residential neighborhoods with a comrade (social anarchist) who goes to KSC. Didn't see much in terms of indication that Keene is the "northern capital of libertarianism".

  41. Bla bla right libertarians

    bla bla comrade

    bla bla dont support the police but support a holes sending police to harass the harmless

    Your usual tripe, Julia. You don't believe in freedom at all. I don't know why anybody here would waste their time trying to convince you of anything. You've made it clear that you know way more about how society should function than any of us do.

    Go build your damn commune and let us know how it works. We have the evidence of billions of voluntary agreements that function perfectly until some a hole inevitably wants to control people for their own good.


  42. Julia,

    I don't see how FreeKeene can be considered a "rothbardian experiment." As long as the state exerts a violent monopoly, such an experiment cannot exist. If anything, this incident is clearly illustrative of that.

    If you dislike the tactics used by some freestaters (I'm not a fan of all of them myself), perhaps you'd be better off making suggestions for (or leading) more effective types of activism rather than being so critical. I suspect that you are also focusing on the activism that happens to draw the most press. There are a number of agorist businesses, schools, churches, peaceful demonstrations, etc started by freestaters that don't get any public attention (or scorn).

    If you want an example of freestater impact on the political system, look at the legislative agenda this past year following the Republican landslide. Rather than tackling "conservative" social issues like repealing gay marriage or restricting abortion, the Republican legislature focused almost solely on economic issues and balancing the budget without raising taxes. I don't see that happening without the ~12 FSP state reps exerting libertarian influence.

  43. Ok, this video is better. I do think what the police did here was wrong. However, I would have also liked to see more readiness on the part of the "dancers" to ensure that their noise and light were not excessive. There also certainly should have been a whole lot less screaming and yelling, a lot less repeating of canned lines like "your services are not required", and a lot more calm, rational discussion.

    You did pay for the electricity, through taxes, so I don't have a problem with you using it. You should also keep the noise and light to a low level, however. The fact that some permitted event may have been loud as well is not a good excuse.


    Also, I completely agree with this: "Listen: no matter what you do, you’re never going to turn NH into the kind of society you desire unless you reach out to the locals. You can do as much civ-dis activism as you want but you’re never going to accomplish your end goals if you completely ignore the thoughts, feelings, situations, contexts, needs, etc. of your neighbors"

  44. Another phrase that you accuse others of that YOU made up QUOTE "“northern capital of libertarianism”

    your dishonest Julia

    Sounds like Lpviper is aware of how you are

  45. NH Native,

    There's a quote in the article regarding the noise level of the music:

    "The music had just been turned on and I was walking in front of The Stage and over towards the common and was not able to hear any music at all until I arrived a few feet from the gazebo. "

    Maybe a biased description, but it's all we have. Also, it's easy to criticize the screaming and yelling, but it's rather difficult to stay calm when threatened and harassed by men with guns and pepper spray.

  46. Actually, david-keene, I heard Lew Rockwell say that to Ian on his interview on FTL, it's almost a direct quote.

    That's a statement from a guy who lives in Alabama, so Julia's stretching it to use it as a quote or a motto or whatever, but that sort of thing doesn't bother Julia as long as she's sticking to the 'right-libertarians' or as saw her admit earlier, the 'Rothbardians'. That tells me all about her cred right there. Socialists HATE Murray Rothbard, DON'T THEY JULIA???

  47. 'sticking IT to…'

    sorry bout that lol

  48. Ok, if that report is true (and I have no reason to believe it's not), I'm glad the music wasn't very loud.

    I do wish everyone, including police, would use common sense in these situations. If the lights, noise, etc, were truly bothering someone, I'm sure some reasonable accommodation could be made.

    And, if the police show up and it seems like the complaint is without merit — i.e. if it really was so quiet as to be inaudible away from the gazebo, I really wish they'd just walk away.

    Everyone needs to be focused on accommodating and tolerating others as best they can. It seems sometimes activists can be "in your face", police can be focused on code/policy enforcement more than peace, and observers can be intolerant as well — e.g. matt's statement about calling the cops in the other thread.

    I'm sure it'd be hard not to scream and yell in that situation. However, the goal is to change hearts and minds, not verbally pound the cop right in front of you, right?

  49. If folks act in a non-antagonistic way towards the police, and do their best to accommodate other people's concerns, while still quietly, calmly holding firm on those issues they don't feel they can budge on, and are still arrested, they'll have made a much better case.

    I know some don't like the way the police do business in the first place, but I do think acting in an unfriendly manner towards them, from the moment they show up, hurts their case in the eyes of the public.

    I think acting in a manner that is friendly, conciliatory, accommodating, and non-confrontational, yet quietly firm where necessary, would go a lot farther.

  50. That was poorly worded, but I think you get my drift.

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