An Eyewitness Reports on Keene Sentinel’s “Lazy Reporting” of KPD’s Assault on Derrick

Cecelia reports on the brutal arrest of FreeKeene blogger Derrick J. Freeman on her website,

Today, The Sentinel released a small blurb about Derrick J’s arrest:

A Keene man faces charges of resisting arrest and disobeying an officer after police say he led them on a chase while riding his bicycle Friday afternoon.

Derrick Joseph Horton, 22, was held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $2,000 bail, Keene police Sgt. Jason Short said.

Police had attempted to stop Horton in connection with a warrant for criminal trespass and resisting arrest issued by the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office, but Horton allegedly refused to stop, forcing police to chase him on his bicycle for several streets, Short said.

Horton will be arraigned Monday morning in Keene’s 8th Circuit Court District Division.

Now, I just can’t help but to fix a few errors in their report:

  • According to the conversation I had with Derrick once he was taken to the Keene Police Department on Friday March 30, 2012 following his arrest. His charges are resisting detainment and violation of bail.
  • Derrick is still being held at the Cheshire County House of Corrections, until at least Monday when he will be arraigned.
  • The ‘no trespassing order’ which this incident was in connection with had already been served earlier Friday outside of Keene High School by Officer Timothy Peloquin. It should be mentioned that according to KPD radio transmissions, Peloquin wrote a ‘no trespassing order’ in his cruiser which actually extended the hours of the ban from 6:30am-6:30pm, Monday-Friday to “all the property, all the time.”
  • Forcing the police to chase him for several streets? Derrick didn’t force the police to do anything. The only force used was on Derrick by Officer Moore. Moore didn’t have any valid reason to even try to detain him since Derrick had already received the ‘no trespassing order’ from Officer Peloquin earlier that day.
  • The Sentinel “forgets” to mention Moore using his cruiser door as a weapon against Derrick.
  • (more…)

Dramatic Video of Derrick J. Being Knocked off His Bike by Keene Law Enforcement

Various individuals on Facebook are encouraging people to call the Keene PD (603) 357-9815 and demand the release of Derrick J. Freeman “who was just violently arrested and assaulted by Officer Finton Moore outside the KAC for no reason.” according to Clyde Voluntaryist.

Cecelia Freechild reports from

Today, my dear friend Derrick J. Freeman was attacked and beaten by Officer Moore of KPD. Derrick was riding his bike when Moore came up behind him in a cruiser. Moore flipped his lights on, then proceeded to remove Derrick from his bike by hitting Derrick with the cruiser door. Moore then got out of the cruiser & stuck his night stick in between Derrick’s spokes. Flipping Derrick and his bike over, breaking several of the spokes on his tire.

Moore then tackled Derrick, and from the video being uploaded is seen hitting Derrick. Myself, and at least 10 other activists, came to the scene to see Moore on top of Derrick, pushing him into the ground. I witnessed Moore shove Derrick’s head into the ground when Derrick tried to adjust his sunglasses.

Moore was apparently trying to serve Derrick with no trespass papers for all of Keene School District, which he was already served with this morning, about 2-3 hours before this incident. Moore refused to answer activists as to why he was kidnapping Derrick.

I’ll be following this story along with other concerned members of the community. Expect more about officer Moore.

Union Leader: “BearCat brouhaha revs up Keene”

Meghan Pierce of The Union Leader covers the growing resistance to the militarization of Keene’s streets with the article in today’s paper:

KEENE — Thanks, but no tanks. That’s what some residents are saying in opposition to a city plan to purchase an armored vehicle for emergency response.

An outcry resulted after the City Council accepted a $285,933 Homeland Security grant in December — without a public hearing — to buy a LENCO BearCat Special Missions armored vehicle. Now the BearCat’s fate awaits the City Council’s final decision, expected at its March 1,7 p.m., meeting at Keene City Hall.

The city’s reconsideration of the grant got national media attention, including an article in the Huffington Post, sparking thousands of comments online about the role of the federal government.

Mike Clark, a 27-year-old handyman currently facing a criminal mischief charge in Keene — and the son of the sole Keene council member to vote against accepting the Homeland Security money — told the Huffington Post he has had encounters with Keene police and was “roughed up” both times.

“The police are already pretty brutal,” Clark said. “The last thing they need is this big piece of military equipment to make them think they’re soldiers.” (more…)

How to Contact the Keene City Councilors by Cynthia C. Georgina

Former City Councilor Cynthia Georgina offers some tips on where and when to contact Keene elected officials(PDF). It’s been on the City of Keene’s website for a while but with the ongoing “Thanks but no Tanks” campaign to convince the city councilors not to put an armored attack truck on the streets of our community, now is a good time to take Cynthia up on her tips:

A Councilor can expect to get input from constituents. This may happen in the Councilor’s home, via a phone call, or it may happen in a public place when a constituent recognizes the Councilor and wants to discuss a pending matter. It can also come in the form of a letter to the editor of the local paper or a phone call to a local radio talk show.

Now is the time to make your voice heard in opposition to the BEARCAT, armored attack truck. To get you started, here is a list of councilors and their phone numbers:

(603) 352-4822 Ruth R. Venezia [at large]
(603) 352-1105 Kris Roberts [at large]
(603) 352-6736 Philip Dale Pregent [at large]
(603) 352-0421 Carl B. Jacobs [at large]
(603) 357-1340 David R. Meader [at large]
(603) 352-7185 Janis O. Manwaring [ward 1]
(603) 352-5483 Mitchell H. Greenwald [ward 2]
(603) 357-2601 Bettina A. Chadbourne [ward 2]
(603) 352-1084 David C. Richards [ward 3]
(603) 358-5016 Philip M. Jones [ward 4]
(603) 357-8761 James P. Duffy [ward 4]
(603) 357-3827 June M. Donegan [ward 5]
(603) 357-3738 Thomas F. Powers [ward 5]