Occupy Wall Street Solidarity

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  1. I get #1 comment again.

    I see "FreeKeene" is finally taking a stand against the rich and the banksters. Smash Capitalism. Id like to know whether you really hate banksters or if your just against them because you think their corporatists and not real capitalists. Im against all forms of currency, investments, and rents. How many billions must suffer for the benefit of a few?

  2. I think going toe to toe with NYPD would be a most humbling experience for a keeniac. I encourage you to all go – and get right in their faces like you do to your/our local police department.

    Smash – I recall you stating you're a government employee – a full time fire fighter. Am I correct in my thinking that you're a member of a union?

  3. like *my* gravatar david-keene?

  4. 🙁

  5. Pete: – I watched your most recent vids. Ugh – same old canned rhetoric from you…"how do you feel about collecting a paycheck putting peaceful people in cages….blah blah blah" – big deal….those guys/gals were getting screamed at all day long…it's nothing new to them to hear your old and tired script.

    Now look – when you're here in the "shire" – you follow cops around….get right up close and personal…..went right up to one doing some mundane traffic stop in Nashua – but here in NYC….even you know – it would be most humbling to REALLY do there – what you do around here. They'll lock your ass up FOR REAL…..one way ticket to Riker's Island – and you know that your support system there would be ZILCH. A far far cry from the police departments in NH – you should be blessing their feet around here.

    So were you there to protest Wall Street – or just hope and pray you would capture some good video of cops arresting people? You probably want to privatize the NYPD too….LOL. Such a country kid.

  6. What is capitalism?

  7. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly revealed this weekend that NYPD, since sometime after 9/11, now has the ability to "take down an airplane". Either he's lying, or NYPD is equipped with Stinger Missiles…Why not???..The CIA sold **HUNDREDS** of Stingers to the Taliban, after Russia invaded Afghanistan. But imagine that! If NYPD had those missiles on 9/11, they could have brought those planes down over the Hudson River. (…they can "take down airplanes"…what's next???…M1A2 Abrams tanks in NYPD blue&white???…

  8. Oh matty, Eyre is the mountain that little trolls exist for. Sad little thing, what are you having for dinner? Same regurgitated stew from you? I thought so.

  9. You're right….little trolls like me need small unchallenging mountains to climb. If Eyre is that mountain – the way to the top is a well worn footpath, or, to save time, I can ride to the top on a chairlift.

    Sorry I'm right. Eyre knows it too. You will never see Pete Eyre walk up to some random NYPD car in the Bronx conducting a traffic stop and start demanding at THAT MOMENT why he/she is "harassing" peaceful people. Nor will you see him following them around down every street either and then jumping out of his clunker RV to film them and ask questions while they are engaged in their business.

    Copblock is all fluff. It is yellow press for the cop haters, it's really no more and no less. It isn't about accountability – if it was, he would engage in conversation with cops that didn't instantly put them on defense. Who in their right mind starts a convo with a "men with pieces of metal on their chests" in the midst of a riot with a camera in their face and asking if they enjoy collecting a paycheck for caging peaceful people? LOL. Pretty much sets the tone for fail. You people get your cackles up over internet comments….so…..go figure.

  10. Matt:

    First off, I'm new here, I don't know if you all have a history of some sort together, if you are a Keene resident, if you're just some guy. So, forgive me for my ignorance, I'm just some 23 year old kid from Bakersfield. I'm not going to be nasty and mean, I would just like to know why you are so antagonistic towards the efforts of people like Pete and Adamo? Why the cynicism? It's obvious to those who pay attention that the system is falling apart. We are in the midst of financial collapse and the establishment, by the looks of things, is intent on putting together a police state. If we don't push back now, it's going to be very very hard to do so when you could be snatched up and hauled off for speaking poorly to law enforcement…oh wait, that can already happen today. My bad. I've had friends who've been locked up for smoking a plant, I've watched a neighbor be cuffed up and roughed up because he said the wrong thing to the wrong officer. You might look at the efforts of the CopBlock and scoff, but I see progress. It puts on display the violence inherent in the system and the simple fact that the nature of law enforcement is to collect revenue for the state. I was raised to believe that a Cop was your friend, your ally, your protector. It's one of the many myths about the government present in government school. Over the last decade, I've slowly awoken to this lie.

    I don't know how you feel about the State, I don't know anything about you, but I would like to say I am not your enemy, and I don't see you as mine. I'd like to know your thoughts on the subjects I've brought up, and I'd be happy to share mine on any things you'd like to discuss. If we're all going to come together on a path towards a better world, the first step is for all of us to extend our hands to each other in peace. This is my philosophy. I'd like to see it more in the world.

  11. "ZeeBako" *SUCKS*…FUCK-YOU, asshole, COPS*ARE*YOUR*FRIEND*…oops!, sorry, I forgot where I was…Hey, all we do here is yell and scream, and make stupid comments, and we got some guy who posts here, and he calls everybody a troll, and what the fuck do you expect? When there is no government, their is only chaos and anarchy. We don't even know what we are saying, 1/2 the time. You will fit right in here. Yes, the system is collapsing. Let's make all the enemies we can. Who needs friends? Why did you post to "Matt"???…WTF???…He always spells his name lower-case, like this: (…i add the quotes marks, because i'm cool…) –>"matt"<— ) NOT!…~tKoK.

  12. zeebako –

    In short: I live in Keene, never went to "government schools" (Waldorf) and come to this site to examine the mindset of persons who think it is okay to move to my town, yell at my kids, bait local cops to embarass them on youtube and a host of other reasons. When I say the mindset of people…I mean the type of people who chant "give peace a chance" yet yell through bullhorns and get completely asshurt over comments on this site. If it wasn't for a few dedicated few on here with criticism, what would we have to talk about except "Great Job"!

    First – I don't have anything personal against Pete or his sidekick Adam. They are free to pursue whatever they want….just be CONSISTENT. You can't yell and scream at, say…the Greenfield, MA cops….get right in their faces and then go to NYPD and tiptoe from behind the line.

    The Wall Street protest…..no problem – I am no fan of corporate bailouts and gas prices. So…fine – protest away. NYPD is there for OBVIOUS reasons – to keep people out of the streets as much as possible, to thwart the wayward nutjobs who might want to punch a wall street trader on his way to lunch and to keep SOME semblance of order – that is their job and I would expect nothing less. The whole purpose of the protest, is to protest WALL STREET – not NYPD, but like any timeless and predictable comic book, all Pete can do is focus everything he can on trying to make a headline for himself…by trying to put himself into the thick of it and cause problems to garner his precious and coveted thumbs up on youtube. I have no problem with police accountability – if he wants to document cops being stupid then great – I am aware that there are some real doozy's out there….like ANY occupation. But he is gonna have to learn to take the thumbs down and criticisms as easily as he does the thumbs up. But to follow them around? To engage in one sided convo's with cops? Nah. Just looking for trouble. My whole point is, I think Pete chooses his battles carefully. He violates chump safe laws…..and does so around a fairly liberal community, but then heads to the big city and he is……very very careful. He isn't so much interested in police accountability as he is just having a genuine dislike for them. Look at his shirt…..that explains it all – what does that have to do with accountability. The cops put their pants on the same way as you or I do – this isn't Mad Max.

    That's my short story and I'm sticking with it – lol. And king of keene is right…..any moment now we should be reading that I am a troll, am unreasonable, smiley faces….etc etc. Lame.

  13. I would just like to know why you are so antagonistic towards the efforts of people like Pete and Adamo?

    "Just doing my job."

    FreeKeene blog comments are the dregs of intellectual debate about Keene. Anyone interested in (or capable of) having an intelligent conversation gave up on trying to do it here long ago.

  14. I would like to be that person that punches the wall street trader

  15. Fortunately, there are NO "Wall Street Traders" in the Keene area. Even WallSt. types are too honest for the cesspool that is Jumanjiville / keene, NH…~tKoK.

  16. Smash, That is why no one takes you or social anarchy seriously. End the violence.

  17. "FreeKeene blog comments are the dregs of intellectual debate about Keene. Anyone interested in (or capable of) having an intelligent conversation gave up on trying to do it here long ago."

    Yes that's right…..anyone who opines differently or who disagrees is a sheep, a bootlicker, a statist, a troll, an idiot and any other moniker in the playbook of superiority complex's. Free Speech only means something on this forum if the speech is in absolute agreement with said blogger. Perhaps it isn't so much people became disinterested in debating here – but rather became disenchanted with how FreeKeene operates. Oops…there I go again….being a sheep. Baa Baa.

  18. These efforts are so unimportant/ineffective that Matt has a part-time job commenting here.

    This site hosts your comments, and yet you cry about "Freedom of Speech". Freedom to dissent is alive and well.

    The next step would be to lead by example, find the root of evil you see and do something about it. Unless you only get excited to attack other's efforts and sit on the sidelines.

  19. This site not only hosts my comments – it INVITES them. It says "speak your mind". Too bad that is so painful for everyone that they feel the need to reply to me every time I write something. I didn't cry about freedom of speech – it is you morons who keep crying about it, then crying when someone else writes something you may not like. Waa Waa Waa.

    I hardly think Ian and crew are "evil" – but what I do see are things I disagree with, if you could drop the tit for tat and listen to what others have to say you too, might grasp that perhaps FreeKeene needs some damage control. So I see/hear things i disagree with, so…..what to do…?….oh yeah – his website that invites comments. GO FIGURE. That's what comment sections are for. That's why people write blogs and invite comments. That is why Ian wrote "Speak your mind". Got it yet? If all you want are kudos and virtual high fives – make this a member only site.

  20. So a guess that puts you in the "only get excited to attack other’s efforts and sit on the sidelines." category.

    So Ian and the folks that participate in FreeKeene are the biggest evil you can find to work to try and change? Even the King finds things wrong locally.

  21. It’s INTERESTING that there are TWO write ups in Free Keene,(Ian freeman's website) ,two write ups regarding Jason's arrest; I’m not saying Jason shouldn’t be wrote about on here; he should,but Ian,the creator of the site and host of ftl, having TWO court dates GETS ZIP!?

    I’m not a blogger so It’s not on me to do it.

    Anyway,THAT’S IT.

  22. …if "FreeKeene" goes members-only, don't invite me…I only show up because the entertainment is free and open. Much as I like most of the "Freeweenies", I'm about sick of the bullshit here…sometimes, I actually agree with the critics, more than the accolytes, "True Believers", and other weenies. I love freedom, but taunting cops for the sole purpose of provoking an arrest? That's kid shit, and I'm sick of it……..What possible purpose, or good, does "david-keene" serve, by "troll-calling" everybody who expresses an idea HE doesn't agree with???…."david-keene", troll-calling-troll…Ian, TWERP & TWIT…etc….I'm done with this shit…Fuck FreeKeene. Yes, that's a warning. You'd best heed it. What you gonna do? Call the cops? Call Guido???…Call von Mieses???…Why is FreeKeene here? Because they are all too pussy-assed to go to where the REAL*ACTION is. Keene is chump-change. ~tKoK.

  23. TO: "Tom Sawyer: Yes, you're right. Years ago now, FreeKeene was new, fresh, and full of promise. We locals embraced the novelty, and the possibilities. We groaned at Jessie's Common Gunshot Garden, and ogled Heikas' TopFreedom demonstration. We read. Learned. New names like von Mieses, and Murry Rothbard. New ideas. Heady times. Heady times. ///. But, over time, the *TRUE*COLORS* of "FreeKeene" have shown through. The KOCH BRos. funding…The internal dissents and betrayals. The blatant drug use and drug dealing under cover of "FreeKeene"…4:20 came and went…There is much more to tell…it's all in the archives. And, that's where I leave it. "FreeKeene" has snuffed its' own candle. Burned it's own bridges. By the time Ian gets out of jail, times will have changed. Fuck you guys. I'm outa here. I'm going to go kill something, or somebody. FreeKeene is dead. Fuck FreeKeene. I'm tired of FreeKeene trying to fuck my hometown. Keene. You have been warned. Get the fuck out of my town. **GET**THE**FUCK**OUT**OF**MY**TOWN**. Yes, I have gone over to the dark side. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon. There can be no peace with out freedom, but no freedom without peace. FreeKeene would only trade one form of slavery for another, and call it freedom, even when it is just a different kind of cage. Go ahead, call the cops, and tell them I "threatened you"…see how far that gets you. I am betting that local LEO's would rather let me go, than waste more time & tax$$ on you fuckheads…I won't be the FIRST to *GET*AWAY*WITH*MURDER*, will I Bob&Deb Chambers…???………If a former Marlow Chief of Police can get away with murder literally, I don't see why *I* can't get away with murder, *MURDER* , figuratively. Relax. I'm writing a book. It's a murder mystery. The mystery centers on the fact that nobody has killed you yet…!tKoK.

  24. Tom Sawyer – you can judge and circle jerk me into any group you want; I don't care. There are numerous things in this town and indeed world that need change – just because I spend time writing my disagreements on here doesn't mean I'm not involved with ANYTHING else, anymore than you are not – now you're being stupid.

    Like tKoK says….it's pretty fucking sad when he finds himself in agreement at times with critics, when people involved with freekeene should be doing everything they can to get more vocal and liberty minded people LIKE him. So tell me – after all these arrests and after all the bad breath expended through a bullhorn, what has it done for change? Could one peacefully light a blunt at Central Square without fear of police poking their heads in? Yes. Can you now? Nope – not really. Did yelling at the little kids that their little school sucks do any good at all? Nope. Nothing. It ostracized an entire community. Has baiting and yelling at cops made any new friends, or has it created adversaries? The latter. So keep on typing away….keep on trying to win the internet and putting me in my place – you'll keep losing – with, or without my comments.

  25. "What is capitalism?"

    Answer: A system based on wage labor in the interdependent social class context of non labor income derived from impersonal private property.

    You can't call markets, free markets, money, gold as money, barter/trade, etc. "capitalism" because all of those existed before capitalism and can exist independently of capitalism (i.e. mutualism).

  26. SMASH – Free Keene doesn't really give a shit about the crimes of capitalists, because for them and all their other right-libertarian buddies every time capitalism does something explicitly evil then "that's not the REAL capitalism". They weren't promoting the Wall St. demonstrations (of which I took part in) until the NYPD started acting up. It's like Chomsky and Herman's worth/unworthy victims model; they'll only talk about it when it fits with their agenda of replacing the state police with neo-pinkertons.

  27. "Smash, That is why no one takes you or social anarchy seriously. End the violence."

    Tell that to the capitalists.

    Oh, but wait – it's okay that capitalists fuck so many people over, because it's a VOLUNTARY fuck-over, right?

  28. "The KOCH BRos. funding…The internal dissents and betrayals. "

    I hear these things a lot, but can never find sources about them. I doubt that every one of them receives Koch money but I wouldn't doubt it if some of them were connected to Koch think-tanks in some way.

  29. I see what you mean Julia, FreeKeene only cares about what the COPS do but doesnt care about what the people the COPS work for do. If you dont like the NYPD, dont look at them, look at their employers (Wall Street) FreeKeene (freeweenies) are IDIOTS

  30. SMASH – Of course they won't attack capitalists or anything the capitalists do (unless the capitalists are being funded by taxpayer money; according to their standards of ethics the mafia is a perfectly moral organization because it doesn't receive subsidies from the state). For them, going after the crimes of capitalists is "aggression", because (unless capitalists are using the state) it's either "voluntary" or "not the real capitalism". It becomes impossible to discuss these things with the keeniacs and others like them or point out what bullshit their ethical views are, because they twist so many words and concepts around.

    It's like this:

    "Capitalism" – the perfect free market system which is totally natural.

    "Anarchism" – no state, capitalism in its purest form.

    "Social anarchism" – just statism in a different form.

    "Collectivism" – the biggest evil on the planet. (Notice how most traditional anarchists use the word "collectivist" in a very different sense.)

    "Corporatism" – what we have now, when capitalists join up with the state.

    Now, I would have to ask them if "real" capitalism has ever existed in history, and if it hasn't then why. At least us traditional anarchists can point to Catalonia and the Ukrainian Free Territory (along with places like Chiapas or the numerous communes around the world, or even primitive people who lived in stateless, classless gift economies) to prove that our system is realistic and works very well in practice. They can only point to societies which were either pre-capitalist or not entirely stateless like Medieval Iceland (which was actually NOT capitalist and NOT stateless, and only became a centralized state when more and more resources started going into the hands of fewer and fewer families).

    It's just sad. Anarchists are not just fighting wars against capitalists and the state but also information wars on the internet and in places like NH. It makes me so angry.

  31. I would also ask them, if these companies which engaged in atrocious activities didn't receive a dime of money from the state and were playing in a totally free market, would you still be angry at them? I'd like to know what they say.

  32. Thank-you, Julia. As for the "KOCH*BROS* connection, even Ademo / Adam lists his employment with / connections to, a Koch-funded think tank……There were several links posted, and a blogger did some research, which resulted in more links, -both internet links, and connection links, – being uncovered…There was also a series of ( linked here ) posts, and articles, both online & print, about both the FSP, & "FreeKeene", and some individuals, being all part of the KOCH*BROS*OCTOPUS*….It's all in the archives, but sorry, you'll have to do your own research – I'm just saying that it's all there to find…/////…….So, tell us, Julia, what do you think about the literature&etc., coming out of "crimethinc"????…I have seen some of their excellent publications, and I can agree with 99% of the ideas presented by them. The actions and goals arising from those ideas, I support less so, but still, I find myself liking the "anarchist perspective"…I see it as being as *FREE* as possible, to act in my best interests, while taking total personal responsibility for my actions effects on others. I see "freekeene's" philosophy as being immature, juvenile, and overly self-centered. It's the old 3 year-old's chant of "I*CAN*DO*WHATEVER*THE*FUCK*I*WANT*, because THAT is "freedom"….I say, No, that's kidshit. Childish, but not childlike. Most of Keene sees the "keeniacs" as being spoiled, bratty children, and I agree. Most of the "freeweenies" I have known, nice as they are, have an immature sense of entitlement to do what they want, without regard for others. That's anti-social. I'm not picking on Julia. Maybe somebody else can help us with this topic / thread…~tKoK.

  33. Meh, crimethinc is a mixed bag. I'm not a fan of "lifestyle activism".

  34. The mafia is invalid for exactly the reason the police are invalid: they are funded by extortion. Nobody ever said that extortion was OK. We just said that extortion is still extortion when it is done by the police, and remains unacceptable.

  35. So a group of thugs is only immoral if they're funded through extortion? Doesn't sound like a very valid argument.

  36. Julia on Thu, 29th Sep 2011 1:03 pm


    So a group of thugs is only immoral if they’re funded through extortion? Doesn’t sound like a very valid argument


    A 'group' of 'thugs' is 'immoral'? No, you oversimplify. Any group of people is comprised of individuals who make choices. If a member of a group commits an immoral act, then he/she is immoral. Projecting the choices of some onto the reputation of all is a dangerous game to play, and can alienate good people whom you may have wanted to deal with.

    On the other hand, anyone who joins an organization such as government, which is funded immorally (taxation, statutory 'fees' 'fines', etc.) is a party to immorality simply by taking that which was coercively taken from another. I try to be understanding with these folks because almost all of them have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

    So have your passion, or what, but keep it real, huh? The thing about a voluntary order is that nobody will stop you from living in a commune if that's what you really want. You just have to be understanding of those who do NOT wish to live in a commune, who wish to create their own prosperity and enjoy its rewards on their own terms.

    You and SMASH constantly run down the greedy profit takers and the rich, they who make the money by producing something people want and are willing to exchange value for.

    Problem I have is, you make no mention of how the division of labor will function in your communist world. In the market, people buy the things they want or need at the best price/quality ratio for them. The aggregate of purchases sends signals to producers and entrepreneurs about the value of their goods, and the demand for them overall. A zillion little choices, interconnected to determine the demand for everything from toothpicks to tractor tires. How will communism allow this mechanism to function? Or is standing in line for bread a good thing?

  37. It's strange how the vast majority of the folks in OW are either statist or leftist. It's funny how the vast majority of the folks that control NYC are either statist or leftist. They are made for each other.

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