Beau Davis Arrested, Faces 7 Years for Distributing Plants

KEENE – That plant is known as cannabis and in the “Live Free or Die” State of New Hampshire a young man could be caged for up to 7 years if he dares compete with the very profitable Liquor Cartel. Beau’s official charges of “distribution of controlled substances” were announced at Keene District Court this morning at 9:30 am. At the same time all over the State, employees of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission exchanged money for alcohol. These employees will go home to their families while Beau is separated from everything and everyone he knows.

Beau Davis moved to the Shire as a crew member of Liberty on Tour during their Free State Friendship Tour. He hopes to travel more in the future, perhaps on the Oceans. Beau is known for his kindness and peaceful actions.

According to eyewitness accounts, Beau was arrested before 3:30 while standing near a group of people in Keene Central Square. A Keene Police Department Cruiser parked on the cross walk in front of the church. A uniformed officer asked Beau if “Davis” was his last name. Beau replied with “huh” as two male law enforcers, one in uniform and one out of uniform, put their hands on Beau before taking him away. The Keene Police Department or the Drug Task Force are not releasing information on the subject.

When asked what the charges against Beau are, the law enforcers replied “none of your business.” These law enforcers enforce prohibition which makes victims of peaceful people and the taxpayers who fund their aggression.

Beau still refuses to process and is likely being denied food, warmth and contact with people who care about him. There may be a video arraignment later today. The courtroom was full and 10 people from the Keene community were there to see Beau. One woman was wearing a “I Support Beau” t-shirt.

If you have more information on the kidnapping of Beau Davis by the Keene Police Department or the government’s informant against him, please contact me at or (678) – TALLEYTV.

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