NYPD Harasses #Fr33 Press

WALL ST – TalleyTV visited occupied Wall Street with three FR33 Agents from the Shire, Michele 7, Derrick J and Ryan Maddox. There they met up with other allies, including Ethan Lee Vita who agreed to be interviewed about his occupation experiences.

During our recording, Ethan and I were approached my a uniformed lieutenant employed by the New York Police Department. He was trying to intimidate Ethan and myself into leaving the spot where we were standing – in front of a piece of art. Neither of us moved and the law enforcer couldn’t cite and reason or law why it was necessary for us to move. So we continued going about our peaceful business.

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  1. Ya know – you might have gotten a little better dialogue out of the cop if you weren't acting like a douche to him for simply asking you to move. There are better ways to communicate with people – and it would seem to me that such communication skills is exactly the kind of stuff you promote. You're the yellow press of the couple hundred hit videos of youtube. He asked you to move – big deal. He "touched" you….stfu – it's NYC – get over it – are you made of porcelain? Since you remain unscathed from this very scary experience, I guess the USA isn't quite the police state you claim it to be.

  2. I don't like it when strangers touch me without my permission. I also don't care for people giving me orders and expecting me to follow them. I'm sure I could have handled myself better. I could have also handled myself worse as well. Thanks for your comment matt.

  3. I think you did fine Jason.

    The problem is it is not just a conversation. The police officer has power to cause you harm if you don't do what he says. Try reversing the roles as a test of the power relationship. If Jason had behaved as the cop did what would the likely outcome have been? If there hadn't been a video recording going on would it have gone differently? In fact I find it pretty menacing when someone, with the power a cop has, "pretends" like he isn't doing anything while rubbing against you.

    The cop did the right thing after realizing he might be held liable for his actions. Up till that point he was just trying to bluff you into complying.

    In comparison to some really bad outcomes of other police encounters, this one worked out well. That doesn't mean that there wasn't a real underlying danger in the encounter.

    It is the rare situation that finds a person willing to politely, but firmly stand up to the "order" of the authority figure. That is what is important and to be commended for the documenting of these encounters.

  4. That cop has probably dealt with 50 zillion dicks a day; it shouldn't be any wonder why he isn't the guy we see in the Norman Rockwell Diner; he isn't patrolling Keene. Who knows why he asked him to move – perhaps there was a legitimate reason – maybe they just are trying to contain everyone in certain areas. Whether one or the other thinks it's a good reason or a bad reason – he was by no means a total asshole to Jason. Just because a cop asks you to do something doesn't mean he is tripping on "power". If Talley wanted to ask him why he needed to move, it could have been done with a more humanistic approach. His hatred towards law enforcement just oozes out of him with every word he speaks. Talley could have simply told him 'sure I will move, I would just like to finish this interview if you don't mind'. And at that time, if Talley just HAD to stay in that specific spot, he could have had this little thing called 'conversation' with the cop about it. He was by no means unreasonable to Talley – he seemed pleasant and likely could have offered Talley some different perspective about the protests. But instead – Talley peed and marked his territory and made it very clear that he isn't 'really' interested in discussing perspectives – he is more interested in getting a video of some sort of clash or negativity. JMO.

  5. you did great jason…

  6. "50 zillion dicks"…In other words, NYPD.

  7. Name Your Police Department.

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