Open Response to the Robed Man Who Believes He Controls This Blog

If you’ve been reading this blog in the last week, you are aware of the controversy brewing around FK blogger and former cop Brad Jardis’ plan, along with former military member Tommy Mozingo, to walk onto the campus of Plymouth State University with guns, openly carried. Their purpose was to educate the students about their supposed right to carry weapons for self-defense. He announced it in advance here three days ago and since the government university system has been freaking out.

Now they have gone to the “Grafton Superior Court” to save them from the peaceful gun rights demonstration and outreach event. A man who wears a robe has decreed some pretty outrageous stuff in a “TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER”, issued today to Brad and Tommy.

First, Brad and Tommy are “enjoined” from carrying any weapons on any state university campus, including Keene State and UNH. But not just Brad and Tommy, also “their officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys; and any person acting in active concert and participation with Bradley Jardis and Tommy Mozingo”.

Second, Brad and Tommy (who does not have a blog account here) are both ordered to post the order to this website! The relevant paragraph:

Bradley Jardis and Tommy Mozingo are ordered to post a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order on the blog/website in order to provide notice of the enjoined activities to any individuals who plan to bring firearms or other prohibited weapons to the Plymouth State University campus, or any other campus administered by the USNH Board of
Trustees, in response to the “press release.”

The “ORDER” goes on to threaten anyone who brings a weapon on a state campus with “contempt of court” and arrest, “after receiving notice of the Temporary Restraining Order”.

So in America, people are supposed to have the freedom of speech. Doesn’t that also mean one should have the freedom NOT to speak? What obligation (besides the threat of a cage) does Brad have to do as he was told by this robed man? Can the robed man also order Brad, or you dear reader, to do anything he wants them to? Can he order Brad to do fifty pushups?

This particular man in the robe, Timothy J. Vaughan, appears to believe that he can just wave his little pen and have us obediently post his ramblings.

To Timothy J. Vaughan and other robed men: This blog is not your property. You do not get to tell us what to post here. Sure, you have men with guns and cages and you are very scary to a lot of people. Usually you can get your way through intimidation. You’re used to everyone telling you “yes, your honor”. Well, those of us here at Free Keene are telling you, “NO.” What you do is not honorable. You are just a human, like all the rest of us. You may be able to get away with threatening and harming peaceful people, but that doesn’t make you better – it just makes you a tyrant.

The only reason this article linked to your outrageous “ORDER”, was to prove to people that it was real. One attorney, when interviewed about this, commented that he has never heard of an order compelling action like this. Please note for the record, your paperwork has not been posted in full anywhere on this blog.

Free Keene is a news and opinion outlet that supports free speech and its converse, the right to remain silent. The people who blog here don’t appreciate you telling us what to do.

If you don’t like it, you could always try writing an “ORDER” telling us to bow before you, kiss your ring, and lick your boots. I bet that would really turn you on.

Photo courtesy Chris King’s First Amendment Page.

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