Keene PD Illegally Denies Pistol License

Last week I applied for a concealed carry license because winter clothes make it nearly impossible to open carry and driving with a loaded gun is a crime in NH. New Hampshire is a shall-issue state, which means that if a person qualifies, he must be given a license.

I qualify, however “Detective Michael” Goodchild at the Keene Police Department denied my application stating that it is against my bail conditions to possess a firearm or ammunition. This is untrue.

I went to the Keene Police Department to give Michael copies of my bail conditions and to correct this error. Michael wasn’t in, and it took several requests before I was given the slightest suggestion of “service” by one of Michael’s supervisors.

The Keene Police Department ought to be ashamed of itself–making up lies in order to deny a vulnerable young man the natural right to defend himself.

I filed for appeal, and the appeal hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 21 at Keene District Court at 8:29 AM.

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