Keene PD Illegally Denies Pistol License

Last week I applied for a concealed carry license because winter clothes make it nearly impossible to open carry and driving with a loaded gun is a crime in NH. New Hampshire is a shall-issue state, which means that if a person qualifies, he must be given a license.

I qualify, however “Detective Michael” Goodchild at the Keene Police Department denied my application stating that it is against my bail conditions to possess a firearm or ammunition. This is untrue.

I went to the Keene Police Department to give Michael copies of my bail conditions and to correct this error. Michael wasn’t in, and it took several requests before I was given the slightest suggestion of “service” by one of Michael’s supervisors.

The Keene Police Department ought to be ashamed of itself–making up lies in order to deny a vulnerable young man the natural right to defend himself.

I filed for appeal, and the appeal hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 21 at Keene District Court at 8:29 AM.

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  1. Looks like you were denied for two reasons, not one. But, you already know that and are choose to ignore it. So, the reality is you're also getting denied for three reasons, because I'll add the third: you're a douche bag.

  2. Is that any worse than being a big scrotum?

    Didn't Jesus have something to say about that?

    "Stop being a big scrotum before you call other people douche bags." I think it's in the book of John somewhere.

  3. (Reposted from Facebook):

    Easy solution to that bullshit: Move to Vermont. I tried it, I still like it, it works. 🙂

  4. It's just like in the court room : "we will do what we want,;the rules only apply to YOU 'defendant' " or whatever.

    McLaughlin wouldn't be on camera…. hmm

  5. Jesus mentions Douches in the book of John???

  6. …after the shit you pulled this past Summer, Derrick, you're lucky KPD let you walk out of there, without arresting your sorry ass…-


    No, asshole Derrick, you DON't know "who I am in real life"…you don't know shit.


    Thank-you, Officer Goodchild….


    Lots of colors in the Homo Rainbow, but only the kiddies are ashamed…

    You think KPD should be ashamed…???….lol

    WAH! WAH! WAH!…mommy! mommy! That big mean old cop won't give me my permission slip!…WAH! WAH! WAH!

  7. Time to sling an AR-15 slung over your shoulder and open carry.

  8. It's useful to note this, as well, since Goodchild could end up personally paying your court costs:

    159:6-f Remedies. –

    I. If any licensing entity or employee or member of the city council or board of selectmen, in violation of the provisions of this chapter, refuses to comply with this chapter, such entity or person shall be liable for reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred in a lawsuit under this chapter to enforce the terms of this chapter, provided that the court finds that such lawsuit was necessary in order to obtain compliance with this chapter by the licensing authority. Fees shall not be awarded unless the court finds that the entity or person knew or should have known that the conduct engaged in was a violation of this chapter or when the parties, by agreement, provide that no such fees shall be paid. In any case in which fees are awarded under this chapter, upon a finding that an employee, or other official of a licensing entity has acted in bad faith in refusing to comply with this chapter, the court may award such fees personally against such employee or other official.

  9. MaineShark on Fri, 16th Dec 2011 12:14 pm


    It’s useful to note this, as well, since Goodchild could end up personally paying your court costs:


    HAH! Keep dreamin', dude…

    Goodchild won't be paying anybody's court costs…

    This is New Hampshire.

    We don't follow our OWN laws rules and regs…


    Maine has legal weed…what else do youi need to know about the place,

    that ALL the sharks in Maine are TOOTHLESS…

    BWA HA HA ho hum…

  10. @Bill, comment#5: Douching is aspersion baptism of da twat.

  11. I love how you dont trust former cops unless they agree with you. you're all self serving assholes.

  12. Good luck on Wednesday guy.

  13. What happened on Dec 21?


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