WKBK Catches Shire Choir in Action at Romney Appearance

Thanks to WKBK‘s Brad Ryder for this coverage of Romney’s campaign appearance which features a performance by the Shire Choir. Download the Chronic Carols songsheet here.

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  1. so many new articles. Slow down a little so people have a chance to read my stupid posts. Theres an easier way to deal wit trolls like me, just ban them dont have to keep posting articles to keep people from reading my posts

  2. They're all about quantity rather than quality.

  3. Could the Shire Choir be more lame?

  4. Well, THAT was embarrassing. Nice try Pete on trying to get coverage for your little website – but, uh, I believe it was overshadowed by more important matters. LOL. That was terrible – and did I mention embarrassing? It's like you're all getting more looney and desperate as the days go on. Did Khan put one of those little space bugs in your ear?


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