CopBlocking the Sheriff’s Department

Last week I blogged about camera bans and lack of accountability from those working inside Cheshire Co Superior. Included in that post was a video of several journalists who sought comment from a continually aggressive bailiff, B. Tebo, and others employed by the court. The media was present up to the last day of business before the holiday, and will again after the holiday.

The last day, December 23rd, Derrick and Ian were waiting for bailiffs and judges to come to work, in order to ask them a few questions. The weather was a bit harsh, compared to the past days, so the duo decided to stay in the car. That’s when Caleb came into work – he’s a sheriff – and threatened to tow the car for being parked in the judges spot. Even though no complaint had been filed, no judge was being kept from parking there or the fact that three other stalls were still open for judges. Either way, Derrick and Ian par took in a great copblock, check it out.

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