CopBlocking the Sheriff’s Department

Last week I blogged about camera bans and lack of accountability from those working inside Cheshire Co Superior. Included in that post was a video of several journalists who sought comment from a continually aggressive bailiff, B. Tebo, and others employed by the court. The media was present up to the last day of business before the holiday, and will again after the holiday.

The last day, December 23rd, Derrick and Ian were waiting for bailiffs and judges to come to work, in order to ask them a few questions. The weather was a bit harsh, compared to the past days, so the duo decided to stay in the car. That’s when Caleb came into work – he’s a sheriff – and threatened to tow the car for being parked in the judges spot. Even though no complaint had been filed, no judge was being kept from parking there or the fact that three other stalls were still open for judges. Either way, Derrick and Ian par took in a great copblock, check it out.

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  1. Doesn't look like anyone got "CopBlocked". Caleb asked you to move your car from a spot that was clearly marked as reserved for someone who is not you. He explained the consequences of not moving from that spot. When he began the process of implementing those consequences, you moved from that spot. Caleb achieved his goal (you were no longer in the reserved space). Looks like a win for Caleb and one more video that makes you look silly and juvenile.

  2. Not in the Festivis spirit? He was clearly practicing "The Airing of the Grievances"!

  3. Looks more to me like you got cop cocked.

  4. I don't think it will help with relations at the court house.

  5. i got put in the trolls section on the forum. Why is Ian and Dale so stupid. I always right about how much i hate jobs and employment is slavery, but one time i wright about how much i hate taxes and govement spending and thats what gets me put in as a troll

    Ive been kicked off alot of websites (Hufffington Post 3 times) but every time i came back under a different name. I plan to come back to the formun under a new name

  6. I dont think they should ban you smash… I dont think your a troll at all

  7. It's probably because you admitted to being a troll…anyway, the new forum is not meant for trolling.

  8. I just wanted to say Ian – I hate the color scheme of the new forum. That is all. =)

  9. Whats the deffinition of parked?

    Whats the definition of reserved?

    Whats the definition of towed?

    Whats the definition of a judge?

    You guys want to be perceived as intelligent yet do everything to look very stupid!

  10. What's stupid is having to verify the definitions of SIMPLE English words because they happen to be written into a 'law' or are being used by 'law' enforcers to influence your behavior.

    What's stupid is having a complete language composed of the same words we use commonly, but defined differently so as to be deliberately obtuse and make it difficult for regular people NOT to be ignorant of the law.

    What's stupid is that you seem to know nothing about this or are conveniently sweeping it under the proverbial rug so that you can call people 'stupid' that are genuinely concerned that the bureaucrats might be using clever language on them.

    That's what's stupid, bro, and I'd hate to say I hope they catch you someday on something like this, but they won't because you'll just be LICKIN THE BOOT, won't you?

  11. Whats the definition of licking the boot? Duh… What do you mean by that LPViper? Huh? Whats that mean? Duhhhh Huh?

    What does SIMPLE ENGLISH MEAN man? Like whoooaaa dude wait a sec, let me put my bong down!

    Like what do you mean man? Hey get off my car man! WAIT, DONT TAZE ME BRO!!!!

  12. You know, when I clicked on your response, I knew that this was what I would find.

    What does that say about you, BRO?

    I'd ask you to have a take, but you don't, so I won't.


  13. Reserved parking space. How hard is that to figure out. It's no different than a handicapped space – it is reserved. You probably have a problem with that too – that is, IF there is someone around to define what handicapped is, after figuring out what a 'parking space' is.

  14. I'm still trying to figure out what the definition of 'is' is…

  15. lpviper,

    You are right. 'No Parking' Or 'Reserved' is pretty clever language.

    The State is diabolical.

  16. LPVIPER said:

    What’s stupid is having to verify the definitions of SIMPLE English words because they happen to be written into a ‘law’ or are being used by ‘law’ enforcers to influence your behavior.

    I say:

    Yea no kidding! Go figure our entire statute against murder in our country is based on a Hebrew oral tradition of "Thou shalt not kill"….

    Real complicated stuff Viper!!

  17. Just because you pick a word or two out of what I say and give one silly example doesn't make my point invalid or even incorrect, dickface.

    You aren't really here for any intellectual discourse of any kind, you just want to trip people up and be a dick.

    Well, I'll call it, you're a dick

  18. "Well, I’ll call it, you’re a dick"

    It would appear you already did. Twice. That fact sort of takes away the magnitude and shock factor of actually going out on some sort of limb, and saying I'll call it, you're a dick – as if no one else has the courage to do it or something. LOL

    "or even incorrect, dickface" "you just want to trip people up and be a dick"

    (Admit it LP – I did good on this one)

  19. Badges don't grant extra rights.

    The badge is merely a symbol of the EXTRA RIGHTS that ALL COPS have…

    All cops are granted EXTRA RIGHTS by the "STATE", "New Hampshire", in the instant case….. If you kill a cop, you can get the DEATH PENALTY.

    BUT, if a cop kills you, it will be automatically ruled "justified", and the cop will get no more than some un-paid vacation time…

    It's not widely known, obviously, but an over-worked cop will sometimes shoot

    a citizen, just to get some time off for good behaviour.

    The "extra rights" of cops are codified into LAW.


    I am SO glad that WE AGREE, matt…

    Yes, you did good.

    Are JACKBOOTS as nutritious as they are delicious, matt?

  20. 1.

    matt on Mon, 26th Dec 2011 4:40 pm


    Looks more to me like you got cop cocked.


    I got cop-cocked last night, matt, was it good for you, too?

  21. is it true that matt is a bottom?

  22. "All cops are granted EXTRA RIGHTS by the “STATE”, “New Hampshire”, in the instant case"

    Then I guess they are merely practicing what freekeene preaches by exercising those rights. They probably don't want to lose them.

    "I got cop-cocked last night, matt, was it good for you, too?"

    *taps laugh-o-meter – needle stuck on 5 out of 100* Appears to be working okay – sorry. *places cane around neck for swift removal from stage*

  23. I agree with Bill. This video looks like a CopBlock FAIL! It's more like YOU got CockBlocked……

  24. Dude, that's good, I'll grant, but I didn't really FEEL like I overdid, you know?

  25. LPViper – LOL. Yes, I know – but you didn't leave me much more room for anything else for one of my comebacks. LOL

  26. Shit. I'm gone 2 weeks for Christmas, I get back, I find out some motherfucker has been posting as THEkingOFkeene – that's NOT me-,-

    (was it that "SMASHCAPITALISM* kid…???…WTF…???…)))…

    and even imitating my *COPYRIGHTED* style…

    WTF? IAN! What the fuck is going on around here…???….

    I'm hearing all kinds – ALL KINDS –

    of bullshit rumors-***BULLSHIT**RUMORS**

    I am NOT "fucking Ali", or "giving Ademo blowjobs for money",

    and I am sure as shit NOT "crashing at the KAC"…


    I tried to TELL you guys, that guy "Craig" is an FBI / Home.Sec

    "agent provacateur"….



    Do you LISTEN?


    …just keep running your mouths, keep talking shit,

    liberty, freedom, yada, yada, yada,

    state oppressors, yada, yada, violent peaceful people,

    yada, yada, yada,


    screw all you losers…

  27. …Is Beau still camping at Paradise?…I heard THAT*ONE*RUMOR, too!

    AS IF!…Like, us locals are gonna give up our best party spots???

    That's TOO funny…

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