Ron Paul Supporter Endorses Moving to NH

MikeforLiberty reports with Ed Comeau from the Lakes region:

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  1. I guess, I must agree with Spooner when he said a slave is no freer just because he can choose his master. As I was telling my left-libertarian friend the other day, the Ron Paul campaign is hardly delegitimizing the state; if anything it's giving the state legitimacy by giving libertarians the impression that the state can be really really cool so as long as the "right" person is in charge. Sigh. My heros Proudhon and Bakunin already debunked this shit to death so I'm going to spare you the copypasta.

  2. julia,

    On the chance that the state isnt leaving any time soon… I will vote for the state diminished. Because I'm living NOW and want to increase liberty NOW.

  3. bob, please stop making sense, ok?

    Maybe some of us like Julia's brand of anarchist delusion and fantasizing…

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