Make This Thug Famous… and Help Identify Him!

I witnessed first-hand a member of former House Speaker and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich’s private security detail unjustifiably (under NH law) assault Adam vs. The Man‘s Adam Kokesh. Video of it can be found in Ian Freeman’s blog here.

Shall we post his picture everywhere so we can let the world know who he is and hope that someone can identify him?

If no one can recognize him, don’t worry, the Hudson, NH Police will be identifying him shortly for us. Stay tuned to Adam’s show for the video about that. I’ll even help conduct the background investigation into who this criminal is.

One of the Speaker’s security agents felt the need to tell me that they “know” I am a former police officer. I’m sure they knew plenty about me… and I really don’t care.

To Speaker Gingrich’s private security company who went to great efforts to intimate Adam and I: WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU. YOU’RE AMATEURS. Prepare for your screw-up to negatively affect your protectee’s presidential ambitions. I’m sure derailing your clients political campaign will get you lots of business in the future. I’ve already spoken to CNN and The New Yorker about you.

Since you know where I live, feel free to stop by so I can give you advice on how to NOT break state law in the future.

I’ll be home all day.


Another of the thug AMATEUR “agent” who assaulted Adam opening himself up to both criminal liability and his company to a civil lawsuit.

I suspect he is a “supervisor” of sorts as the principal of the high school was seen in his vehicle consulting with him… even better for a civil lawsuit as a person with “supervisory” authority in the company is the one who did the assaulting.

“Hello, Newt? You may want to reconsider your run for President… I’m about to be criminally investigated.”


(Photo credit: Robin Freiheit)

Welcome to the Internet, AMATEUR.

AMATEUR security “agent” who told me he knows that I am a former law enforcement officer. You’re not supposed to let people know you’re doing background intel on them.

Tipping your hand is AMATEUR.

AMATEUR female security “agent” pretending to be a member of the media taking pictures of Adam while she is spoken to by a less amateur security “agent” who is smart enough to hide his lips from being read by Adam’s camera. Some of us can do that, you know… so kudos to this particular “agent” for taking that precaution.

Credit where credit is due.


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  1. Free keene is a joke. As soon as somebody "assults" you, your more than happy to be friends wit the cops. Im not supporting what this guy did and i think Gingrich is an old capitalist facist but if you say you dont support the law you should be consistent about that

  2. You're entitled to your opinion.

    I support using the law to enhance freedom. There are other people who have differing opinions than I.

    I do not speak for everyone.

  3. I to would like this mans name and address so I can send him a letter of encouragement on a job well done and to keep fighting the good fight!!

    To the Ed Norton look a like;

    No you dont get any credit for a mouse….sorrryyyyyyy!

  4. To the Ed Norton look a like;

    No you dont get any credit for a mouse….sorrryyyyyyy!


  5. I saw no assault. Where's THAT video. The only "witnesses" are FreeKeeners aka Liars and Hypocrites. No video, no assault.

  6. No video ; no Jesus.

  7. Make him famous? With who? The readers of these blogs? Like this is going to be the big ticket item that America is going to be shocked over….I've been bumped harder in lines at It's a Small World in WDW. Indeed, if the guy for no reason came up to Adam and pushed him, I would definitely classify that as weird as hell – I think assault is a stretch personally (regardless of statutory definitions). For someone who just witnessed a horrific assault, you all seem to be a little too happy and giddy about it….indeed, it would appear you are all celebrating it at the bar. If I was assaulted, I would go to the ER. Did Adam?

    And what is with this amateur stuff you keep writing? You were a cop in a town of like 10 people – like you're some old salty pro who knows the in's and out's of some secret brotherhood. You're either paranoid or give yourself too much credit if you think these guys are exchanging intel on you. I think deep down you love the fact you were a cop, you are always mentioning it or having it thrown somehow into the convo, so why is it surprising to you that the guy knew about it. All these people on that security team forgot about everyone of you the minute they hopped into their cars and drove away.

    Nothing will come of this – the video isn't conclusive at all – everyone's words no longer mean anything when their are countless upon countless videos of freestaters overexaggerating circumstances when they think it will serve their best interests – and ONLY their interests. I didn't hear an "ow"….coming from Adam….I didn't see him inconvenienced in anyway….I didn't see an assault. Of course, this is all JMO.

  8. frank, I can live with that….

  9. Matt,

    I do love the fact that I was a cop. I was trained to think and act the way these people do. Knowing these things helps me support the cause of liberty… something you have proved time and time again that you do not support.

    Troll on, brother.

  10. Knowing many many town, big city and state cop's please know that Brad is full of crap!! The difference just in para militarty training the state police get at their academy is 10 fold that of even the big city cop. Brad, who was a cop in Honyockville somewhere did not get any intel training what so ever and he knows it.

    If an officer applies for a plainclothes or detective spot, they may then be sent out for that type of training.

    Bull crap on you Brad and you know it. You got Barney Fifed and you know it!

  11. The difference just in para militarty training the state police get at their academy is 10 fold that of even the big city cop. Brad, who was a cop in Honyockville somewhere did not get any intel training what so ever and he knows it.

    You instantly discredit yourself. The NH State Police train at the same police academy that all state, local, and county police in New Hampshire go to.

    I had, umm………… 4-5 troopers in my class. Want their names?


    Every State Trooper, Conservation Officer, Liquor Investigator, Gaming Investigator, State Corrections Officer, Probation and Parole Officer, University Police Officer, Marine Patrol Officer, Sheriff or Deputy, City or Municipal Police Officer, full or part-time, in the State of New Hampshire received their primary training and much of their in-service training through Police Standards and Training. At the present time, the academy is only open to those who have been hired to work as law enforcement or corrections personnel in the State of New Hampshire. There are no tuition students.

    Try harder next time.

  12. Its crap and you know it.

  13. I suppose that is all you can say when you're proven to be wrong.

  14. Brad you damn well that the acadamies train everyone in basic police operations and when you or the 4 or 5 troopers you trained with go to their departments they receive extra and tailored expertise training. You know this, stop it!!

  15. *Damn well know

  16. You're now changing what you're saying.

    I try to engage people in conversation here, even people who attack me… but I'm going to stop engaging you because you're completely changing your original critique because you were proven wrong.

    I'll just respect that you do not respect me or what I have to say. Feel free to continue to attack me. The video speaks for itself.

  17. An undercover NARC agent in Manchester or Concord would have the training to probably kill a Mayberry officer with his bare hands because of the specialized traing the Mayberry officer didnt get.

    This is a laugher!

  18. I figured that would touch a nerve or two, which, ironically, I didn't intend for it to do – albeit a touch sarcastic.

    So…in all sincerity, just what is "liberty" with you guys? On the one hand…..Derrick can't "understand" parking regs, the next second, Ian is calling the police on wayward parkers from out of town – demonstrating a clear understanding of them.

    People yell and scream at cops when they show up at 4:20's….yet cry foul and go into full youtube meltdown when the court security guy did a stare down and yelled at that Kate girl – I find both sets of examples wrong btw.

    Adam gets an "unprivileged" touch (although you will have to prove he did it purposefully and knowingly I imagine) – goes out for pizza and beers, and you want to make the guy who did the touch "famous" i.e. try to ruin his reputation/livelihood as a means of justice.

    You wants laws enforced. You don't want laws enforced. Ademo doesn't want to fund the state, yet by defacto circumstances, we are going to have to now 500 fold.

    In other words, a huge mixed bag of hershey kisses, half of them with razor blade chunks in them.

    I honestly don't know what liberty is to you. And when it is questioned, the lamest word in all of history is hocked up and spit out: troll. Good Grief enough already with that.

  19. Matt, "we" wouldn't have to shell out money to jail Ademo if the cops in Manchester hadn't beaten a man. Would you have that occur again and again and have nobody stand up?

    Ademo is being consistent. He knows that the Police should not have beaten that man and he has the courage not to pay the people that aggressed against the beating victim and then wanted to extort money from him for speaking up. You can move the argument to areas that allow you to critique others behavior, but to say Ademo is inconsistent is a mischaracterization.

  20. Actually, I would agree he is consistent – I don't believe I said otherwise – or at least meant otherwise – in regard to doing the things he believes in. But it is contradictory – "I won't fund the state by paying my fine" – so…..60 days time 3 meals a day, heat, etc etc etc. Doesn't exactly make SENSE to me, but hey, I'm a "troll" remember?

    If Ademo wants to stand up against police abuse (if that is what happened…I'am not privy to case details regarding it) – fine…go ahead….kudos, applause and all that jazz. So stand up….be seen….be heard – carry a sign, write letters, file complaints etc etc.. But police have made it crystal sparkling clear, so clear in fact you can see for a thousand miles, that they are not going to tolerate the chalking nonsense. FK can make fun of it and laugh all they want, but if you don't want to get arrested/get a fine during a protest, don't chalk….don't get in the way… a voice/sounding board if you insist, make people aware of things – but be respectful and mindful to others (i.e. police) of what it is they will and will not tolerate. It really is that simple – if you disagree 100% with my assessment, we can't even meet in the middle at all on this. But hey….what do I know – I doubt my taxes will go up because of Ademo's stay (and future stays), so if he wants to waste his life away, then what do I care, chalk away – just don't whine about it when you obediently nod your head like a cow to slaughter while walking into the cell.

  21. Matt,

    Ademo isn't obediently walking into the cell. I'm guessing he knows that using the same level of force that the state uses is futile, since they have bigger guns. I'm also guessing that he prefers not to use the same business model as the state which is to use violence. Speaking out and proliferating an idea is a powerful message to others to wake up. It's easy for the state to put down "violence" but harder for them to extinguish an idea.

    Whether you think the chalking is juvenile or not is really not the point. The use of chalk is a peaceful form of demonstration. I suggest we let this thread return to the original theme, which coincidentally is a simialr topic… the initiation of force by people that want to control others. Go figure.

  22. That is fine Bob – but one thing… would seem chalking too, is futile. As evidenced by Ademo's quick departure from freedom.

  23. Tghe guy who assaulted needs to be taken down a few pegs…he thinks he's too school for school.. but he's history …. C'est la Vie

  24. messed up some spelling …lol.. 🙂

  25. "Obediently nodding your head like a cow". Is that why david chose that picture?

  26. I would agree with you Matt, regarding chalking…. well, chalking things that are vertical.

    I think it is a bad idea, PR and legal wise.

  27. You are a former cop? What an embarassment. Harassing moonlighting cops trying to make some extra money to make up for their meager salaries is dishonorable and disgusting. Why not choosing to use your time to HELP whatever cause you believe in instead of making true organized activists look like crazed weenie lunatics? Not only are you making an ass out of the rest of us, you are wasting the time of on-duty law enforcement officers who our taxpayers pay for. Wasting time filing baseless assault claims and police reports just drives up the police department's costs and takes away from their ability to focus on real crime instead of children like you. Grow up and stop embarassing yourself and the law enforcement community.

  28. I can't believe you are touting a police academy as your basis for all of your nonsense comments about these guys being amateurs. A monkey can pass a police academy. Your comments prove you are an amateur hack trying to pretend to be something more high speed. Paper tiger just like Adam Kokesh who was CIVIL AFFAIRS in Iraq. For non military types that means PUBLIC AFFAIRS or in other words, administrative work. What a bunch of poser clowns.


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