“Why Peace” compilation includes essay from FreeKeene.com blogger

Many individuals around the world have learned that only by interacting peacefully can we achieve a more harmonious, prosperous, healthy, fair and tolerant society, that our lives on this planet can be far better. People universally oppose acts of aggression, theft, and fraud when committed by individuals. We accept the principle that the initiation of physical force against others is illegitimate, immoral, and may rightly be defended against. For the most part, we also insist that organizations of individuals, such as corporations, also abide by this natural tenet.

When it comes to state aggression, however, especially that wrought by democratic governments, the perspective for many can change. Individuals too often excuse the state when it harms innocent individuals. This may be because they feel powerless to effect change or uninformed, preferring to defer to those more knowledgeable. They may possess cultivated feelings of nationalism and exceptionalism; expectations of benevolence and altruism in state officials; fears of attack, fostered by interventionist propaganda and complicit mainstream media; yearnings for conformity; or just a willingness to harm, burden or restrict others, in the expectation of benefit to ends and causes they themselves consider to be good ones. Thus, when our governments act as aggressors rather than protectors of human rights, many individuals remain silent.

So begins the the forward to Why Peace, an over 600-page compilation of pro-peace essays edited by Marc Guttman, a book he he says:

is about our aspirations to our own progression, to where peaceful and voluntary societal systems and associations replace the machinery of aggression and coercion. Only by interacting peacefully can we achieve a more harmonious, prosperous, healthy, fair and tolerant society. This book is an exploration of aggression, and of the evolutionary (and revolutionary) process to peace.

Guttman contacted me and Ademo last year to solicit write-ups for the book. Ademo choose to focus elsewhere but I made some time and my short essay, From Statism to Voluntaryism, was included in the book. The essay is essentially a more in-depth version of ‘A Was For America: My Journey to Voluntaryism, and gives an overview of experiences I found paradigm-shifting, which today cause me to advocate a message of complete liberty.

Topics touched-on in Why Peace include war, anarchy, terrorism, North Korea, economics, Afghanistan, inflation, Palestine, history, Peru, and globalism.

Contributors (78 people, from 34 countries, on five continents) include Steve Horwitz (both smart and awesome, here’s him on “How Capitalism Improves our Love Life“), Chuck Pena (one of my old “bosses” when interning at the Cato Institute in foreign policy and defense), Anthony Gregory (one of the best and most principled communicators around), Karen Kwiatkowski (who, after a stint in the Air Force, advocates staunchly against an empire), Steve Kubby (cannabis patient and advocate), Lew Rockwell (founder and chair of the Mises Institute), and Walter Block (who coined the phrase “road socialist” for those who continue to support today’s artificial monopoly around the provision of roads).

I’ll end this post with my conclusion to my essay in Why Peace:

At the end of the day, today’s State, that we allow to obstruct and burden innocent individuals (who have done no harm to others) and advance the interests of some other individuals (those best able to curry government’s favor) at a cost to the rest of us, is just a bad idea, and ideas can be unlearned. I’ve found the surest way to facilitate this is to establish personal connections with individuals, and encourage them to think for themselves, taking their views to their logical conclusions and demystifying the language surrounding actions done by State agents (taxes are theft, arresting peaceful individuals is kidnapping, etc.). As I tell those who are still on the fence, if we don’t act now, just imagine how hard it will be for the next generation.

Or, as Voluntaryist author and thinker Carl Watner says, “If one takes care of the means, the end will take care of itself.” To realize the freer more peaceful society, we must live it and not be afraid of those who thrive on fear and scare tactics. The liberty-oriented community is growing. More are engaged in unschooling, agorism and civil disobedience. I’m optimistic about the future.

Why Peace from Amazon.com
Check out the site: Why-Peace.com
Read Guttman’s forward via Antiwar.com



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  1. Pete

    I found one of the simplest roads to peace. Let the individuals doing the fighting, have the absolute decision, by ballot vote. The other is hold officers to their Constitutional oath

  2. Fantastic, being one with a weblog that deal with all the topics in the book, why peace, i find this post so much of interest, it would be stupid to think i am the only one with such an idea, but every time i see that people are actually talking about it it makes me have some hope, it is true that some peaceful action must be taken without action we are doomed.

  3. This sounds like it is destined to occupy shelf space at some point behind all the magazines at the Doctors office (or other various places where no one reads books). Maybe the five guys and two checks and one grandma at FK could do a chip in to buy a copy. I see there is 10 bucks so far in the till for ads. BIG TIME SUPPORT!

  4. “Why Peace” compilation includes essay from FreeKeene.com blogger (Pete Eyre). By Pete Eyre.

    Shouldn't this really read as "My Essay Was Put In a Book", by Pete Eyre. LOL. What's next, gonna give yourself a critical but positive review? Unbelievable.

  5. I'm wondering Pete, as a self-described "voluntaryist" (as in, you would believe that hierarchy and authority only need someone's "voluntary" consent in order to be considered legit) why is it that you would take such a moral absolutist stance on violence? Would you say that the violence of the state against others is justified so long as that state doesn't make you pay for it? As I've said before, I'm certain that most of the people in NH would want to keep a political hierarchy (the state) around and would continue paying it taxes if all taxation was voluntary, simply because they believe the benefits (infrastructure, subsidized roads, schools, a public fire department, public libraries, etc. etc.) outweigh the costs by tons.

    Honestly, I've never heard of any classical anarchists go after the state for the sole reason that it isn't "voluntary" and forces them to pay taxes. They were mostly concerned about the harm the state causes to others (through wars, enabling capitalists and landlords to hold on to their private property and rob others, destroying everyone else's personal autonomy, all of that).

    The other thing I want to say about this essay/video is the fact that it doesn't really present any feasible solutions to the problem of violence (or lack of peace, if you will). There's no "let's all do this". I know of many people who realize how messed up the world is but continue to play into the system, simply because they have no idea what they *can* do or what's in their power to do.

    So let's say everyone records their neighborhood police. Wonderful, we have an internet full of cell phone videos showing bad police behavior, but where do we go after that? We've raised awareness to the point where everyone knows that the police are dicks, where do we go from there? That's the problem I see with most voluntaryists and right-libertarians: unlike social anarchists (libertarian socialists) and left-libertarians, they have no idea how to create the new system they want to see. The usual solutions they propose are full of problems. Selling off state assets to private companies can only go so far, and in fact many private companies would rather not be in control of state assets since it ends up costing *them* way too much money. You see this now in Somalia where the same businesspeople who are reaching out to the global elite to help them bring a centralized government back are also the ones paying out-of-pocket for the infrastructure. Also, black market agorism *could* work for some things, but I don't see how a self-employed agorist will be able to produce all the things the market is now demanding like cars, computers, cell phones, etc. What do you think is the solution to all this violence in society?

  6. You love the violent culture so much I should have made a bet that you'd be the first of the knuckle dragging trolls to respond negatively to the post.

    Of course, when trolls are as stupid, ineffective and closed minded as you do go and pop up, you do provide a great chance to laugh at your inept little prancing and hissy fits. I find it hilarious that you actually think that you are winning something as well as your weird masochistic bent that makes you somehow enjoy being humiliated.

    Need proof of your very strange urges to be humiliated? Just keep coming back here for more sad deflections on your part against the truth.

    You are insane, you are creepy, you are dimwitted yet foolishly believe you are smarter than others, you have nothing to add to any conversation and you love to look like a fool. Nothing on earth can change that right now.

  7. Peace, Love, Tolerance, and Understanding, O Julia. These are always the answers.

    Peace. We honor our neighbors' choices and do not make war on them when they do not make war upon us.

    Love. We love our neighbors unless given reason not to, and cease to use our own prejudices to judge what they do.

    Tolerance. We accept the things our nieghbors do, though they may be offensive, though they may be uncouth, for we know that unless they actively harm us, we should stand back and let them dig their own societal holes.

    Understanding. We know no one is perfect. We know mistakes, even bad ones, are made, and we forgive when we can. And when we cannot, when we are damaged, we demand reparations through arbiters and accept the decisions reached.

    All these things, we base upon the basic premise you, JULIA, will never accept, the idea that what we possess through valid claim or purchase cannot be taken from us if we cause no harm to others. For all things, in the end, among we, the beings with command over higher reasoning skills and advanced interpersonal communications, will boil down to whether we have earned them, and whether we maintain the right to retain them.

    When this concept becomes more clear, vast tracts of unused land and vast piles of unused resources will sway into the influence of those who would use them to better themselves and their families.

    As a result, all of mankind will be bettered because more available resources will be modified in a way that is beneficial to he who improves them or he that sees the value in them and sells them to a developer.

    Your issue that this does not devolve equally to all is irrelevant. Not all men can take the empty land and shape it into something that benefits many men, and even fewer can do so in such a way that benefits enough men to the point that profit can be made from the raw resources.

    So those who are left in the middle will sell their resources piecemeal to those who are able to make those improvements, thereby profiting from their exploitation of those assets which they cannot improve, and yet (and also) relinquishing those assets to another, who has the resources and skills to make such a transformation possible.

    Those who do not excel at transforming the raw earth into useful things will find their place modifying those things that must be done by various processes, as the transformation of iron into steel, steel into fenders, fenders into cars, etc., etc.

    Or they will find their place in serving the needs of other who produce, i.e. the burger flippers, customer service representatives, sales people, importers, exporters, transporters, etc.

    Still others, having made their mark in various other of these specialties, will use the CAPITAL they have saved for their own benefit whilst engaged in their labors to invest in new enterprises, the expansion of existing enterprises, even the dismantling and sale of failed enterprises.

    That is what freedom and free markets DO, Julia.

    What you want is for everybody to do what is best for everybody and stand in line to get a piece of what everybody made.

    People standing in line to try to recoup some of the fruit of their labors are no incentivized to excel in the way that a person is who makes their own choices and lives or dies by the consequences of them.

    Largely, this merit based system of marketeering is gone. In my view, what largely holds it up is the drive of those who still wish to excel, regardless of the ignominy and penalties heaped upon them for doing so, the wealth of past producers, and the market itself, comprised of thousands upon thousands who, while understanding what society has deemed as the necessary and proper function of all these various factors, still strive to improve their lives as much as possible for as little cost as can be managed.

    In a way, it is a delicate balance. In my view, mistakes would be much less costly for theindependent small operators if there were no top-down control exerted by violent monopolies in the (distorted) marketplace.

    Your failure to understand all this, Julia, is what seems to keep you coming back here day after day, week after week, to post the same ideas that have never worked and never will.

    They never will because absent the incentive to successfully make happiness for one's self, the incentive to make happiness for others will forever be misdirected.

    I fervently wish and hope for the day when you will realize that each man acting in his own interest is the only way for a community of men to be truly content and at peace.


  8. And let me state for the record that all instances of nouns or pronouns that would seem to refer to the male gender in my post above are only phrased that way for the sake of simplicity. Women and Men have long been equals in their reasoning abilities, and thus, their fitness to exist, function and thrive in the marketplace

  9. matt on Tue, 24th Jan 2012 12:19 am


    This sounds like it is destined to occupy shelf space at some point behind all the magazines at the Doctors office (or other various places where no one reads books). Maybe the five guys and two checks and one grandma at FK could do a chip in to buy a copy. I see there is 10 bucks so far in the till for ads. BIG TIME SUPPORT!


    matt on Tue, 24th Jan 2012 12:39 am


    “Why Peace” compilation includes essay from FreeKeene.com blogger (Pete Eyre). By Pete Eyre.

    Shouldn’t this really read as “My Essay Was Put In a Book”, by Pete Eyre. LOL. What’s next, gonna give yourself a critical but positive review? Unbelievable.


    Matt, these responses are below your level, bro. Bring some substance to the debate if you plan to show up, dude.

    Otherwise, you look like you looked to me after my somewhat lengthy absence, an old, ignorant crank.

    You can do better than this. Did these people not hold you up to ANY kind of standard while I was gone??

  10. Julia

    You made up your rant, I agree with some of it. I am not in favor of taking from the many, give to the few. Or take from the few, give to the many. To break it (rant) down for the answers would take me for ever. The meat of the rant is the last sentence, question. I find most elegant. What is the answer? You didn’t mention elites by names, who they are ? Nor elites goal? Yes, very simple question(your question), complicated to answer. First we as Americans have been programmed to be violent. This has to be reversed, I think though education. In Sweden the police are not armed, this is a statement in itself. War on drugs is a violent war on the people of America. It has corrupted law enforcement, our judiciary, our government under the guise of violence. We have over 700 military bases throughout the world, all unconstitutional. One purpose only, to perpetuate violence. Julia you won’t like this. I don’t give a dam about Somalia or any other part of the world, it is none of our business. A logo of the elites you mention, ’Ordo AB Choa’, Order out Chaos. I may add ’order equals control’, this is what violence is all about. I care about united States of America only. Lets make peace and love here. Maybe, just maybe, love and peace will spread though out the world. People reading this, when was the last time you told a friend, a parent, co-worker, anybody close. I LOVE YOU.

  11. julia,

    you act like filming the police does nothing .

    if thats what you think,you are wrong.

  12. Chaz Genius Munro on Tue, 24th Jan 2012 1:11 am

    You love the violent culture …. Blah, blah, blah… knuckle dragging trolls to respond negatively to the post…Blah, blah, blah…Of course, when trolls are as stupid, ineffective and closed minded as you…Blah, blah, blah…inept little prancing and hissy fits…Blah, blah, blah…your weird masochistic bent…Blah, blah, blah…You are insane, you are creepy, you are dimwitted yet foolishly believe you are smarter than others…Blah, blah, blah…..

    Hey look! The genius has found I ner peace!

  13. *inner peace*. Fucking phone.

  14. You guys are so fucking stupid – Stupid fucking Free Hippies…

    Maybe YOU just wanna sit around and gaze at your navel, and smoke dope, and laugh and sing and dance, all while Mommy & Daddy pay your bills…

    narcissistic little Eden-Children! FOOLS!

    We have a better way! WORK! ARBHEIT MACHT FREI………….

    WORK! INVEST! Build cars, houses, guns, rocket ships, and export this sucker

    to the Moon, to Mars, beyond the Solar system!

    We WANT masters, and slaves! Bondage slaves, debt slaves, wage slaves,

    All the same slaves to we masters…

    Fuck all your "Peace" shit…


  15. Dude, I hope you have some ointment for those knuckles…

  16. Hi Grandad Chaz. As usual, I sort of kind of chuckled at your reply. I used to laugh, not quite LOL, but was quietly amused at your banter; however now…..eh…it is the same as the last. The only thing positive with any of it is I clearly irritate you – hence your continual replies to anything I type. Kind of a dirty old codger aren't you?

    @lpviper – did I hold up to any standard while you were away? I like to think so….I assisted in generating traffic. I firmly believe, that if it wasn't for myself, enslave, name and others always writing something on here for others to bitch about, there wouldn't be anyone reading this crap at all. All you would have is david writing something like "DONE GOOD PETE., THIs was good pete good. PETE he iu"

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