“Only Free Keene is Against the BEARCAT!”

The pro-BEARCAT minority in Keene is desperately trying to make the anti-BEARCAT sentiment in Keene appear to only be from those associated with this website. This is, of course, pure nonsense. Anyone who bothers to talk to the average Keeniac will see the truth. The truth is, the supermajority of people in Keene oppose the BEARCAT. Just take a walk down Main St. and ask them.

Here are three ladies that have nothing to do with Free Keene, all who work downtown, sporting the new “Thanks But No Tanks” t-shirts – now for sale at Corner News:

Hotties Against Tanks

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  1. its true… threal minority are those that WANT the bearcat….and that minority can say what they want but the truth will come back to bite them come city council election day…I will help MAKE SURE voters don't forget this betrayal

  2. Don't worry, Little Buddy David, WE won't let them forget!

    Weal threal minority, youze betcha!

    No artist sketched a finer betrayal.

    WE will help make sure you make sure, Little Buddy.

    We LUVS YOO!

    No BearCat for me,

    No Bearcat 4 me,

    No Bearcat for me.

    No Bearcat,

    no, no sirree!

    Don't Bearcat david 4 me.

  3. this is what happens when unmediated lunatics are aloud to talk.. right brad..go kiss fred parcells ass again he likes the bearcat just like you do

  4. (brad hutchinson aka a thousand other names

  5. People in towns really like to give their police new toys to play with. I've been encouraged by some of the non-FreeKeeners supporting the opposite idea when it comes to the Bearcat Tank.

    All the Police Chiefs in the towns in Cheshire County are willing to give $100 to fund the upkeep. That'll go a long way after they tear through a pothead's house for fun. Maybe they'll get it wrong and tear through an elderly couples' house instead. Then those few hundreds of dollars will really come in handy.

  6. “Only Free Keene is Against the BEARCAT!”

    Nonsense. I am strongly irritated by Free Keene cat-and-mouse drama and I strongly dislike the idea of a Lenco BearCat being approved by the city council of Keene at City Hall tonight.

  7. Even if they got denied the bearcat, the PD could just buy a bank truck. Despite being essentially the same thing, people don't seem to have a problem with those.


  8. Yeah, but it isn't only the BearCat that's against FreeKeene…

    …you've been warned…

  9. Cool. I like that…..

    Now, if only ICANHAZCHEEZBURGERZ…again…

  10. Ian, isn't that your friend Dorie on the left? Are those her daughters? Glad to see you picked people that have nothing to do with free keene, what about people you don't personally know?

    This is almost as good as the time you presented free keeners as "locals"…

  11. gahkkk.shit.stole.that.gimme.it.back!

  12. linke it- linkE-IT


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