Ruth Venezia Doesn’t Care About You

In this clip, Councilwoman Ruth Venezia, my neighbor, explains her vote in support of the BearCat tank. She says that she has saved lives with her vote and informs me that the BearCat can withstand falling tree branches. Why do I get the feeling this would not comfort grieving widow Guerena?

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  1. Damn! FK Owned again!!

  2. It can withstand tree branches!

    Why didn't they say that in the first place.

    No wonder they want it.

    I'm sold.

    Thats a new one "tree branches"

  3. sry..Im being a wiseguy.sorry

  4. The best a Brighton HS education will get ya! Go BENGALS!!

  5. Funny, how in the last few days, the Freefucks have targeted an ELDERLY FEMALE crossing guard, and 2 middle-aged WOMEN city councilors…

    But, they DO know how to leave the MEN alone…Is this payback for the Venezia -O'meara BRAWL???…

    I think we are about due for a TRUE SHTF moment…

    You be the fan, I'll be the shit…


    You be the shit, I'll be the fan…

    Your call, kids, shit or fan…

    What's it gonna be…

    choose wisely…

    Yes, that IS a threat of physical violence,


    it WOULD be, if it wasn't parody and satire…

    You will be shot like a photograph, and killed

    like a bad bill in the legislature…

  6. To be fair to Brighton high I actually dropped out so its really not their faults.. 🙂

  7. If she had not stopped to speak with you you would have posted a video mocking her. She answered your questions calmly and you don't agree with her answer. The rest, including your juvenile editing, speaks for itself. I'm not sure that I agree with her on this but she's been a helpful and accessible council member. Your arrogant disdain for people in Keene who don't agree with you is a shame.

  8. Not that I support a municipality accepting future debt "grant" money, but wouldn't it make more sense for the Fire Dept. to have this um "safety machine" than the Police? Also the councilor lady seemed to allude to the possibility of people moving into Keene as a reason for a Bearcat….interesting that people who support nonviolence would concern her.

  9. You're partially right Derrick….it's true – she just doesn't care about YOU. And neither do I.

  10. Who are these peaceful people?

  11. Matt, they took away your silent nation pic? They really got you huh?

  12. BWA HA HA….so, no more cutesy gravatars…

    …you're welcome….

    …and, I'm just getting started…

    the name "cameras don't….

    is being SHARED among 3 of us, as of 03 / 03/ 2012…


  13. Oh noes they are gonna troll. That's it liberty sucks and I'm moving away. Matt and his buddies win.

  14. Well said, keene reader. I do believe their time is short. How funny is it that a school crossing guard could be the one to galvanize the public against their group.

  15. Keene reader,

    She was interviewed and she answered as you reported.There was one part about "criminal at large" : so what, it's a opinion, will all have them ,besides THAT it was fair and pretty unbiased report . I disagree with her too.

    She expressed her opinion saying people who are against it have "less than peaceful intentions". Point is, if one looks at this report without bias it's pretty fair, with just a small smidgen of opinion

    As to the title "Ruth doesn't care about you" :it certainly seems plain that only four councilors cared what the public thought about the Bearcat and she was not one of them.

    I Just looked up a word "flout" it means open disregard ; that's what she had toward the people of Keene "open disregard" .And I'd say they had disrespect too; her and the others disrespected a whole city's wishes. (the vast majority of the city)

  16. IMHO, she is scared, she has no idea – or didn't before – what a Bearcat is, and she went with what the cops wanted, because she was briefed on the bust that KPD is planning, along with Sheriffs and State police, to wipe out the blight that is free keene…


    You're not gonna get it FROM ME!

    That was very brave, guys.

    Very brave.

    She's nutso, schizo, loony tunes, too…

    KPD is so f'ing lazy and stupid, they couldn't bust a junkie bootin' up in the common!

    I Mean REally, look how long Rich Paul got away with pushing weed and pills,

    or all the crack & nose powder what Beau sold, on the Common, and all the

    crank, and Molly, and doses, and shit,

    and Derrick had to shove the pipe up Officer Shorts' NOSE before he would arrest him,

    and he wrestled and struggled with

    TWO – 2! – of them, and they had to pepper-spray him to get him in the car!

    LOL! LOL! ROTFLMFAO! THAT'S FUNNY!!!!! I don't care WHO you are!


    KPD is only going to show how BRUTAL they are, and the people will rise up, and support the freedom fighters!

    Support the FREEDOM FIGHTERS! FOO!



    *LIVE FREE -OR- @DIE@.

  17. And the y were all theuir children, once, too!

    That should count for something!

  18. That lady is a bitch, she used to yell at me when I croosed there

  19. the last three posts are pretending to be me

  20. Uh david….sort of busted there big guy, unless it is the most insanely outrageous coincidence you and the "poser" were writing at the SAME TIME (as well as writing very very poorly).

  21. Won’t this tree menace ever cease!?

    BTW, if your grandmother was a bank robber, then she’s still your grandmother but also a bank robber. Bureaucrats are fair game to be challenged, even if they are women, you sexist trolls.

  22. @crossed………LOL!…i mean,

  23. the one prior to those was me without signing in

  24. it must be david. he's the only SELF-correcting TROLL on here…

  25. Guerena's brother-in-law was a mid-level drug dealer, and was busted around the same time, also with multiple firearms in posession…

    No, it doesn't excuse the COP-HIT, but it DOES begin to explain it…

    And, the cops had far more intel than they let on publically…

    You guys dint think of that, didja'?…

    Guerena wasn't actually killed…

    It was a ruse, a scam, so Guerena could go deep underground and help round up strays from Fast&Furious Ranch.

    You guys are suckers for the lamestream media…

    What's the CURRENT case status?


  26. to "Guerena's bro-in-law"

    What a crock of shit.

    OH! now I know .It was a ruse to make the cops have bad publicity..sneaky..

    It all makes sense now.that wanted to make the cops .look bad so everyone would hate them .and … wtf..

    lucky thing you're here to fill all us dopes in on the REAL

    I'm sorry being a wise ass again …

  27. you're very welcome, david…You DO entertain us so…thank-you, too….

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