Town Still Abuzz about BEARCAT

Police State KeeneTonight, the People have reported hearing folks have conversations against the BEARCAT over dinner at local restaurants. This morning I heard one at Timoleon’s, where an older gentleman said to another at the counter, something like, “Looks like they’re going to shove the BEARCAT down our throats”.

NH blogger Elwood at Blue Hampshire “stands with the Free Keeners” on the BEARCAT issue.

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  1. When I sat down at Prime Roast a couple of days ago the two gentlemen at the next table over were conversing about the BEARCAT. They weren't fans.

  2. I've been reading more and more articles lately about the coming increased use of drone technology by law enforcement. The same type of grants used to obtain the BEARCAT will be used to obtain the drones.

    On a positive note, arguing against the drone technology might be easier to do. In Texas a drone recently lost contact with the control module and crashed. Guess what it hit? The agency's BEARCAT! You can't make this shit up.

  3. Everyone at Lindy's was bitchin' about it too… everyone… then someone shouted "look, the meter maid!"

    Well, yeah, of course… we all had to go out and keep her from stealing even more!

  4. Nearly 30,000 people in the city and a couple of people in a cafe were whining about a truck. So what. It cannot even compare to the conversations I hear regarding the displeasure that is "Free Keene".

    King – yeah I am sure everyone at YOUR table were bitching about it. No doubt in my mind.

  5. matt quiet down about those conversations with the voices in your head. they will rescue you in the bearcat if they find out.

  6. Haha Chase… I just ignore people like that. They are a waste of time and are either agents or other ignorant types. Yeah, it's a pretty sad state of affairs with people like that. Forgive them for being ignorant. It probably isn't their fault and I think you are a lot smarter than that.

  7. Chase, you don't ever tell anyone to quiet down until you get permission from me. I am in charge here and you in MY FREE SOCIETY. Now you are getting me upset and you don't want to get me upset.

  8. If that was your impersonation you forgot some key phrases.

  9. You know Anton, you need to be more like Pete Eyre who does whatever I say which is how you need to act in order to be in MY FREE SOCIETY. If you keep on disrespecting me, you will be outcasted from MY FREE SOCIETY.


    Ollie-ollie oxen free…

    ollie-ollie oxen free


    …it's cold out here…

  11. …rumor is that KPD is going to name their new BearCat

    "PEACE TANK"….

    I like the sound of that…

    Peace Tank


    Dear Lenco:


    (………um, could we maybe order ANOTHER one?….

  12. Only those who do as I say may be a part of MY FREE SOCIETY. It does not matter if it is cold out there, those who disrespects me will be outcasted!

  13. Yes Chase, maybe they will rescue me with it. Know why? Because it's coming! Isn't that GREAT? I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings. 🙁

    david, I mean King – when you're done talking to yourself as Chase, instead of eating at Lindy's – would you please consider giving Ian a couple of bitcoins in his FK radio ad campaign? Still sitting at 20 bucks as we thunder through March. He only has $3,980 to go to meet his goal – think of all the friends you could buy

  14. matt it's perfectly understandable that you're jealous of ian being his own boss, while your life is spent toiling away for the enrichment of the asshole-industrial-complex.

  15. Ian toils away for the amusement of the Koch Bros….same thing…

  16. I'm all for the bearcat if it shoots confetti and a disco ball ejects out of the top for spontaneous dance parties

  17. chaised the conqueror, you either have an industrial asshole complex, or a complex industrial asshole. But of course, you are,


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