I am very excited to announce that I have taken activism on the road in conjunction with We Won’t Fly and Occupy Philadelphia to bring the Philly Liberty Lobby to the city of brotherly love.

We will begin on Friday with a Don’t Strip Our Rights event at 5PM at the Philadelphia airport!  You can learn more and/or join the event here on Facebook.  Nicholas Voluntaryist Shankin and I will be will be engaging in scantily-clad public outreach to address the violations of natural rights committed daily by the TSA.

Then, we shall begin work on #OperationFeedTheHomeless.

Here in Philadelphia, there is a city proposal on the table that would require people to obtain a permit before feeding the hungry outdoors.  #OperationFeedTheHomeless is an effort to bring this issue to light through non-compliance while at the same time helping those in need.  We hope to feed hundreds of people in need throughout next week at a city council meeting (date TBA) as well as at various other events in Philadelphia.

Join #OperationFeedTheHomeless on Facebook.  All assistance is welcome and appreciated!

Off to the Occupy Philly GA, more later…

Peace and love,


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