Ian Arrested For Questioning Government Sale Of Stolen House

As featured this afternoon on MassLive:

Palmer, MA: As town officials held an auction of town-owned properties on Thursday, one of the former property owners staged a protest, saying that his duplex was “stolen.”

“I’m making people aware this is stolen property,” Joseph “Jay” Noone said.

Noone, a Bondsville firefighter, stood outside his former house at 3157-3129 Main St. in the Bondsville section with approximately a half dozen others in support of him. The property was seized for non-payment of taxes, but Noone contends that he should not have to pay taxes on the property. He said he plans to file a federal lawsuit against the town.

“The lawsuit is going to say the town has violated my right to own private property,” Noone said.

Noone and his group made their way to the Town Building, where the auction was held, and were greeted with signs saying “No video recording at Town Hall.” Only registered bidders were allowed in the auction room. The public and media were kept out. The protesters were told they had to stay outside the building, in a designated area, or remain quiet in the hallway.

“This is a closed auction for special elite people. It doesn’t surprise me,” Noone said.

One of the protesters, Ian H. Bernard, 32, of Keene, N.H., was arrested for disorderly conduct after he argued with police about videotaping inside the building. Bernard also is known as Ian Freeman.

Noone was evicted from his property last year. (more…)

Yes We Caaaaaaan!!!

It’s like a George Orwell novel come to life.

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, I attended an Obama 2012 rally at Keene State College where vice president Joe Biden was scheduled to speak.  I arrived at the event about two hours before Biden was expected to arrive and the college campus was crawling with secret service agents, campus security, event coordinators, and of course, the KPD.  There were metal detectors in the entrance to the student center where the event was being held and everyone, students included, had to be wanded down on their way in.  The elite must be protected.  Typical.


“Justified” Murder

Eli Rivera

Surprise, surprise – the New Hampshire Attorney Genital’s final report on the officer involved homicide of Julio Angel DeJesus concludes that

KPD members James Lamoureux and Eli Rivera were justified in their use of deadly force on the night of April 17th.

The incident began at Diversified Computers on West Street in Keene, where police responded to an attempted burglary involving DeJesus and two other individuals.  When police arrived, DeJesus took off in his vehicle, and Lamoureux took off in pursuit.  According to the report:

The pursuit continued through the city. During the pursuit Mr. DeJesus’s stolen Mercedes ran through stop signs and red lights, failed to turn on its headlights, exceeded speeds of 80 mph in 30 mph zones, and nearly collided with a number of on-coming vehicles.


Quote From Member of MassCops.com Regarding Officer Involved Homicide

In a demonstration of the callous attitudes of many LEO’s regarding police brutality, here’s what one had to say about last Tuesday’s cops and robbers chase here in Keene, which ended in the shooting death of Julio Angel DeJesus by a member of the KPD:

All Officers went home at the end of their shift, the suspect is dead, good day. One less oxygen thieving EBT card holder.

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