Activists to undress tomorrow at Philadelphia International Airport to expose TSA abuse

Dear Philadelphia,

On Friday, March 9 at 5PM, underwear-clad activists will arrive at the Philadelphia International Airport as part of the Don’t Strip Our Rights tour in an effort to expose the tyrannical invasions of privacy and sexual assault by the Transportation Security Administration.

“Don’t Strip Our Rights” is a nationwide tour which began at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport on January 20th, when peace activist Kelly Voluntaryist of Keene, NH stripped down to lingerie in the name of liberty. Since then, there have been two more Don’t Strip Our Rights demonstrations at the Manchester airport, as featured on the Huffington Post.

Tomorrow, Kelly and cohort Nicholas Voluntaryist (no relation), will be bringing this demonstration to the city of brotherly love. They will be using the radical tactic of unclothed protest while distributing thought-provoking literature in hopes of raising public awareness concerning the inherent violations of natural rights committed daily by the TSA.

According to Kelly, the ability to travel freely is a right, not a privilege, and no individual should have to give up their basic right to human dignity in order to travel freely.

Kelly and Nicholas, along with James Babb of We Won’t Fly, will be meeting members of the press and other liberty activists at the Marriott bar in Terminal C at 4:30pm before heading into the airport to perform this demonstration.

Thank you,

Kelly Voluntaryist

Nicholas Voluntaryist

James Babb

*Press inquiries may email

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