Edward Burke – Another Public Figure Gone Wrong

Before anyone jumps on me, yes, I know that ANY job comes with perks. Things like free cheeseburgers for the McDonald’s staff, the use of the company car for a CEO or whatever one’s trade might be, it most likely comes with some perk. When employed by the government though the perks get really good.

While a large number of those accused of a crime face questioning, time in jail and hefty legal expenses those employed by the government rarely face their own wrath. I could go on and on about public officials that commit cold blood murder, rape and theft but I’d like to point to a closer incident.

Last June I was arrested while asking Edward Burke – who’s employed as a district court judge in Keene, NH – three questions about him enforcing contempt charges on people wearing hats in a public courtroom (and here)? Edward first stated that I had threatened him, which was completely false (as seen in the video), and tried to get out of it the only way he knew how – lie. Which is why I asked “the system” (aka Keene Police) to investigate Edward for filing a false report with law enforcement (or lying to them effect an arrest). After being passed around from the Keene Police to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office, the file finally landed on Marc Hathaway’s desk – who’s employed as a NH county attorney. It took Marc over six months to write his review.

Below – in Scribd – is Marc’s entire analyst of the case and the reasoning behind his decision to not prosecute Edward or myself. IMO, and most who see the video, there was never a case against me. The only thing I did wrong that day was piss off a man who, for some unknown reason, has the power to jail me with half the effort anyone else would need. From there on the double standard was applied to the fullest.

If Edward wasn’t a judge, the police would have showed up and most likely arrested him that morning. Especially if he lied to them, with the hopes that they’d jail me instead of him. I know this because Timothy Peloquin, had Edward not been a judge, would have viewed the video on my camera that morning. Instead he listened to Edward and arrested me.

I filed the complaint with the police to prove one thing, that nothing would be done to a person who works for the system. I’d also like to note that I don’t think lying to police should be a crime that is punishable via the justice system. People naturally disassociate with liars and I don’t need the state to dish out that justice for me, with their price tage. I don’t want to see anyone go through this system but if anyone had to and for something, it might as well be Edward.

In the video above I highlight how Edward broke the the law he swears to uphold, something he’s most likely judged someone for in the past, and was caught red handed doing so. Yet, nothing was done to him. No trip to the police station, no pending court dates, no photographs, no finger prints and no interviews by district attorney’s or police.

When you’re at work next reaping a perk of your job, think of how good it is to be a Edward Burke. Sure, the crime was minor but thanks to his job, that the public pays for because they fear being caged by the government, Edward skipped the usual process the system uses to break people into taking plea deals and/or spend thousands defending themselves.

I’ll let you be the “judge”, was this investigation righteous?

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  1. Ademo, dude, use their last names…w/ -or- w/out the "Mr."…it's confusing the way you do it…

    Where's Hathaways' report? "in SCRIBD"???…wtf???

    WHERE?…………did you forget something?

  2. not surprising. what's the next move?

  3. Fuck you Chase!

  4. Sorry the embed code for Scribd didn't work, I replaced it with a working one.

  5. Burke is an evil man… who can be forgiven… if he asks for it. We all have to earn forgiveness. I suppose one who judges may feel a bit more distant to protect his own fearful interests from seeing the light of day. They say that pride comes before the fall and that nothing in life is as hard to do as to fall off of your high horse gracefully. I suggest that if one wants to be right with his world, one must start with an honest look in the mirror, then find the courage to change… please don't make that into some threat or anyhting. Just sound advise and my free speech.

  6. If you feel this is wrong, don't just blog about it. File suit in Federal District Court like Glik did – you know the fellow that won against the government.

    Hit them where it hurts – the pocketbook.

    Otherwise, this is all just self-aggrandizing.

  7. Ademo,

    As you should know, you have a slam dunk case. With the AAG declining prosecution of you and the judge, you have multiple avenues to pursue justice:

    1) Formal complaint to the Judiciary against Burke.

    2) State law civil claim against Burke.

    3) Federal law claim against Burke, the bailiffs, the county and the AG of NH.

    "Section 1983 does not impose a state of mind requirement independent of the underlying basis for liability,[23] but there must be a causal connection between the defendant's actions and the harm that results."

    You need a lawyer. The potential involved should easily attract a contingent arrangement.

  8. Burke certainly WAS trying to get Ademo arrested…Arrested for a crime, or for Burkes' false allegation? Burke *SAW*Ademo* getting arrested at BURKES' DIRECTION. Now, if THAT is not INTENT on Burkes' part, what is it? Burke is clearly GUILTY of both "False Report" *AND* Official Oppression"…Maybe "False Imprisonment" & "False Arrest", because Ademo WAS*ARRESTED…

    Burke should be handcuffed, transpoirted in the back seat of a cruiser, and booked and processed at the PD. You reading this, Jardis? You tell that AOC asshole Edwin Kelly, that I say Burke should be BOOKED!…ARREST & BOOK BURKE!….

  9. As a gubernatorial appointee, Burke is problematic. His goons are sometimes County Sheriff's deputies, or Keene Police, or NH Stae Police, so yes, there's a network constituting an "ongoing criminal enterprise", whose purposes include oppression and suppression, and repression of persons, to maintain the "Good-Old-Boy's" criminal enterprise network…

    Burke's a gangsta!

  10. You reading this, Jardis? You tell that AOC asshole Edwin Kelly, that I say Burke should be BOOKED!…ARREST & BOOK BURKE!….

    Yes sir tKoK, I agree.

    Judge Burke should be judged by a jury of his peers.

  11. Ademo;

    You did a great job producing this video, I think you should move it to the top of the blog. Seems like it’s buried and won’t get the exposure it deserves. Another suggestion, take your message on the road, of course where you are welcome amongst Patriots.

    Justice Burke did act criminally with intent. From watching the video at the beginning, I would say the camera was at least 8-9 feet or more from the entrance doors. Camera in his face??? Was the whole scenario a setup?

    No doubt you were being watch on security cameras. One must ask, why were three bailiffs waiting at the door. If there is any depositions, I would asked for Judge Burkes Cell phone records. Do you think he was notified you were in the lobby? Yeap, not only a setup, maybe a conspiracy?

  12. All the court security have those little earpieces, so they are in constant contact by radio with SOMEBODY. WHO? They were prolly at the door because they were waiting for Burke's arrival. DUH!

    And Hathaway screwed up big!

    He says that Ademo meets one criteria, because he "confronted Burke in private"

    What's bullshit about that, is, it was a very public space, a main public lobby,

    AND Ademo had a camera, that he was making a video with the intention of publicising. This could not have been LESS "private", or, MORE PUBLIC.

    So, is Hathaway an incompetent doofus, or is he ALSO criminally culpable as a co-conspiritor.???

    For that matter, aren't ALL STATISTS CO-Conspiritors???…

  13. NHNative

    Did I do wrong by using upper case. If the bailiffs are concern about Burkes safety, shouldn’t they have been at the door of the lobby or in the parking lot, as evidence from previous videos at Free Keene. The video shows three bailiffs, assume the three (persons) were bailiffs. Bailiffs knew Ademo and anybody he was with, were in the lobby. They fail to act for a reason, assumptive. If part of my job was to protect a judge or the courthouse I’d sure in hell would not hide behind a close solid door. I’d be down in the lobby checking the situation out. They were waiting for Ademo to set himself up, It didn’t work. This is no different than a cop hiding on the side of the road to entrap a speeder, but mega times worse conduct.

    What do the major players have in common? The Bar.

    Members of the Bar function in a Maritime Court where the Constitution is not recognized. They are school in Law, not common law. Very few lawyers understand the Constitution, the ones that do, are good at it. If anybody thinks this bull, explain the Admiralty Flag in courtrooms.

  14. @Harry

    What you say about this:

    See also Joyner v. Borough of Brooklyn, No. 98 CV 2579 (RJD), 1999 WL 294780, at *1, *2 (E.D.N.Y. Mar. 18, 1999) (holding that "[t]he yellow fringe trim on the American flag has no effect on a court's jurisdiction or a defendant's constitutional or statutory rights"); Cass v. Richard Joshua Reynolds Tobacco Co., No. 1:97CV01236, 1998 WL 834856, at *2 (M.D.N.C. Oct. 1, 1998) (rejecting the "phantasmal" claim that flags adorned with fringe are "instrumentalities of a foreign sovereign" and noting that "[f]ringed flagged jurisprudence flourishes, though frequently found frivolous"); United States v. Warren, No. 91-CR-226, 1998 WL 26406, at *1-*2 (N.D.N.Y. Jan. 22, 1998) (restating the plaintiff's position that a "foreign yellow fringe flag" is illegal and concluding that "one could rightly call" such an argument "gibberish"); Sadlier v. Payne, 974 F. Supp. 1411, 1415-16 (D. Utah 1997) (repudiating a plaintiff's claim that "yellow fringe on the flag somehow converted the jurisdiction of the state court into a 'foreign state/power'"); Schneider v. Schlaefer, 975 F. Supp. 1160, 1161-64 & n.1 (E.D. Wis. 1997) (noting a plaintiff's attempt to invoke "Army Regulation 840-10" and stating that "flag fringe" jargon is "regrettably familiar to . . . federal courts around the country"); McCann v. Greenway, 952 F. Supp. 647, 649-51 (W.D. Mo. 1997) (discussing army regulations and holding that "[e]ven if the Army or Navy do display United States flags surrounded by yellow fringe, the presence of yellow fringe does not necessarily turn every such flag into a flag of war"); United States v. Greenstreet, 912 F. Supp. 224, 229 (N.D. Tex. 1996) (recognizing that a number of litigants have "attempted to persuade the judiciary that fringe on an American flag denotes a court of admiralty" and thereby limits federal jurisdiction); United States v. Schiefen, 926 F. Supp. 877, 884 (D.S.D. 1995) (concluding that "[f]ederal jurisdiction is determined by statute, not by whether the flag flown is plain or fringed"); Vella v. McCammon, 671 F. Supp. 1128, 1129 (S.D. Tex. 1987) (rebuffing as "totally frivolous" the argument that a court lacks jurisdiction because "[a] flag has yellow fringes on it").

  15. God damn it, ironyman. Crazy harry had a good loony-tunes rant going. Why ya gotta fuck it up with case law?

    Fucker. 🙂

  16. Irony Man

    First we must agree the Constitution is the Law of the Land. (concluding that “[f]ederal jurisdiction is determined by statute, not by whether the flag flown is plain or fringed”); This is incorrect, jurisdiction is determined by the Constitution for the united States of America. Statutes are to enhance our rights, not to degrade or infringe upon them.

    Second, let me establish myself. The fringe flag should only be honored at military ceremonies. I will honor the fringe flag at a military ceremony with all the honor and respect I can muster. That said, I do not approve the present day use of our military.

    Thomas Jefferson Stated: “You seem to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all Constitutional questions-a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have with others, the same passion for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps.”

    Irony Man, I educate myself the best I can through the internet. This has many faults, much information is plagiarized. If people copy false information and repeat it, this is bad. If the truth is plagiarized to me this is O.K. in terms of knowledge and learning. You did a great job putting the comment together. Without reading and researching, judging by the side notes, the answer is NO. I do not agree with most of what I have read. I am curious how you had access to this material. I wonder if your decisions posted, came from ‘The Judges Handbook’. Case law is corrupt. An intelligent, knowledgeable judge, which most are, can render a decision to their liking. They can deal from the bottom, the center or the top of the deck. They cleanse their work..

    How can you put faith in case law and trust the judiciary when you have Justice Burke in your face. Others in the judiciary covering and endorsing him.

    With all your good work here, you still didn’t answer the question. Why are Admiralty Flags in courtrooms?

    If you care to answer, why aren’t criminal defense lawyers appointed to judgeships?

    I do believe there are a few very very good neutral judges.

    A true citizen flag is one with the stripes vertical.

    Thank you for the challenge, I will study your comments.

  17. Forgot to sign again. Harry

  18. Ahhhhh, back to the insanity. Never mind, ironyman. All is well and right with the world.

  19. If people aren't already awake to what the courts are doing by now, this should give any reasonable person an idea of what's going on and the corruption that these judges and the courts are involved in. This instance with Ademo is as clear as day, but quite obviously these people aren't held to the same standards as the rest of us.

    These people are a criminal gang, and that isn't meant to be an overdramatic, name calling either, it's a literal depiction of these people and the activities they're involved in. The system clearly has a direct incentive to work on behalf of the criminal gang and the co-members within the gang. I have witnessed time and time again situations with these local judges, such as Burke, blatantly ignoring their own laws, always at the expense of the people, either to back up one of their co-workers or extort money from the public. Aside from this blatant example of criminal activity committed by Judge Burke and those within the criminal gang unit, another example off the top of my head would be an instance. where the law states, "verbal resistance is not resisting arrest" yet when a friend of mine unarguably without any shadow of a doubt, only verbally resisted, Judge Burke ignored the law he swore an oath to uphold, to back up a fellow gang member, because it would have meant the officer used excessive force when he used pepper spray on my friend for only verbally resisting. It's not just examples of people I associate with, but I could go down to District Court today and sit through other people's hearing and witness dozens of examples where the courts are engaging in illegal activities against the public. These people have not only severally abused their authority & their oaths, they have gotten to the point where they are so blatant/outlandish with their behavior they don't even try to make the cover ups look good anymore when they break their own laws.

    This isn't a Freestater thing, this is something that everyone in the community is susceptible too, so it's very important you stand up for Ademo on this matter, because it's almost a guarantee the system will be used against you, a friend, or a family member before you know it.

  20. May I suggest that a group of concerned individuals start documenting allegations of misconduct of judges with the ultimate goal of filing formal complaints with the Committee of Judicial Conduct for the judge involved in such alleged act/omission.

    In New Hampshire, the proper forum and procedure is detailed at:


    One problem has been that those interested in pursuing these allegations either file the complaint with the wrong entity (i.e. police department) or they make allegations that in some cases do not rise to a level or even constitute misconduct. In most cases a valid complaint of misconduct are routinely dismissed without investigation because the complainant has not been personally affected. For example you merely observe an incident and report it. Some states like New Hampshire require the complaint to be “personally affected” such as a judge assaulting you in open court. If the victim himself/herself files such complaint as opposed to someone witnessing the act/omission there can be no question that the Judicial Committee has jurisdiction to investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action.

    Such group could start tabulating continuous misconduct which when presented as a “package” of complaints may sway such Judicial Committee to act aggressively whereas a single act of misconduct might be “swept under the rug” or “receive a slap on the wrist”

    Lastly such a group could contact potential victims of these judicial acts/omissions and if necessary help the victims to file complaints including “ghost writing” proposed complaints ready for signature and filing of the formal complaint.

  21. and thnx 4 the link.

    lets roll.

  22. Funny thing, but after all the overblown rhetoric,

    after all this "Free Keene" nonsense,

    what I most hope for Mr. Edward J. Burke, is that he enjoy many years of peace and prosperity with his

    GRANDCHILDREN, and maybe, just maybe,

    some GREATS or even GREAT-GREATS….

    Seems we here sometimes forget that there are real, live, flesh-and-blood

    persons, who want only to be happy, and not suffer,

    It's one thing to post vulgar, and beautiful prose here,

    PERSONS are *not* "THINGS"…play nice in meatspace……

  23. That’s so nice. When I have studied this judge and his abuse of the law, I come away with I hope he is fired immediately, pension stripped, law license revoked, and and the same sentence in jail for him that he would have handed out to anyone else.


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