NH Man Goes Limp, Gets Pepper Sprayed

A policewoman in Hollis, New Hampshire thought it was the right thing to do to take out her pepper spray and launch it unannounced into the eyes of peaceful 21-year-old Eric Geller, who was visiting his alma mater to have discussions with his former professors.

In my recent interview with Eric, he says that he can’t imagine how an imaginary entity, “The State of New Hampshire” is able to be a victim of his peaceful actions. He also says that he feels he has the right to stand on public property so long as he’s not hurting anyone or getting in the way, which he says he wasn’t. Eric seems to be pretty liberty-minded in every matter which I discussed with him, so I look forward to hearing more as this story develops. He is new to all this legal business, and I would like to offer my support in any way I can, even if it’s just attending his trial. Eric is facing 3 misdemeanor A charges: Criminal Trespass (being on school property), Disorderly Conduct (being on school property), and Resisting Arrest (going limp), and faces up to 3 years in jail plus $3,000 in fines. He hasn’t decided whether or not he will take the issue to court or accept a plea offer, so maybe if others reach out to him, he will know he will not be fighting alone.

His story is particularly interesting because of the recent militarization of local police and the growing sensitivities related to members of the public treating the public property of a public school as if the first amendment applies there. It certainly has not been argued that Eric has infringed anyone else’s rights, but how will agents of the state pay him restitution for the harm they did to him that day? Things like subjecting this unarmed man to a painful chemical weapon (which is banned by the international rules of war) while inside a school and jailing him.

Agents of the state certainly have a lot of nerve to claim that they were acting to protect an imaginary entity, The State of New Hampshire, and that Eric somehow insulted the peace and dignity of this imaginary entity by peacefully standing on property for which he is forced to pay.

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  1. Hollis Police Department

    9 Silver Lake Road Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

    Email: police@hollisnh.org

    Non-Emergency: 603-465-7637 Fax: 603-465-7808

  2. Hollis is a small and upper income (generally) town, formerly a farming town wth more cows than people, now it has all kinds of poison from mAss seeing as it is a bedroom community for Boston as well.

    Chock full of statists and a police department that is completely unneccessary for the tiny town size/population… actually it isn't that "tiny" but it has a small population.

    I can say one good thing about the police in Hollis. They will all lose their jobs soon because the property taxes are insane, there are "town" programs for every little thing imaginable. Neighbors spying on neighbors, divided people using violent cops (who by the way have been rediculous for years)… how do I know?

    I know very well.

  3. KUDOS to Eric Geller!

    Thanks for the article and video.

  4. Hey Derrick! You have eyes!

    You look much better without the sunglasses.

  5. theres a big good flea market in hollis too (outdoor)

  6. Couldnt hear one damn bit of the audio so I guess I have questions that may or may not have been answered,

    #1. Youre an adult so, did you apply for a pass like any person with 1/2 a brain would do?

    #2. Do you own a house? Because (Im gonna go free state here) unless you do, that school isnt paid for by you…

  7. enslave keene, you don't have to own a house to pay property taxes. If you pay rent, part of that money goes to property taxes.

  8. Geller was told not to go on the premises once before. Now he gets all up in arms when he gets pepper sprayed for doing exactly what he was told not to. This isn't police brutality, this is a kid being an absolute idiot who's not listening, while he's running around telling people, I'm sorry, SHEEPLE, to WAKE UP

  9. David – if you pay rent, you pay rent, not taxes. The OWNER of the house pays the related taxes, as stated in the comment you tried to invalidate.

  10. Faggot Derrick gets pepper sprayed – goes limp.

  11. More importantly, I just watched about 12 minutes of this propaganda and decided it was enough. Both parties are guilty of acting outside reasonable means. The staff informed him that he needed an appointment to be present in the building. Tax dollars pay for the yard, too – but a whole lot more tax dollars are spent to keep people from freely walking into a building that serves a specific purpose.

    By entering the building without an appointment, he violated a very base rule. One that has been in place for decades. This is a school. If you are not a student, your presence must be scheduled. Otherwise, yes, you are disrupting the function of the educational system, which responsible taxpayers are funding.

    Once asked to wait outside until an appointment could be made and refusing, he was outside his rights and disrupting others. He even states he could have easily done so.

    The staff have to act accordingly when a person lets themselves into and walks freely throughout a school.

    He was told he needed an appointment to be present inside the building (but would be allowed to wait on the property outside until an appointment could be made) – the staff's responsibility ends there. It is the civil function of police to assist civilians in maintaining order, especially in a school.

    They asked him to step outside, he refused.

    They told him the police would be called, he remained.

    He is officially wrong.

    He could have been there to fight a current student, sabotage property, or even kidnap someone. Without an appointment reporting his presence, the police would have no record of who had done it, and the school would fall victim to serious repercussions, including but not limited to lawsuits.

    If you are about to be handcuffed, you are clearly going to be arrested. If you refuse to be handcuffed, that is LITERALLY resisting arrest.

    It's the definition of the words. Resisting arrest will get you pepper sprayed EVERY TIME. They don't make enough 'tax dollars' to risk fighting with resistant suspects.

    If you are required to register to be present at a specific location and you just jaunt on in, you are guilty of criminal trespassing.

    If you are asked to leave said specific location and refuse, it is disorderly conduct.

    He very clearly and states he was aware that he was violating statutory law. He 'went limp' to avoid being handcuffed. This was a simple situation that HE HIMSELF made serious, so blow out your candles, kids, there will be no vigil.

    If this ass was aware of how to 'navigate through the system' as he seems to believe he does, he would have had an appointment in the first place.

  12. Cool. Faggot Derrick gets his very own copycat. Another kid with a weird pepper-spray fetish.

    We can hardly wait for our BearCat to get here, and clean out the trash.

    On the other hand, the fact that you clowns are still walking free – FREE – is proof enough that freedom isn't dead, yet…..

    Thanks, Freak-keene, for making our town more militant…

  13. .,..less peaceful, more troubled…

    Thanks, Freak-keene, thanks…

    You've done more damage to the FSP, that the STATE ever could…

  14. I love my former PRIVATE school. I walk all over the campus. I talk to my former teachers and counselors all without being told I am trespassing and being pepper sprayed. If I am asked to leave because I had bothered students or administrators; they have every right to do so because it is PRIVATE PROPERTY. But you know what, they actually want former students returning to campus because they want the students and teachers to learn from the alumni. And keeping alumni a part of the school community is a huge reason for successful fund raising campaigns, but administrators of schools funded by threats wouldn't know anything about that.

  15. CARROT TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or a bad wig…….

  16. "A policewoman in Hollis, New Hampshire thought it was the right thing to do to take out her pepper spray and launch it unannounced into the eyes of peaceful 21-year-old Eric Geller, who was visiting his alma mater to have discussions with his former professors."

    I want to see the video.

  17. FUCK G.C. who gives a shit?


  18. I agree. Just because Clooney is a celebrity doesn't mean he matters more than anyone else.

  19. Yeah, cause he COULD be fighting for REAL freedom. Like schoolsucks.org, or police brutality where none exists, or smoking pot. You know, real stuff. Not crap like 'genocide'.


  20. I'll bet he never had the balls to go to a city council meeting with a beer bottle that says 'This Is Not A Beer'

    What a poser wimp.

    I cant take any more of this bullshit. I've had enough.

  21. It's great to see someone point out that what is euphemistically called "Pepper Spray" is more accurately refereed to as a CHEMICAL WEAPON.

    The OC (oleoresin capsicum) Chemical Weapon It is considered a "less lethal" weapon on what is known in law enforcement circles as the "force continuum." Notice it is "less Lethal", not "Less than Lethal" – people have died from exposure to OC Chemical Weapons and Electric Shock Weapons.

    The force continuum is an array of force options ranging from stern voice commands and psychological intimidation tactics at the low end up through through lethal force at the high end. The original intent of "less lethal" weapons was to give police powerful and effective options short of lethal force when dealing with violent situations.

    Instead of confining the use of these "Less Lethal" weapons as alternatives to deadly force, these powerful weapons are being regularly used to achieve "pain compliance" and / or complete and painful incapacitation against non-cooperative but non-violent persons. For example take the case of non-violent, passively resisting, handcuffed person already in police custody. Say this person does not immediately climb into the back of a police car when invited- the police may choose to use their OC Chemical Weapon rather than old fashioned physical assistance.

    The effects of OC Chemical weapon have been described as like having a blowtorch applied to your face and eyes (the usual target area), along with choking and coughing, temporary blindness, difficulty breathing etc. These effects may last for 45 minutes or longer, and are potentially lethal depending on the health of the individual. In this situation, rather than responding with the appropriate level of force for the situation, the police have taken a shortcut by using nearly the most force at their disposal.

    Perhaps the excessive and inappropriate use of Chemical and electric shock weapons is due to the desire to dispense some "Street Justice" and retribution for not submitting to their "authora-tay" in a timely manor. Like the old saying goes- "You might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride."

  22. Bill,

    I didn't mean to imply that Clooney 'matters any more than anyone else' (and frankly I do't know what made you think I was implying that) but rather he, along with the dozen or so other people who got arrested and the hundreds who were there to support them today realize that there are worse things in the world than the 'tyrannical bureaucrats reigning on high over Keene, NH.'

    And, astonishingly, those being arrested were somehow able to handle being arrested with infinitely more grace and maturity than the Keeniacs–despite the fact that they were protesting a government which is bombing and starving hundreds of thousands of its own people daily, while the Keene government simply asks that residents have the courtesy to not go around blowing bong hits in children's faces on the square.

  23. Can I suck your dick, please?

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  24. …?

    Thank you for the clarification.

  25. Could someone please post the name of this police women from Hollis PD ? Also whom from the school signed on as the complainant ?

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