Why Should YOU Oppose The Drug War?

This is why.

GRAYLNG — The fatal shooting of William Reddie, 32, by a Crawford County Sheriff’s Department deputy during the “emergency removal” of his 2-year-old son from an apartment they shared has many of his friends crying foul.

A Michigan State Police probe has concluded the shooting was justified because Reddie had a pocketknife and lunged at police.

“I can’t believe they (police) could not subdue Will without killing him, and over what, marijuana,” said Joanne Michal, who knew Reddie for half of his life. “Why didn’t police just arrest him or cite him for marijuana instead of removing his child?”

Marijuana itself is scientifically far safer than its prohibition ever will be.

This violence is totally unnecessary.

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  1. Anyone at FreeKeene or the FSP crying foul over the shooting of a Manchester, NH police officer this week? I didn't think so. A fellow New Hampshire citizen shot multiple times and in serious condition and not one word is uttered simply because he is a cop. Instead, a cut/paste job out of Michigan with the expectation of some bullshit dialogue on the shock that marijuana is still illegal.

    A Manchester, NH person was shot multiple times, yet all this week we will hear about how Derrick's camera was assaulted by an old lady crossing guard.

    This ragamuffin website is so biased and one sided it makes me sick.

  2. I wouldn't bother visiting "this ragamuffin website (which) is so biased and one sided it makes (you) sick" then..

  3. matt with the amount of time you spend here writing thesis comments no one reads, you could start your own site. call it the Good Little Citizens Club!

  4. Stoner Central forgot the woman in NY that was stoned and killed her two kids. Harmless my arse.

  5. Clearly Chase, you read it – since you always REPLY. Which…is a very good reason to keep coming back. You're too stupid to figure that out though.

    1Lis – *insert mocking whining voice* : "If you don't like it don't read it" – oh brother if I had a dime.

  6. Matt you bring up a good point, a person was shot and that's not good. How are you planning to express your condolences or make positive changes so that people will know violence is not the answer?

  7. i've never had my own dedicated troll before, what a treat!

  8. @Matt: The 1LisHell who commented above isn't the real 1LisHell.

    Nice to see I've got admirers.

  9. I was just reading a story about a dead student at Illinois State University. Seems as if he died from alcohol poisoning. I really wish college students would make the safer choice and eat cannabis edibles instead of funneling beers.

  10. There is no "real" 1LisHell, now, is there, Mr. 1LisHell???…

    Why do you think that "King of Keene" guy doesn't post here anymore?



  12. Me, too, i'm stile here, an i dew rite stuf, tew!

  13. That's not funny

  14. It just gets more obtuse…

  15. OMG, even Weeda Claus isn't safe here at FreeKeene anymore…

  16. Even funny names aren't safe here anymore….

    …check the times on the last 5 posts….

  17. I'm a little pimp with my hair greased back, pair of khaki pants and my shoes shined black…

    I got a little lady walks that street, tellin' all the boys she can't be beat…

    …and her name is KELLY VAGINA-VOLUNTARIAST…

    bwa ha ha…………….

  18. The gravatar people pay me to post here like this…

    gravatar sign-ups are up 137%!

  19. Ian@freetalk-dead

    i'm TOAST

  20. Resident Troll on Sat, 24th Mar 2012 5:59 am

    Stoner Central forgot the woman in NY that was stoned and killed her two kids. Harmless my arse.


    I call ***BULLSHIT***, "Resident Troll", UNLESS you can provide documentation…

    Doesn't even have to be an active link…

    Give us a url, or *SOMETHING*, besides your bullshit….

    Have YOU, "Resident Troll", EVER tried weed?….

    I've tried weed, and believe me, dude, it's nowhere near as magical as

    Weeda Claus claims, and it's also even further from as dangerous

    as you asswipe drug-warriors think….

    But, weed *CAN* make Repub-turds psychotic, just from THINKING about it!…

    Your *ARSE*, "Resident Troll", is FAR MORE TOXIC than weed will EVER BE……


    (nemesis of FAGGOT*DERRICK & KELLY V…………

    it sucks that I don't exist in meatspace, Kelly, unless you want to make me real.



  21. Fact: Don't lunge at cops with a knife. Aren't you all for people having the ability to defend themselves?

  22. its not self-defense if you're invading someone's home. and the "lunging" claim is most likely bullshit.

  23. What chase said.

  24. Bob Constantine quipped on cue: "How are you planning to express your condolences or make positive changes so that people will know violence is not the answer?"

    You could give two shits as to the real answer because you hate cops and evil old lady crossing guards, but I'll give you one anyways: I'm going to go buy some colored chalk and draw unicorns on the nearest court house. That should make things all better.

    1Lis – I assumed btw…..but one never knows!

  25. matt,

    your answers are always idiocy ; can't you CHANGE that?


  26. matt is going to express his condolences by writing on FK about how much he hates FK.

    ya dig?

  27. Like flies to molasses. You two fucking idiots make this soooo easy. And…..so worth it. I love that I drive you dopes nuts. Don't forget to reply again. Keep hitting that refresh button.

  28. there you go matt let that self hatred shine through. don't hide it under a bushel.

    but please leave molasses out of this, molasses never did anything to you!

  29. How's the molasses taste? Still want more? Keep replying to my posts you don't read – dumbass! Only 'david' could be this fucking stupid. Your turn dum dum.

  30. matt we know you're upset about the way life has turned out, but you don't have to resort to name-calling buddy.

  31. It's a quandary isn't it Chase? It's like…you just want the thread to die, but I've left it like if you stop replying then you're an idiot, and if you don't, it makes it look like you're an idiot. So – your little pea brain's solution to the problem is Jr. High material. Lame zzzzzzzzzzz (The equation btw is unsolvable…you just really ARE an idiot). But…as you can see, I have thus written something again on here, so you MUST reply idiotboy. I wait with great anticipation what my little puppet Chase is going to say. Will you go with a question……..Will you go with an attempt to slyly insult…..will it be short and sweet, or will it be something you've latched onto in my lengthy retort? Don't wait Chase…..reply TODAY!

  32. "matt" calls names because he's smart are RIGHT……..



  33. * and RIGHT

  34. Matt,

    You seem angry that I asked you an honest question. Rather than answer it, you chose to obfuscate and strawman.

    I do dislike many actions of police when they occur absent any logic and simply rely upon "following orders" especially when their actions result in them INITIATING harm rather than protecting somebody. As far as what I endorse and don't endorse, you might do better letting me explain that and perhaps stick to stating what you believe and why. I'll try to do the same.

    For the record, I don't endorse violence against anyone, nor do I automatically endorse ALL of the behavior of people I hold many views in common with.

    So, you still haven't told me which positive peaceful actions you are choosing to make the world a better place. Care to elaborate?

  35. What do I do? I respect others, am kind to them regardless of chosen occupation, I surround myself with people of the same ilk, I do not embarrass others or attempt to place them in situations that could be embarrassing, I donate untold amounts of time to hospice, mentally challenged persons and likewise contribute financially to meet those ends. I care about my community, even in the midst of being labeled a statist by a very few minority. I respect *most* of the people employed by government, but am not so naive to think they are all hardworking. Even in the midst of a person grievance I may have with them (I got a bill from the fire department once that irritated me) I still support them and am thankful for their efforts in what it is they do. Just like I do for my plumber, and my oil delivery man, and my auto mechanic, and the school crossing guard. I am even thankful for the folks at social security, who take MY tax dollars and YOUR tax dollars and hand them over each month to Dufus David.

    The End.

  36. matt"

    "phoney name"

    you admitted getting welfare in another thread ……

    and you know nothing about me

    you idiot

  37. I WAS getting welfare, but I'm off of it now.

    That was last week .

  38. but is it really The End?

    matt we believe you when you say you spend time with the mentally challenged, but the question was what do you do for OTHERS.

  39. wow…. 🙂

  40. Chase,

    He ministers to ya moms!

  41. @Chase

    Go fuck yourself Chase

  42. "matt",

    I don't care that you were on welfare………but …I don't know where to begin …the pot calling the kettle black.

    and you don't know A THING about my life…

    what a idiot.

    Thats it I'm done with that ass

  43. I have a feeling people get him MIXED up with the mentally challenged……… though I'm certain the the "mentally challenged" are nicer

  44. Matt,

    Thanks for the reply. I think it's good that you help people and try to show them respect. I think when people voluntarily interact like you and your plumber they are on an equal footing and should strive to meet their mutually agreed to obligations. I have a harder time respecting people that have a "business" relationship with you that is one way and non consensual and backed by the threat of force.

  45. david/chase – it's pathetic you feel the need to sign in as me and make comments; naturally, it doesn't bother me in the least so carry on. I've never received government assistance in my whole life, I think if Ian Freeman truly wants to control the trolls on here, he can simply make a note of when people sign in using multiple names with the same IP.

    dum dum david – yeah, sure you're done…haven't heard THAT from you before. You'll never be "done" with me – you'll always reply, like you always do, and if you don't do it as "david", you'll do it as "chase", or even me. And go fuck yourself with the fake name bullshit – shut up. Damn you're such a fucking idiot. Still trying to figure out why you're never invited to anything david?

    Bob – thanks. I understand what you are saying. We just have differing opinions on our tolerance towards government.

  46. And david…..next time you sign in as me and make stupid comments, *TRY* to wait more than 30 seconds after using your own name. It is clearly you – it would be impossible for either myself or anyone else for that matter to respond to something you've written in such a short time. IDIOT!

  47. It's ok that you was on welfare "matt"… just dont make up that other people you dont know are too just to make yourself feel better………..


    I dont care about that ……but you admitted it yourself ………so it's kind of pathetic

  48. maybe thats why u use a fake name….. your pathetic "matt"

  49. FUCK-YOU, "david-keene"….yiou little asswipe!

    (I'm really chase, spoofing………..

  50. who stole my gravatar?

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