Dramatic Video of Derrick J. Being Knocked off His Bike by Keene Law Enforcement

Various individuals on Facebook are encouraging people to call the Keene PD (603) 357-9815 and demand the release of Derrick J. Freeman “who was just violently arrested and assaulted by Officer Finton Moore outside the KAC for no reason.” according to Clyde Voluntaryist.

Cecelia Freechild reports from LadiesinKeene.com:

Today, my dear friend Derrick J. Freeman was attacked and beaten by Officer Moore of KPD. Derrick was riding his bike when Moore came up behind him in a cruiser. Moore flipped his lights on, then proceeded to remove Derrick from his bike by hitting Derrick with the cruiser door. Moore then got out of the cruiser & stuck his night stick in between Derrick’s spokes. Flipping Derrick and his bike over, breaking several of the spokes on his tire.

Moore then tackled Derrick, and from the video being uploaded is seen hitting Derrick. Myself, and at least 10 other activists, came to the scene to see Moore on top of Derrick, pushing him into the ground. I witnessed Moore shove Derrick’s head into the ground when Derrick tried to adjust his sunglasses.

Moore was apparently trying to serve Derrick with no trespass papers for all of Keene School District, which he was already served with this morning, about 2-3 hours before this incident. Moore refused to answer activists as to why he was kidnapping Derrick.

I’ll be following this story along with other concerned members of the community. Expect more about officer Moore.

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  1. Derrick,

    What kind of idiot tries to outrun a cruiser with a bicycle? Classic OJ slow speed chase.

    As little respect as I have for the KPD, Derrick is the one who was wrong here. A Police officer signals that he wants you to stop and you immediately choose to try evading him. All he was trying to do was give you a piece of paper, that seems peaceful enough to me. Yet another in a long string of FreeKeene Douche-Nozzle moves. Good job Officer Moore!

  2. Dey be drankin dat hateraid. I see.

  3. enslave…you should go chill with the sadist cop. his number is (603) 352-7195. you can be the submissive. i'm sure it'll be a riot.

  4. I'm not entirely hip to the situation, but, riddle me this… If a person is not violating anyone's legal rights, should they be allowed to travel without harrassment? Question 2: Does a costume and a weapon give a person the right to violate another person's legal rights? I'm not hating, just asking. I do not live in Keene, I'm just a passerby on this website.


    I only sub to your mom when shes in leather.

  6. costume? weapon? no but proper training, licensing, and a real government title of law enforcement officer. but heres the answer to your riddle. Some rights must be violated in order to protect other rights. Derrick in this case harassed (crime) the Keene school system enough to be considered an illegal trespasser. Therefore, dubbed a trespasser, when served papers instead of just accepting a peice of paper civilly, he decided to be a dick and ignore the LAWFULL handout of a LAWFULL order.

    I hope this answers your question Jonathan

  7. Enslave don't forget the french tickler always comes in handy when dealing with mothers! XD

  8. Game set match for Jessi James!


  10. A simple yes or no would've been fine. Your logic is very sound. In order to protect some, you must violate others. Very sound. Man, I hope I end up on the non-violated side. I'll follow the men and women with the weapons and costumes, lest I have my rights violated by the "protectors" of those very same rights… wait, huh?

  11. and the steel undies!!

  12. sorry but a simple yes or no is illogical and I must explain my reasoning. But yes when you violate someones right to NOT be harassed, and are ignorant post-fact, you will be treated as someone who doesn't respect rights and will be treated in equal manner.

  13. I posted this in another post, but after reading some of the comments here, it should be repeated:

    You either have the mentality of a slave or you desire to live in freedom.

    If you have the mentality of a slave, then you will see your masters as having the “right” to use violence against anyone who disobeys them. You will see disobedience as deserving violent punishment, and you will justify it.

    If, however, you actually care about what is right, you will have the same standards for everyone, and you will see the ‘law’ as it really is, and always has been throughout human history – a near endless excuse to use violence against you.

    I’m not surprised that Derrick J. Freeman was aggressed upon, assaulted, and abducted against his will. I don’t think that Derrick is surprised about that, either. We all know what happens when you refuse to obey the commands of the state. Men with guns will assault you, kidnap you, haul you off and throw you in a cage. Just like it wasn't a surprise when slaves were chased down after leaving the plantation, or black men where sprayed with a fire hose for organizing against Jim Crow laws. There are no surprises here.

    What IS surprising is the number of people who still choose to be on the wrong side of history. Every time progress is made, it is made while cowards point and laugh at those brave enough to challenge the violence and injustice that so many accept as "just the way things are".

  14. Joooshua Jaacob Jinglehimer Smith………Your name is my name toooooo!!!!

  15. @Joshua

    Look man! I run this blog!! Get it!! You will bow down to Enslave and like it!

  16. no enslave…… Its is MY NAME MUAHAHAHAHAHA

    My name is Joshua and I put a severely biased black and white story to everything!

  17. when I seesomeone getting arrested I think 'oh man that man is mean, he's arresting that poor man.' I never care about the story behind it. As long as he's harassing people and getting away with it I'm ok with it. My head is wedged so far up my ass my brain isn't getting enough oxygen to even comprehend what Freedom truely is. Speaking of which, its a feat in itself that I am even typing this message as we spea……..

  18. When you are justifying violence (and that IS what you are justifying), I think you need a good reason to do so.

    I don't think that refusing to follow orders is justification for violence. Why do you?

  19. …………….hmmmm looks like he died of suffocation…..

  20. The punk, he's going down in flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Put there by Jessi James!!

  21. Joshua you don't think too far out of the box do ya? Do you know what would happen if people just stopped following orders. Do you know what state of Choas this country would fall into? my poor poor child, you may go and suck the tit of dismay all you want but until you truly understand the balance of the world, you will never learn.

  22. Jason Talleyyyyyy whats for dinner,??????????

    Go up your nose and pick a winner!!

  23. @Jessi James and enslave keene (I'm assuming you're the same person)

    When I was a kid, I remember some big kids picking on little kids. When that happened, there were always be a couple people joining the side of the big kid. People shouting things like "that's what you get", etc… They were afraid of the bigger kid, and joined in on the teasing and bulling, but it was this awkward, uncomfortable kind of teasing. No reason. No justification. It was just plain old boring cowardice. It was pathetic. It was disgusting.

    If you have a point to make, or if you want to say something to me, then say it. But making unfunny jokes and mocking your intellectual opponents reminds me of those cowards from school. You have no argument, so you attack, and you don't even have the intellectual honesty, decency, or intelligence to feel ashamed about it.

    I'm guessing you're a policeman?

  24. He tinks were the same person Jessi!

  25. this video is sad……and depressing… and unnecessary

  26. Let's see – a world where people didn't follow orders…hmmm…

    The 300 million people who died at the hands of government in the 20th century may have lived long, fullfilling lives. The Jews that were slaughtered in the concentration camps of nazi germany would have been spared. Millions of people would be free rather than being trained in the criminal colleges of prison for "crimes" like carrying around the wrong plant. People would pursue their own dreams and goals rather than follow the path layed out for them by narrow minds.

    Of course, what you're talking about is order – as if we need a body of people to issues commands or else all of society would fall apart, and delve into chaos. What evidence do you have to support this claim?

  27. Kinda like the entire Ora of david-keene

  28. Karma police, arrest this man.


    This is what you get,

    This is what you get,

    This is what you get when you mess with us.

    For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

    Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself.

  29. I'm disappointed in fenton moore's actions : he allowed himself to became a angry beast ..

    Relative to cops he seemed some what ok.

    While I can understand his frustration .

    Resorting to the violence he resorted to was … unnecessary and like i said ..sad and depressing… But I guess that's how cops roll…

    It would be nice if cops didn't let their frustration/ emotion/anger/ control freakness rule their behavior..

    Part of their jobs is SUPPOSE to be to control themselves, and not have angry outbursts, and so quickly resort to violence.

    It's the only job where attacking another human being is lauded by your co- workers. 🙁

  30. @joshua

    I have no arguement? unless you can't read, my argument was chaos (to think of it you probably can't read that either). so blind, so nieve… and yet so sad. do you know whats even more depressing than what you described? people who are on the side of freekeene (A.K.A. FREEKweiners) mostly want to troll and use their excuses to harass (which I keep using the word harass and it goes right through the back of your head). But anyway ok you want a point to be made? here it is your wrong. Your sided with anarchy and chaos while we choose to live free. Do you know how we live free? BY NOT BEING A NUISANCE!!!!! NOT TROLLING SOCIETY!!!!! NOT HARASSING!!!!! NOT SPREADING HATE OF THOSE WHO BRING JUSTICE TO THOSE WHO LIVE FOR CRIME AND LAWLESSNESS!!!! Therefore I poke fun at the choas lovers and anarchists and trolls when they get karma handed to them. If you want to think I am a troll go ahead you are not one to state facts in the first place so any of your wild accusations or analogies are of no use, nor effect.

    As for me, no, I am not a law enforcement officer. I am a medical professional at a veterans hospital. No, Enslave and I are not the same person. One last thing ummm…. "intellectual honesty, decency, or intelligence"……. intellectual intelligence are one and the same.

  31. @David

    Please offer an alternative david, like you know maybe just drive around all day until derrick decides to pull over?

  32. yes the rules of the nazis they were overstepping the boundaries of freedom. Thats why I speak of balance. Plus you have the audacity to ask my for evidence. Are you that bound to yourself? COMMON SENSE AND PHILOSOPHY is all the evidence I need.

  33. I hope Fintan used protection when sticking his nightstick between Derrick's spokes.

  34. ^HHHHHHHHHHA!!!!!!^

  35. No Ademo….FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CARTMAN SOUNDING FUCK YOU!!

  36. Jessi James, I'm going to assume you're serious, and you really care about what is correct. I think you're wrong about some very specific things, and I'd like to attempt to correct you. However, I may be wrong, and would appreciate it if you pointed out how.

    "my argument was chaos".

    "chaos" is not an argument. You are CLAIMING that a world without a centralized, coercive monopoly of violence will lead to chaos. That is a CLAIM. In order for this to qualify as an "argument", you have to BACK UP that claim with evidence. It sounds to me like you are making a common mistake of confusing the necessity of society with the necessity of the state. Society is made up of the relationships between all people in it. The state is made up of a small fraction of those people who threaten the rest of us with violence for disobedience. The same "argument" was made by anti-abolitionists – if we free the slaves, there would be chaos! Many people believed it, and, just like you, they had no actual evidence to back up that claim – just a "feeling" – an empty, emotional discomfort and fear of change.

    "people who are on the side of freekeene"

    I am NOT on the "side" of freekeene. I am on the side of peace, rationality, morality, virtue, and righteousness, even if it pains me, and it makes me have to change my position on an issue. If people within the "freekeene" movement are wrong about something, I am not on their side.

    I understand your point about harassment. You obviously believe that it is wrong for people to harass others. I agree with you. However, I don't understand why you don't extend this principle (it is wrong to harass people) to those in law enforcement, who not only harass people, but assault them as well. Handing out papers to people who VOLUNTARILY pick them up (or choose not to) is not harassment. Handing out papers and FORCING them to take them, however, IS harassment. I have the right to speak my mind, but I DON'T have the right to use violence against you if you disagree with my position.

    If the tables were turned, and this man tackled the people he was trying to hand out flyers to – treated others in the same way that this police officer treated him, you would of course condemn his actions – I would, too. However, you have compartmentalized this principle so that is arbitrarily excludes those representing "the state".

    "COMMON SENSE AND PHILOSOPHY" is not "evidence". "Evidence" refers to facts or empirical data that supports a claim. "Common sense" is an anecdotal term and "philosophy" is an area of study, or a method for discovering truth. I, too, appreciate philosophy. An important aspect of philosophy is the presentation of rational arguments, along with evidence to support your conclusions. You have not provided any evidence, nor have you provided a cogent argument. You have only made claims and engaged in logical fallacies.

    "intellectual honestly" is not the same thing as "intelligence". One refers to having a scientific rigor and a willingness to admit when you are wrong, and the other refers to cognitive ability – your aptitude for solving problems and think effectively.

  37. If philosophy is not evidence then where would people makes such philosophical claims? BECAUSE of evidence! Due to repeated evidence, philosophy is born. I am sure there is evidence and tons of it. I just don't care to share it and take the time to explain it. you already have your point of view. If you want to blatantly deny that chaos and balance is no argument and state an opinion of law enforcement. if someone is not following the simplest of rules how else are you going to make them obey? Bad thoughts? True the cop was a bit rough but I believe that was Karma bashing him off the bike. I mean heres where common sense and decency plays in. I'm riding my bike and a law enforcement pulls up beside me, what would be the decent thing for me to do could he be concerned about something, Did i do something wrong? TO STOP and find out why he is stopping me and see how it plays out. There is no excuse for ignorance of decency or being just plain arrogant. Derrick has a reputation of being a self-centered dick. therefore karma got him back in a different form.

  38. freekeene, Excellence Through Inconsequence In Our Lifetime.

  39. Jessi James –

    In your comment, you are assuming that it is an act of "decency" to obey the commands of the state. This is the status quo. THIS is what is being challenged here. You can't assume the conclusions being challenged as a premise to your argument. It is circular reasoning. Here is why I disagree with the premise that obedience to the state is a "decent" act.

    Is it really decent to obey the commands of the most violent institution in society? Is it really "decent" to do what you are told because you are being threatened? Is that a "decent" thing to do, or is it a cowardly thing to do? Just take a look through history and see what laws there were:

    Woman could not vote (a law) – if you allowed a woman to vote, based on your logic, you were not obeying the commands of the state, and were not a "decent" human being. If you helped free the slaves in the underground railroad, you were not being "decent". Every government that has ever existed has given to the order, at some point or another, to end the life of an innocent person. BASED ON YOUR "PHILOSOPHY", refusing to obey is ITSELF not "decent".

    If obedience to arbitrary authority is your criteria for decency, then you are describing as "decent" EVERY order, not just the ones you agree with. You are, in fact, justifying every single crime committed by a government – every murder, every instance of torture, every dollar stolen, every bomb dropped, and every escape slave recaptured.

    You also ignore what disobedience to the state has given us. Nearly every improvement to the lives of common people has come at the "price" of disobedience to the state – history has told us over and over again that disobedience is a pre-requisite for making the world a better place.


  40. Derrick you little parasite you!! Question, now that your sitting in my tax funded cage which I happily pay;

    That smurk on your face at the :28 second mark;

    Is it still there?

    Is it shithead?

  41. Courtesy of Skeptikos

    Ian Freeman’s phone number is (603)513-2449. I’m sure he would love to hear your feedback concerning his blog

  42. Could someone please re-post this video to the background music of the Benny Hill show?

    Picture it!!

    baba ba ba ba bababaaa baa baaa baaa

  43. Just so you know, I am a police officer with a below-average IQ.

    My father used to physically assault me as a child, but I learned to accept it and, in time, convinced myself that I deserve it. Ever since, I have resented anyone who resists authority.

    I became a cop so that I would be viewed as important in the community. There is nothing that upsets me more than people who don't fear the violence that I routinely inflict on an unwilling populace.

    I am glad that I am paid by tax dollars. I can get away with anything, and you have to pay me. If you don't pay me, I'll come to your house, break down your door, tie you up in handcuffs, throw you in the back of a windowless van, haul you off to a building surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards, and toss you in a cage that is famous – FAMOUS for being a place where you will be beaten and raped.

    I get a sadistic thrill knowing that people are too lazy, apathetic, and scared to do anything about it, and I like to spend my time ranting about people who constantly remind me of how disgusting of a person I am.

  44. Are there still those that think using someone's name really works?

  45. seriously… how fuckin stoopid do u think we r?

  46. stop using my name, asshole

  47. I'm sorry. I have a small penis and it upsets me, so I take my frustrations out on others. Please, stop using my name as this is all I have. Why do you think I spend so much time ranting anonymously on message boards like this?


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