Derrick J. Arraigned for Ignoring a Costumed Man with a Gun – $5,000 Bail

Should Derrick have pulled over for Fintan Moore?  I would have, but I don’t blame Derrick for not feeling comfortable with stopping what he was doing for some angry man with a big car, a costume, and a gun.

If you support obeying every diktat issued by the men with badges, ask yourself how many seconds of not pulling over is enough in your mind to justify an attack like KPD’s Moore launched on Derrick?  30?  60?  120?  Keep in mind Derrick was not wanted for rape or murder.  There wasn’t a warrant, as the Sentinel claimed.  Moore merely had papers to serve.  Should someone be attacked over trying to serve them papers?

Here’s the arraignment from this morning where bail was set at $5,000:

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  1. Gotta love it when someone has so many pending charges that they have to stop and put together a timeline. And when that guy is so stupid he ignores all attempts by the judge to help him help himself.

  2. Anonymous,

    Can you identify any particular person that Derrick assaulted, stole from or committed a fraudulent act against ?. It seems his "crimes" have to do with speaking out, peacefully, about a system that endorses violence.

    Help is a relative term in this instance. Perhaps you've heard this before, but it might be appropriate in this instance, "they break your legs and then hand you crutches and say see we're helping you"…

    i am not endorsing all of Derrick's behavior as acts I would choose, but the original question to you is actually rhetorical….you cannot identify anybody he has harmed, yet he will be harmed greatly by the time this is sorted out. There is something askew here, when a person that speaks up is jailed and fined.

  3. "There is nothing askew here, when a person that runs from the cops is jailed and fined."


  4. I can't believe how much bad info they give at the jail…………it would be funny if peoples lives weren't in the balance….I've called 2 times and be told both times that his bail is 2000…… ..I guess in this age of computers they still haven't caught up. Whats the diff right ? It's just peoples LIVES……jeeez

  5. Both call answerers told me he doesn't have visiting today -monday- too….but who knows

  6. Act like an idiot, get treated like an idiot. Simple as that.

  7. Acting like an "idiot" is sort of hard to define. That's why for a "crime" to exist I posit that a person should come forward and state how they were harmed. Absent that, I'd say that Derrick didn't commit a "crime". He may have disobeyed an edict that relies on force rather than logic, but that might be too much for people that believe legitimacy is gained from violence to consider. I'll also add that being

    "offended" is not the same as being harmed.

    I agree with you anonymous that what happened is "normal", in that it happens on a routine basis. However in a dysfunctional family it may be "normal" for a drunk to beat their spouse. So I ask you to consider that something that occurs "normally" even in a legal sense does not automatically bestow riteousness. For instance Rosa Parks wasn't supposed to sit in the front of the bus was she?

  8. Bit of a difference between Rosa Parks and Derrick J. Horton.

    Rosa Parks: Arrested for opposing segregation.

    Derrick J. Horton: Arrested for fleeing police and resisting arrest. Underlying offense: kept harassing underage students after repeated warnings to stop.

    See the difference?

  9. "I don’t blame Derrick for not feeling comfortable with stopping what he was doing for some angry man with a big car, a costume, and a gun."

    So riding your bike away from that person who clearly has the tactical advantage (car) seems like a logical alternative?

  10. And there it is. Took only 7 posts. derrick=Rosa Parks.

  11. abuse of power….a railroad

  12. Delusion abounds. You must define Derricks behavior as harassment in order to rationalize police conduct. Handing out brochures to individuals is neither harassment nor crime. In case you're unaware, state laws force students against their will to go to state schools or alternative schools regulated by state laws. They are not free to opt out and pursue their own desires. You cannot simultaneously feign concern for the well-being of children and deny them the autonomy to choose for themselves how they are educated, or if they are to be educated. You point a gun at all the parents and students who are forced to participate in an institution that they perhaps wish not to participate in. How outlandish of Derrick, myself and a few others to hand out cards encouraging young people to think for themselves and practice self-responsibility and non-aggression.

  13. FreeKeene has jumped the shark? Comparing Derrick I-run-from-police J to Rosa Parks? Oh brother…

  14. Ryan Maddox on Mon, 2nd Apr 2012 6:53 pm

    "You cannot simultaneously feign concern for the well-being of children and deny them the autonomy to choose for themselves how they are educated, or if they are to be educated."


    Actually, you can. Children aren't capable of making those decisions on their own. It's the same reason we don't let children drink booze, have sex, or sign contracts. They're not capable of understanding the ramifications of their actions.

  15. I think Ian summed it up pretty nicely for once. "Moore merely had papers to serve." so why not stop? why be a total dick? The FREAKWEINERS better shape the fuck up and start acting like fuckin adults instead of whiny bratty children. Hell I script a movie concerning the comparison!

  16. Ian didn't plunk down $5K for bail, even knowing that his comrade has to prepair for another trial? Oh, oh, — the inhumanity. You know Derrick will pay you back. Oh, oh, — the inhumanity.

  17. actually no Moore isn't costumed, he is an actual government official wearing a uniform. You see the difference between a uniform and a costume. A uniform requires the proper training and government licensing. You see there is a big difference between me going out dressed LIKE a cop (costume) and a government official who IS a cop (Uniform). But this is Freekeene's lame attempt to lure in the stupid fools with propaganda; its typical of the FREAKWEINER trolls. I wonder how many people dramatics or trolls believe in the propaganda.

  18. @ 6:45 of the video, Derrick describes this as being "totally unreasonable"…….

    Yes Derrick, just like not pulling over for 30 seconds and going about your business….. You deserve EVERYTHING YOURE GETTING RIGHT NOW!!!

  19. Ian, see if you can gather up 500,000 pennies in Cheshire County to make bail. That way you may free your comrade and really show them you mean business when it comes to liberty lov'n and free people'n.

  20. 2 Things Ive learned from all of this;

    1. Bob Constantine is much physically older than he is mentally AND

    2. Ryan Maddox has been kicked in the head way too many times to have a lucid thought.

  21. Ian,

    Isn't it time you authorized a vigil?

  22. Yes, I agree with two sense;

    What a sight it would be for a 19 person vigil……fail!!

  23. Yeah, that's the ticket, an emergency vigil with libretee lov'n.

  24. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you don't have children, do you ryan maddox?

  25. Hey ryan, does self-responsibility and non-aggression include not paying for parking at the airport? Just wondering.

  26. @Name

    Of course he doesn't have children. He is oblivious to the upbringing process. Letting them think on their own? How obvious can you be..

    Ryan, have a child and then come talk, ok? IDIOT

  27. For God's sake, ryan, please don't think I was telling you to have children. That, would be unwise.

  28. Something about this video makes me think of what would happen if Richard Simmons tried opening a mixed martial arts dojo.

  29. All the players involved, no statute of limitations with Civil Rights suits?

  30. loving the slave mentality on display

  31. I'd just like to thank the trolls from the Church of Authority for being here. It's useful for people to see how absurd your cult beliefs are. You have charismatic leaders and jargon. You also have a creepy indoctrination "pledge".

    The first step to recovery is admitting you have as problem. That is why you're here, right?

  32. I support what you guys are trying to do, but getting arrested to make a one minute video is madness. Derricks spirit is going to be broken pretty soon with all the time he is facing. That bike ride might well have been his last for a long, long time. For the first time I agree with Burke, he needs competent legal council.

  33. Ian, I admit you have a problem. Does this mean you're going to go away so Keene can recover?

  34. I can only speak for myself, but Ian, despite his butthurt response, makes a good point. He must be clairvoyant…..because the reason I'm here IS to admit I have a problem. That problem…is you clowns.

    Another reason is it is hilariously stupid, as are the troll commando's who keep feeding and feeding and feeding. Hi Chase/david-keene…it's been awhile – go ahead and throw one my way – do your best though.

  35. Maybe the trolls have a five year plan to graduate to professional troll and their internships at other sites have fallen through. It's nice of Ian to offer them the chance to weather the storm and practice their craft here. Don't like to see a troll go malnourished, dying in a wilderness where nobody can hear them make asses of themselves for the amusement of others.

  36. I’d just like to thank Ian from the Church of Liberty for being here. It’s useful for people to see how absurd your cult beliefs are. You are a charismatic leader and with tired jargon. You also are also just plain creepy with the way you film at schools.

    The first step to recovery is admitting you have as problem. That is why you’re leaving Keene, right?

  37. Gotta get a good laugh from Ian "Adolf Hitler" Holt Bernard dictatorship that if you disobey him in anyway you will be outcasted from his so called free society. Must to nice to bank in the cash and live like a millionare and send the working person to do his dirty work while using Ryan Maddox, Derrick Joseph Horton, and Bradley Jardis as his own personal servants that he will dump when he no longer needs them.

  38. I'm here because I find the site fascinating. It's got all the twisted logic of a Chuck Palahniuk novel combined with the self-destructive zeal of a G.G. Allin concert.

    I admit it's the car crash effect: I shouldn't look, but I can't resist.

  39. freekeene's 15 minutes of fame is down to the last ten seconds or so.

  40. Inside source slaves working for me in the system say the state will go for a "year and a day" putting derrick in to big boys jail.

  41. "Inside source slaves working for me in the system say the state will go for a “year and a day” putting derrick in to big boys jail."

    It is about time though….

  42. Ian,

    You are correct in thanking the 'trolls'….without them your site would be completely dead by now (your 'peaceful evolution' is already dead for all intents and purposes, from what I gather…once you start alienating even the people who support your cause, you know you've started a rapid decline)

  43. Ian,

    The simple, compassionate act of writing a $5K check, you won't do. Won't you at least send him fresh batch of Liberty Stickers via Mail-to-Jail?

  44. you guys just keep poking the bear. then when it bites you in the backside you get upset? I agree with an earlier comment- I am really afraid that this is going to get further out of hand and someone is going to get hurt.

    And as a parent, I would peacefully and respectfully ask you to stay away from my children and their schools.

  45. "And as a parent, I would peacefully and respectfully ask you to stay away from my children and their schools."

    Unfortunately, in the logic of a Free Keener, they should be able to do whatever they want to your children, as long as it doesn't 'harm' them–the definition of 'harm' here is quite subjective, obviously, given their demonstrated behavior around many children….I've even seen self-proclaimed Free Keeners defend corporal punishment of children, so clearly their definitions are pretty warped. So your peaceful and resectful request holds no bearing for them because they believe they should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't violate their definition of 'harm.'

    (and just to stave off the inevitable "we are individuals, you can't say we all believe this" response: yes, I recognize you are all individuals, but many of you seem to have very similar ideologies, and this is one of the ideologies which has been repeatedly expressed by people associated with this movement)

  46. Ian has said on more than one occasion, that he believes there should be no laws against a 30 year old having sex with a 13 year old, as long as they both consent.

    Yup! I really want that kind of person hanging out at the middle school full of 13 year olds. NOT!!!

    tic…tic…tic… times running out for the FK

  47. We are not trolls actually, we ARE the voices of Keene. We want you and your whiny pain in the ass group out of Keene! As Freer than Derrick said, "times running out"

  48. When the judge says to you several times during your arraignment "It would be in your interest to seek legal counsel', guess what? It would be wise for you to get an attorney. But, if you had made wise choices in the past, you wouldn't be sitting in a cell with $5000 cash bail, now would you?

    Hey ian, maybe you could divert some of the funds in the 2012 freekeene ad campaign to help poor derrick. How much do you have so far in the first quarter of 2012?

  49. Thank you for all you guys do to achieve liberty in our lifetime. The kids at Monadnock are already feeling the benefits since there is one less nutjob lurking about the school grounds and are free to not have to deal with him.

    I say – keep going…..get out there and continue on – yell, scream, march! By next year, the whole lot of you will have an entire lifetime of probation.


  50. Ian may act dumb, but he knows putting up $5000 for Derricks bail is not a wise choice, Derrick as proven time and time again that he is a time bomb! I can see the visits now.

    visitor: "I love you Derrick! I just hate seeing you in here, caged like an animal!"

    Derrick: "Can you post my bail then? So I can get out of this cage"?

    visitor: "Oh I don't love you that much! I can't afford to loose $5000…silly boy, hahaha. But I will continue to visit you and wave at you from the monitor" (insert hug gesture)

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