Radio Free Keene News – 2012-04-02

Radio TowerRadio Free Keene News is a five minute newscast which is available as a podcast and also will air at the top of some hours on LRN.FM.

You can download the edition for this week here. Topics covered include the attack against and kidnapping of Free Keene blogger Derrick J as well as the Monadnock Regional High School free speech showdown.

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  1. So Ian a couple of questions please.

    #1. You said in your podcast that Derrick didn't believe he had to pull over because he was on a bike. Ok well I get that for the 1st few seconds but could please explain Derricks refusal to pull over when Officer Moore pulled up beside and tried to wave him over?

    This point by the way you convienently omitted in your podcast, you described it along the lines of the following.

    (PARAPHRASING) "After ignoring the sirens because he was on a bike, Officer Moore rammed into him with his cruiser door and destroyed his bike wheel with his club".

    But why did you leave out the several visual attempts to pull Derrick over? Why did you abbreviate the reality of thwe events?

  2. Those were questions Ian…….


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