Signs You’re in A Cult – The Cult of “Authority” or “The State”

CultMost people are aware of cults. Some are more familiar than others, having actually been in one, or having a loved one who was or still is. Religious cults are the most obvious. In addition there are self-help cults and marketing cults.

Some critics have accused the liberty movement as being a cult. However, when you break it down, it doesn’t fit the parameters. Really what is happening, is those accusing liberty-oriented people of being cult members are just projecting. Whether they realize it or not, they are deep within a cult of their own. It’s a cult so pervasive and effective, that people don’t realize they are a part of it.

Until a better name is put forth, I’d call it the Authority Cult. In Larken Rose’s excellent book, “The Most Dangerous Superstition”, he clearly outlines how the belief in “authority” is incredibly destructive to the ends of peace. It’s an excellent and enlightening read.

There are classic signs you are in a cult, and the Authority Cult is replete with them:

Brainwashing Techniques
There is no shortage of brainwashing going on in the Authority Cult. Children are indoctrinated from a young age to believe in “authority” and to respect those who claim to have it. The message is very effective, and the government schools churn out wave after wave of worker drones who are not likely question their beliefs and will hand over a huge portion of their earnings to the Authority Cult leadership.

Chanting is also another serious warning sign, and Authority Cult members are inculcated from an early age with the “Pledge of Allegiance” and other nationalistic hymns.

Charismatic Leaders
People in the Authority Cult may not agree on who the leader of their cult should be, but ultimately, they’ll do as their leader (they call the person “president”) tells them. If only to bide time until they can hopefully elect their own. Some cult members (“the military”) will even die for their leader. The cult is organized hierarchically and has many sub-leaders of lesser “authority” underneath the head.

The Authority Cult members also engage in strange rituals, which they believe are completely normal. Believers in “authority” are seen doing things like standing up when a robe-wearing person called “judge” walks in or out of a room. They stand and put their hands over their hearts when chanting their brainwashing “pledge” (it used to be the fascist salute – see photos here). Every couple of years they engage in an “election” where they choose the cult’s next batch of leaders. These are just a few obvious examples of Authority Cult rituals.

Not only does the Authority Cult employ euphemisms to cover for the violence that is the core of the cult, like “taxes” (extortion and theft), “corrections” (cages), and “public servant” (master), but the cult actually has a full language they call “legalese”. Legalese looks like English, but the words are re-defined by the cult intellectuals. For instance, in legalese, the word “person” can mean “corporations”, which are themselves nothing more than another cult belief. (A “corporation” in reality is some papers in a folder that the cult members use as an excuse to protect the upper crust of business owners from liability for their actions.)

Culture of Fear
Historically, many cults have been very difficult to leave. Believers in the Authority Cult will frequently tell others that “if you don’t like it, leave”, but ignore that the cult members control the “borders” and won’t let you physically leave without a pass issued by the cult. Besides, to where is someone who doesn’t believe in “authority” supposed to go? The whole world is full of Authority Cult members. Many people who reject believing in the cult go about it quietly. They are afraid of publicly leaving the cult, because they know the cult’s “public servants” may possibly kidnap and cage them. The cult does this to former members from time to time to send a message of intimidation. After all, if they just let you opt-out, others who have quietly rejected the cult beliefs might just get ideas and also stand up and speak out against the oppressive cult.

A Solution
See the cult for what it is: Men and women using costumes, rituals, indoctrination, and other distractions to keep their victims as blissful or incarcerated as possible so as to maximize the cult leaders’ power and money. Consider joining the Free State Project and/or Shire Society. People who have released the cult belief system should get together in the same place. You can escape the cult and help others live free of the idea of “authority” and its corrupting, angry, divisive, greedy influence. Please get to the Shire and get active – there is much to be done.

Thanks to Gene the Christian Anarchist and Larken Rose for inspiring this piece. Also thanks to the trolls on this blog for providing continuous absurd examples of the cognitive dissonance many people will experience when coming to realizations regarding their, in many cases, lifelong belief in “authority”.

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