Derrick J Signs Plea Deal, Ends Victimless Crime Spree

“There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Today, May 1, 2012 at 9:30am I signed a plea deal. Attached below are scanned copies of the terms. The long and short of it is that I will be going to jail for 60-115 days, starting May 7th at 4:20pm. Even though it will be a tough experience, I feel a sense of relief because I have certainty whereas I had none before.

I was facing 4 trials, with charges collectively totaling about 9 years in jail. Even if I were found not guilty by a jury in each case, I would still serve about 80 days jail time in fines. This is essentially a time-saver. It’s like a bully is forcing me to choose between the unattractive options of being kicked in the shins today or being knocked out sometime in the next year. By signing the plea deal, I’m mitigating my potential exposure to further harm.

Hindsight is 20/20, and while I’ve taken note of my mistakes, I don’t regret my actions because they were always totally peaceful. No one is alleging that I have harmed anybody or damaged any property. The past year in Keene has been an invaluable learning experience, and I’d prefer to take a hit for living free than to allow paralyzing fear to cause inaction.

Court Documents

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  1. Umm, sorry, but a not guilty verdict by a jury means you are innocent and are not charged or sentenced further to jail.  

  2. You apparently missed the “not” keyword in the contraction Don’t Take The Plea Deal. What’s to keep the bully known as the justice system from kneecapping ya now and then TKOing ya later anyway. Hand over your lunch money to hopefully keep your wallet. Keene Spiritual Retreat may be a place to get one’s backdoor dug a Green Mile and toss salads decoratively, festively.

  3. All things considered Derrick, that sounds like a fair deal considering the substantial leverage the state had over you.

    Get yourself some good books to catch up on 🙂

  4. The charges are petty and stupid.  What is worse is that these guys accomplish nothing.  They harass law enforcement and are then shocked when law enforcement nit-picks them on stupid charges.  Recently, I had a few misdemeanors which were far more serious than these charges, and I took a deal that left me with no jail time and a few fines.  So, with that said, yes, the cops are out to get you guys..but it’s more because you are idiot douchebags instead of some amazingly absurd conspiracy threading its way through all government.

  5. Each of these situations is unique. Each of us is unique. I applaud both those who do take plea deals and those who don’t, and those who sometimes do one or the other. Let’s not judge. Let’s support Derrick and applaud his courage. Kudos Derrick!

  6. That would make sense, wouldn’t it, Freedom?   Unfortunately, I was found guilty of a violation during the bench trial, and violation-level charges cannot be brought before a jury.  The sentence imposed for that charge was a $1,240, which I must either pay or serve in the form of 25 days in jail.

  7. 🙁 Bullies are awful. Bullies with guns, badges, courthouses, and the force of federal law behind them are just horrendous. So sorry that our country makes victims out of the intelligent, free spirited, and creative. Keep your head down, shut up, don’t speak out, don’t question how things are. If you do, we’re going to steal your time, money, and freedom. Land of the free, heh. 

  8. Derrick,
    IMO you are not thinking your activism through. You must be prepared to go all the way through with your court cases after an arrest. This is the only way to get leverage for future court cases against unjust arrest. By taking a plea deal you are giving in to the corrupt court system and the cops who abuse their authority win. I thank you for standing up for people’s constitutional rights, but it does no good to take a deal that is what they expect everyone to do. I wish you well and hope you chalk this up as a great learning experience for future activism.

  9.  I’m honestly shocked by the prosecutor’s leniency.  After Derrick’s bike ride, I’d have thought the prosecutors would want to hammer him as an example before someone gets hurt.  I hope their leniency doesn’t end up doing more harm than good. 

  10. We need you Derrick.  The world needs you.

  11. Ass.

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