Medea Benjamin Dragged From Press Conference During Drone Killings Monologue

It’s a surprise to learn that Medea Benjamin was allowed into a press conference marking the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s mysterious execution. ‘Counterterrorism Advisor’ John Brennan spoke about US military operations overseas, including the use of drones to kill suspected combatants, at the April 30 event at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in DC. Medea (whom you may remember from the Jefferson Dance Party) stood and interrupted the official’s speech and spoke out on behalf of innocent victims of increasingly advanced US militarism. The venue was reasonable enough to not ask that she be arrested after police dragged her from the room. Linked you can read Medea’s account of the event, and see the courageous interruption below:

NH News

Today Dave Ridley published an illustrated weekly audio broadcast from Ron Paul on the current state of US foreign intervention. He makes note of the fact that suicide rates among combat veterans are higher than rates of combat fatalities. He goes on to cite how Joseph Stiglitz, chief economist for the World Bank (and a Keynesian, nonetheless) wrote a 2008 article, The True Cost of the Iraq War, and discusses how broken window economic strategies are bleeding the market.

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  1.  wow the speaker didn’t miss a beat…. ..Never mind show any sympathy or human feeling regarding what she said

  2. I’m surprised that law enforcement wasn’t more on the ball with her. 

    I’ve gotten security escorts in court facilities and all I do is file paperwork.


  1. Medea Benjamin Dragged From Press Conference During Drone Killings Monologue | - [...] Click here to view the embedded video. [...]

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