What’s the Deal with Silver? Why Should I Have It?

Originally posted at SilverforLiberty.com

Something I’m coming to terms with is that not everyone knows about precious metals (heck I didn’t, it’s confusing and took me years). In fact, it seems a large number of people prefer paper money to gold or silver (I understand this). Yet, some of these same people wear gold or silver jewelry, jewelry they paid alot more for in relation to the value of the precious metal in such piece. Therefore I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts about Silver and end with a video series called “The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield” (SBSS) by TruthNeverTold on YouTube. Hopefully after reading my perspective and watching SBSS you’ll have a better understanding why everyone should incorporate silver into their lives.

Why Silver?

First and foremost, it’s REAL money, sorry, paper money is not real money (as in it holds no greater value than any other piece of paper). More so, all Federal Reserve Notes lose value due to the sheer number that have (and are being) printed – this is called inflation.  You cannot print silver (or gold for that mater) at whatever rate you want and since silver can be used for a number of things it always has value.

Second, paper money (like Federal Reserve Notes) bare no promise of any payment, other than the actual paper value. This means that if people (any large number of people- like another country) decide to stop using paper money (because too much of it has been printed) then the value would of said paper money would be zero. You couldn’t even sell or trade paper money for scratch paper, it would be worthless and you would be stuck with it.

If you use the same example with silver (or any precious metal) the result is much different. If folks decided to stop accepting or trading with silver it would still be used for other purposes. People would still use silver for a number of things. For example silverware, medical, food, jewelry and much much more – see wiki on silver. Therefore, one would still be able to trade for things due to the multiple purposes for silver. Yes, you may not have as many options, if people weren’t trading silver regularly, but you wouldn’t be ‘stuck’ with it as in the example using paper money.

And lastly, something that ties both together, the paper money will fail, that is as sure as gravity. Don’t take my word for it there are plenty of examples that can be given in history where money was devalued so badly that trillion dollar bills had to be printed. Governments and central banks have failed time and time again. While precious metals (along with other commodities) have continued to to be the corner stone of the economy – highly recommened article on silver here. And with that I leave you with the first two parts of “The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield” – find the full playlist here (it’s 34 parts but worth it, IMO).

Part 1 & (partial) 2 of “The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield” featuring Suns of Liberty – you can see the entire playlist here.


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