Drunken KHS Teacher Claims Drugs Are Bad, But Alcohol is Fine

You never know what you’re going to see when you are out on the streets with Keene CopBlock. In this case, CopBlockers were confronted by two drunken college girls, one of whom claiming to be a physical education teacher at Keene High School.

The young women ironically claim that drugs are bad, while being pretty inebriated on one of the hardest drugs of all, alcohol. Also, they advocate that people who do drugs like cocaine should be arrested, then one admits to having done Adderall (a stimulant, like cocaine) earlier in her college career.

The remain oblivious of their striking example of hypocrisy throughout the interview. This is what was happening when I had spotted the undercover officers drive by and gave chase, resulting in this other video outing the undercover “liquor dicks”.

Here are the drunk girls:

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  1. Doing Cop Block like this is always an issue. It is hard to do it so that you actually improve the image of Cop Block. I know, I’ve been there. Keep working on your tactics. Don’t feel bad. You will get better.

  2. So what you’re saying is that drunk college kids say dumb shit. And that’s post worthy because….why exactly?

  3. Someone should follow up on this chick to see what KHS’s reaction to this is.

  4. DespoticKeene, What you are calling a “Drunk Kid” is actually A DRUNK ADULT WHO CLAIMS TO TEACH KEENE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS, I wonder what she does with her portion of the stolen money? Oh wait, she gets stone drunk and babbles in front of people filming her, Smart! Intellegent! I hope this video does for her career what being a dumb drunk babbling bitch hasn’t, which is end it…..

  5. i loooooooooooove these chicks. :)))

  6. The female in this video who claims to be a “Keene High School PE Teacher” in not a Keene High PE teacher. The female is not an employee of Keene School District.
    Wayne Woolridge, Superintendent of SAU 29
    Posted by Lynne Wagner, Principal of Keene High School
    Rachael Summe-Leonard, Assistant Principal, Keene High School

  7. This video is going to ruin this girls reputation and future career as a physical education professional. You are exploiting this girl for commercial benefit, and causing her embarrassment and irreparable harm. Regarding the videographer who keeps rehashing the fact that “alcohol is a drug” to the girls who have clearly partaken in drinking: alcohol is a legal drug. This girl is of legal age to be consuming. This needs to be taken down before more harm is done.

  8. Actually, she doesn’t get paid. Haha.

  9. That girl could probably be drunk as fuck and still be a better keene high administrator than you

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