Derrick J’s Video Shoots to #1 On Cop Block’s Youtube Channel

It’s gone hater-viral! Now with over 300,000 views amassed mostly in the last 48 hours, the video of the Manch cop opening Derrick J’s door has passed all the other great videos at Cop Block’s Youtube to reach the #1 spot.

How did it happen? Looks like someone posted the video to reddit with the title, “We’ve seen lots of bad cops treating citizens poorly; Here’s some bad citizens treating a good cop poorly.”

The comments section is full of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers who excuse the officer’s aggression by claiming he’s just doing his job and was “respectful”. They ignore that officer Harrington aggressed against a peaceful driver who had not endangered anyone, then attack Derrick for daring to keep his privacy (and the heat in the car) by only cracking his window to talk to the officer. (Among other nasty, vitriolic comments.)

The reddit comments are a sad reminder of how worshipped the police are – how people will excuse their aggression so long as they are nice-seeming about it. It really highlights why its so important for liberty-loving people to move to NH and get together – lots of people love their oppressors and we are highly diluted across the country and world. If you haven’t signed up yet, hop on over to the Free State Project site and get onboard – we just crossed 13,000 signers!

Here’s the video in question:

Oh, and I posted a comment to reddit’s thread inviting the haters to call my radio program and actually converse with two of the people who were in the car (Ademo and I) and surprise surprise – no one called.

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