Derrick J’s Video Shoots to #1 On Cop Block’s Youtube Channel

It’s gone hater-viral! Now with over 300,000 views amassed mostly in the last 48 hours, the video of the Manch cop opening Derrick J’s door has passed all the other great videos at Cop Block’s Youtube to reach the #1 spot.

How did it happen? Looks like someone posted the video to reddit with the title, “We’ve seen lots of bad cops treating citizens poorly; Here’s some bad citizens treating a good cop poorly.”

The comments section is full of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers who excuse the officer’s aggression by claiming he’s just doing his job and was “respectful”. They ignore that officer Harrington aggressed against a peaceful driver who had not endangered anyone, then attack Derrick for daring to keep his privacy (and the heat in the car) by only cracking his window to talk to the officer. (Among other nasty, vitriolic comments.)

The reddit comments are a sad reminder of how worshipped the police are – how people will excuse their aggression so long as they are nice-seeming about it. It really highlights why its so important for liberty-loving people to move to NH and get together – lots of people love their oppressors and we are highly diluted across the country and world. If you haven’t signed up yet, hop on over to the Free State Project site and get onboard – we just crossed 13,000 signers!

Here’s the video in question:

Oh, and I posted a comment to reddit’s thread inviting the haters to call my radio program and actually converse with two of the people who were in the car (Ademo and I) and surprise surprise – no one called.

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  1. Ademo and Ian, is there a way to put DJVC Spree full movie or trailers as video comment to this clip to get some traffic hits for the film!

  2. double post

  3. It is stunning that you think this type of incredibly negative reaction is positive for the liberty movement or the FSP. It must just be cognitive dissonance.

    You guys were completely in the right, but this is not the type of thing to put out there if the goal is to advance liberty. This does much more damage to the liberty movement than any positives that could possibly come from it. It really just turns people off as evidence by the thousands of “dislikes” and terrible comments.
    Yes, these people are all statists suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but we were all like that once. This is not the way to wake people up, and it will likely only make them more set in their ways and less open to the ideas of voluntaryism. There are a lot better ways to spread the message of liberty.

  4. You presume that is the target audience, Voluntaryist Freeman.

  5. We’re you driving on publicly funded roads? News flash: you don’t need a car inspection if your traveling on your own private road. The people of NH have decided that in order to drive on their collectively funded road system, you need a vehicle inspection. This is not a facist goverment takeover, this is how your neighbors voted to keep the roads, they pay for, safe.

    Don’t drive on tax-payer funded roads, and you won’t need a sticker son. Pretty simple.

  6. Wow, if that’s the worst kind of police you have, I’d love to move to wherever you are. If that were any cop in my town we’d have been cuffed and likely beaten, or in a best-case scenario, written up for any and every little infraction the cop could dream up – and driven home with a couple grand in tickets.

  7. A lot is demanded of police and other similar workers that do an awful lot of good for us and very little if any respect is given to them as this example shows.

    I suspect some people here have forgotten “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” I am not speaking of the police officer in the video.

  8. The target audience is Ian and Derrick’s egos.

  9. You mean irresponsibility and inability to exercise good judgment.

  10. oops, it was updated last week. It happened a while ago.

  11. NH already forbids such evil acts of violence.

  12. Do you pay for the cops in your town to treat people that way?

  13. Read the post: “This is what happens when the cops cannot see into a car:”

  14. I read that, sir.

  15. Freeman is right; the target audience is the person who is emotionally attached to statism.

  16. Sure, just have your goons stop threatening me by taking my house away when I refuse to pay for your roads.

  17. The thing is, that “very little respect” that they get, is millions of times more respect than they deserve. So they’re already “overpaid” in that regard.

  18. The “people of NH” did not vote on any such thing. A small collection of individuals in Concord set it up.

    And, as long as I’m /forced/ to pay for the roads, they are every bit as much mine as they are yours. Stop forcing me to pay for them, and then we can talk. As long as I fund them, they’re mine to use.

  19. Is this how a voluntary society would work? “If I’m paying for a miniscule portion of [a good or service], I’ll disregard the rules we all agreed to and do whatever I want with [whatever good or service]. And if I’m not paying for them, I’ll use them anyways?”

  20. In a voluntary society, no one is /forced/ to pay for something. If you steal my TV and sell it to partially-fund purchasing a hot rod, you better believe I’ll disregard whatever rules /you/ (not “we”) have set for who does and does not get to drive that hot rod.

  21. Don’t want to pay for roads? Don’t own a car. The NH Highway fund is paid for through road tolls (aka the “gas tax”) and DMV fees. No car = no buying gas and paying DMV fees = no “forced” payment. It’s amusing to watch how “voluntaryists” try to hide the ball by creating these false analogies involving stolen TVs and hot rods. In reality, “Voluntaryism” is just a nicer sounding word for collectivism and freeriding.

  22. The gas tax applies to all gasoline sales. Can’t even fuel your lawnmower without paying it.

    But it does not pay for the roads. It only pays a small portion of the cost of maintaining the roads. Most road repair funding in NH comes from property taxes and Federal funds, which in turn come from income taxes.

    Got any more “bright” ideas?

  23. Source for your claim re: property taxes, please. The federal funds are not from income taxes; they are from the federal gas tax that you pay at the pump.

  24. Well, That’s rich. The fella arguing for a socialized road system is calling the people arguing for a free market road system, collectivists. Irony?

  25. I’ll cite, you know, actually living in NH, and actually showing up at town budget meetings, and actually reading and debating the budget. The road repair funds come out of town tax revenue and Federal highway funds.
    The Federal gas tax is not allocated specifically for road repair – it mostly just goes into the general fund. A large portion of it /is/ allocated… to fund Amtrak, which continually operates at a loss.

  26. Well thay had some I think stuiped questions but who can blame them cops are treating people badly all the time.You don’t need to tell a public servant that you are recoding its in ower constitution.we have that right and if I were them I would press charges for bracken an entering.thay do not have special rights because thay have a badge

  27. The cop said black on black what does race have to do with annything I’m white so would he help me less than a black man

  28. Cops just sicken me.dont you think thay would want to change that image.thay always say I’m traind to deal with what ever and all I see is a bully in a badge

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