Election night coverage live blogging

[For a final wrapup – see this post]

We’ll track results as they come… how many pro-liberty politicians will be elected?

First results: Michael Sylvia of Belmont, freestater, elected as State Rep!

Losing with almost 1500 votes and 10% of the vote total: FreeKeene’s own Ian Freeman. Despite a strong outspoken polarizing activist in Keene, running as a Libertarian, and against 2 Democrats, Ian got more votes than many Libertarians elsewhere in the nation tonight.

Other good liberty leading votes reelected: Guy Comtois, Kyle Tasker, Joe Pitre, Stella Tremblay, and the only Rep (in different years) elected as Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican, Rep. Steve Vallaincourt, all back to Concord.

Carol and Dan McGuire reelected!

AntiFreeStater Lee Quandt loses. Too bad, so sad.

Poster Child (according to the Dems, the sign if the FSP will succeed) Rep. Mark Warden reelected!

Laura Jones wins re-election by 134 votes!

Dual Freestater win in Ward 11 in Manchester, Former Rep. Joel Winters relected as Dem, and Emily Sandblade as Republican!

Still waiting on a few results, but it’s getting late. Looks like the ‘Freestater’ number will remain about a dozen by my rough count, despite a massive leftward shift in the overall House. I’ll review and post a longer summary later.

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  1. Give me a Warden.

  2. Mark Warden for Hillsborough County Sheriff! (Damn, I should’ve thought of that at the poll.)

  3. Ward 2 state rep voting results (district 16):

    Chuck Weed: 1710
    Delmar Burridge: 1167
    Ian Freeman: 306

  4. So Keene voters prefer a guy by a huge margin who is calling for firing squads. Fascist Keene. I bet a good chunk of these Fascists are people upset about Republican creeps talking about “legitimate rape” and the like.

  5. Seth, have you heard about this yet? Libertarian man runs against incumbent Lamar Smith (of SOPA bill fame) in Texas’ 21st congressional district. Right on!

  6. Now, just for the record, Ian lost to “Weed”?

  7. It wasn’t that Burridge was a good candidate. It was just that Freeman is such a terrible candidate and ran LP and didn’t try much to win.

  8. The gentleman is a retired professor of political science at Keene State College. A well known incumbent.

  9. I was making a joke.

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