Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP

The chips have fallen where they may and the Grand Old Party is looking less grand especially in New Hampshire.  Governor Romney’s loss is not much of a surprise for many given the startling similarities between him and President Obama.  Even during the primary many polls showed him losing to Obama in the general election and yet the Republican Party put a great deal of effort into squelching the one candidate who could beat Obama, Dr. Ron Paul.

Supporters of Ron Paul did not forget and when the time came to back Romney in the general election, the votes were just not there.

Both of New Hampshire’s seats to the U.S. House of Representatives were held by Republicans and both were lost to Democratic ousters.  One in particular has some interesting numbers to note:

C. Shea-Porter Dem 49.8% 172,356
F. Guinta (i)    GOP 45.8% 158,482
B. Kelly           Lib     4.3%    14,968

Brenden Kelly captured enough of the vote to deny Frank Guinta another term in office.  Had the GOP been able to court more support from libertarians and independents the results may have turned out differently.

Soda Tax seeker Catherine Mulholland won a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  With quotes like,“To be addicted to sugar is just as bad as being addicted to alcohol or tobacco,” New Hampshire residents will have another legislator looking to impose nanny-state sin-taxes.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg instituted a ban on super-sized beverages but Mulholland has a different approach, “That’s a great idea, but tax it. Don’t restrict the size.”

Tim O’Flaherty captured more than just the vote this election season.  He also captured the attention of bloggers at Comedy Central with an interesting post about running in a race against his roommate Dan Garthwaite.  The post became much more intimate with a funny response from Tim indicating that there was more at stake than a seat when jokes about the bedroom were made.

New Hampshire voters came out against the income tax with a majority voting in favor of a Constitutional Amendment though the total fell short of the two-thirds majority needed.  The topic shaped the debate with Governor-elect Maggie Hassan vowing to veto a personal income tax and general sales tax as Governor.

With the election over the campaign signs are disappearing like so many political operatives and shadowy money.  Now perhaps New Hampshire residents can get back to real, tangible, and productive work and the airwaves will have less negativity spewing forth.


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  1. That’s right. What did the GOP expect anyway? What went around came around. Hurts doesn’t it? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Thanks Ron for trying!!

  2. This is an example when you shame, defame and push out a base that would’ve stuck behind you and a representative that stood for the best of us. Now we are stuck with a bought out politician we call Obama that no repub can agree with, as an independent don’t support, and even dems were upset with his performance.

    GOP could’ve claimed liberal/democratic support even with Ron Paul but instead they rig an election, polls and take a dump on him in the media with nobody sticking up for him.

  3. RAND PAUL 2016!

  4. You are a moron for thinking there is no difference between Obama and Romney. We’ll all be hurting because of you’all’s childishness.


  6. I would have supported the republicans but watching what they did to the Ron Paul delegates was totally wrong! I cant support scum like that.

  7. Sounds like the same dude to me! Other than skin color, not much of a difference at all.

  8. ^ Lol. He voted for the bigger moron of the two apparently.

  9. RP supporters did not burn the GOP. The GOP was burned more than a decade ago when it decided to bow to its masters, the multinational corporations. Of course, the Democrats are getting harder to see clearly given all the smoke that surrounds them.

  10. Is CA using SHELL Brazil sugar ethanol at a premium of $0.16 per gallon so Valero is shipping GMO corn ethanol to Brazil? Is SHELL also moving on the CA natural gas electric market that the people pay at double the national rate? So is CA funding export of energy profit?

  11. No, no!!! They were VERY different. One had a D after their name and one had an R. Otherwise, I agree – no philosophy difference on anything that Constitutionally matters. At least the right-wing will scream every time Obama does anything – they would just cheer every time Romney did something, thus Romney would have been worse…. much worse.

  12. I would have supported Romney if he could have given me just one good reason to but he didn’t. For example, if he had stated that he was against NDAA, I would have been on board even with his bank support, neo support and establishment support. I would have put that aside if he could have sent something my way…he didn’t.

  13. Ethanol may be the largest volume chemical in this country. Does ethanol become part of our water supply? Does our water folks test for ethanol in the tap?

    The local radio KCBS shared a study raised that ethanol might be a factor in brest cancer.

    Do the water folks check for ethanol?

  14. Mary Nichols was reported to own BP stock, BP has big bucks invested in GMO policy at CA Berkley. Can you spell conflict of interest?

  15. Just another example of the corrupt one party system of America. I didn’t care who won. But I somewhat cheered for Obama. Now it’s easier for Rand Paul to run next year 🙂

  16. I was with you until you said Rand, he is not his father, and he did endorse Romney…

  17. What’s this “we” that is all hurting? I’m an independent voter, and I vote my conscience. If I see republicans stepping outside of traditional party views as Romney has, I’m going to stick with my views and not vote for the person. Political parties are meant to serve us, not us parties.

  18. I am just thrilled about Carl Rove and CHarles Krauthammer having to eat crow. these know-it-alls KNOW NOTHING. They ditched the only candidate who had a chance again obama… Dr Ron Paul. Hey Carl,, do you like your bird hardboiled?

  19. Didnt care for Obama’s policies, but Romney making it personal…there was no way in HELL he would get my vote and Gary Johnson got it instead!

  20. There is a difference between Obama & Romney. one is for 4 years and the other would have been for 8 years. 4 of the same stuff is a lot better then 8. don’t you think?

  21. They major league Burn Paul supporters last year & this year and then turn around and think we will kiss their behinds and support their candidate just because they say so. LOL they are such morons. They deserve what they got. we all told them Romney could not win with out Paul supporters they did not listen. its their fault and their fault only.
    I’m glad Romney lost. any one that thinks they only need a lawyer to wage war is incompetent to be president.

  22. Patriot Act goes to Bush. Same with TSA and Homeland Security. There is a Federalist Statist machine in DC that is destroying the Constitution.

  23. Ya darn tootin right!!!

    Shooda voted for Dr. Paul- now yaller stuk wit 4 more yeers of elleegal infertratin and defasit spenin. Good luck wit dat der fashist war criminul Obamer!

    Good job sheeple- way to give up your rights!

  24. Not because of Ron Paul supporters, the GOP showed life long Republicans that supported Paul’s ideals the door to their own demise. Not enough difference between Obama and Romney to make many of us get off the couch, and what a feeling. If looking for someone to blame look no further than the RNC and the fraud, cheating, lies, and violence perpetrated by the right, had they compromised an inch Romney might have made it to the White house but there is more integrity in the thumbnail of a Liberty lover than all the blind partisan sheep put together. Before you cry out that the GOP is innocent perhaps you need to look up the vids and learn the reality of the 2012 Romney campaign.

    So I blame the fake conservatives, and the members of the RNC and Romney campaign that forced many Republicans (that the media labeled “Libertarians”) to stay at home like we did for McCain, so stop presenting us with Liberals and neoconservatives to vote for and perhaps the GOP can get our vote, but not before, it is the ONLY way to effect change.

  25. To all the sore losers, perhaps turning off fox news and focusing on facts and truths will do you some good in the future. We screamed from the mountain tops that Ron Paul was the only Republican polling high enough to beat Romney but your blessed Fox news led you down the primrose path and tried to garner Romney support via falsehoods and skewed polling to no avail. Even the day of the election Rasmussen showed Paul ahead of Obama while Romney still trailed. So go whine elsewhere as you will find no sympathy amongst the large part of the Republican party that the GOP and RNC decided not to give a voice, and the reason the GOP does not control the white house has all to do with partisan blindness and less to do with anything Ron Paul or his followers did. Next time perhaps you can demand the democratic process be followed by the losing party, and stop the fraud, violence, lies, and tricks against another very valid GOP candidate, end the fraud and perhaps you can earn the voters that sat on the couch election night, or get used to a Democrat in the White House.

  26. Hang in there Dr.Paul, we need ya!


    Steve, California

  27. Ron Paul supporter burn GOP?? It should be the GOP burned Ron Paul supporters.

  28. Those of you who are supporting the Libertarian Party instead of continuing to take over the Republican party are destroying the Liberty movement. Ron Paul was in the Republican party for 30 years for a reason….. the Libertarian Party will never stand a chance at winning anything…. ever.

  29. We made the republican party lose, they will learn their lesson, and repent. If not we continue to make them lose until they bend to our will. But whatever we do, we have to do it within the Republican party.

  30. I’d give it some time and see who else might come along. It’s too early to get behind a fellow who sold out his dad and a movement. Besides Rand is not very charismatic. I don’t think you’d get very far with a guy who bears such a troubling resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald.

  31. I would also like to add that I think Rand endorsed Romney knowing it would solidify Ron Paul supporters AGAINST Romney guaranteeing Romney a loss in the general setting the stage for a liberty candidate like Rand in 2016. Because now the GOP know they are not going to beat the democrats without OUR vote.

  32. Doesn’t matter who did it! It can be un done. None of them are willing to do that.

  33. Agreed. He was a sellout. Totally.

  34. It was the proverbial “nail in the coffin.” Good.

  35. Not a sell out, he was told what to say or go home. He did not sell out just listen to what he is saying NOW and what he said immediately after the RNC he may not be his father but he does not stand next to these others.

  36. Lets get this straight. The GOP burned us, all through the primaries, and caucuses. Legally elected delegates and chairman for Dr. Paul were arrested, and beat up only because they won. Whole counties and districts votes disappeared… DISAPPEARED! The GOP showed us the door. It’s their fault they lost. No body else. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for nominating the Liberal flip flopper Mitt, and blame the establishment GOP for their strong-arm tactics. I will not get kicked in the face and come back for more.

  37. Third party/write-in totals cost them Florida too. Great news for the Revolution. Now maybe the GOP will listen – one more time – You can’t win without us.

  38. Hey GOP, start by being honest once in a while. DOnt rig the primaries because you think you know better, let the people decide and stop meddeling.

  39. Do you think they will open the flap to the tent now? Or are they insane?

  40. The whole point is Obama and Romney supported it. Thats a big no no for me.

  41. So you guys pretty much gave the election to Obama. Was that your goal? I believe that if all conservatives voted for Romney he would have won. This has happened to the conservatives many times. It may seem wrong to vote for the least evil, however, when you do that you get the worst evil! Ross Perot did the same thing. This is why we always lose. We need to pick someone and stick by them.

  42. Don’t you understand the goal was to get someone better than Obama, everyone was right of Obama. He is the worst ever.

  43. If the idea was to get someone better than Obama, why did the GOP establishment choose Romney? Romney’s views are almost the exact same as Obama. Let me see do I want Romneycare or Obamacare? Let’s ask Massachusetts if Romney was a terrific Governor worthy of being President.

  44. I’m tired of people who think they have to vote for the lesser of two evils. What kind of stupid thinking is that? “You guys” gave this election to Obama by supporting Romney. If you would have supported Ron Paul, the true conservative, or even Gary Johnson we wouldn’t be in this predicament. I blame the 98% of America who don’t vote their conscience but vote on party lines or vote through faulty thinking. Who would you have voted for Stalin or Hitler? I choose neither and my conscience is free. You can go ahead and sponsor evil with your vote, I will take no part in that.

  45. Did not the good doctor run under the Libertarian Party in 1988 for President? Ron Paul’s Revolution isn’t about parties. It’s about ideas of government that resonant across all party lines. I say support your Libertarian Party, be weary of the Republican party, and always support those who profess our views no matter which party. And as for the Democratic/Socialist party teach them the love of Liberty and the faults of Socialism.

  46. Given that the GOP leadership basically screwed themselves by virtually banning Libertarians, Free Staters, and Tea Partiers at the convention; I still would have expected a more practical, pragmatic, and forethoughful response of voting for Romney as a means of preventing a worse president back in office. Maybe they wouldn’t have made any difference in the outcome if they hadn’t voted 3rd party. I just don’t know which way they would have split oterhwise.
    Principle is great. Such as having the right of way in a crosswalk. But principle doesn’t stop that 18-wheeler from turning you into a pancake if it doesn’t decide to stop.
    Obama is going to pancake the United States. Ya’ll may have just helped him do it.

  47. Dont look at me, I voted Gary Johnson sense the GOP stole delegates from Ron Paul! If you want your candidate to win dont pick a guy who aligns up with his opponent. I could not bring myself to vote for Romney, to untrustworthy.
    Did i want Obama to win? No. But at least now, I only have to worry about four more years of Obama instead of a scary and unknown eight years of Romney!

    Ron Paul had the support from everyone, old, young, liberal,democrat, republican, black, white, gay, and all those in between!
    Romney lost because of Romney and a failure of the GOP to follow its own rules!

  48. Like racist bigot Santorum was second, Ron Paul was always a close second the delegates themselves were stating there votes weren’t being counted in the debate polls, making more votes go to Romney and Santorum instead.

    Gingrich and Ron Paul had a lot more votes that were portrayed, but Gingrich really didn’t stand a chance. Having Santorum even get as far as he did looked bad on the Republican party. No moderate repub or independent would ever consider getting behind that nut.

    Romney never held a firm stance and wouldn’t bother to elaborate a single thing he mentioned, he only said he “disagreed” when he couldn’t explain what made him so different, the third debate was just about agreeing with everything Obummer said.

    Romney even before and while the GoP race was going on was getting a majority of the coverage and media support, while liberal media had loads of stuff to attack him on. Yes if you buy into your fox news and other far right BS you hear on special interest controlled TV as 100% true then your own damn fault for CHOOSING to believe the lies.

  49. Rand Paul needs time and better resume behind him. For now it will be Gary Johnson, I’d say by 2020 or 2024 Rand will be primed for the spot to also push the movement with his father and have some glorious to campaign on.

    As Kragsov said, if he had high charisma about him he could get away with it next session.


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