US Senate Votes To Restrict Indefinite Detention of Americans

The United States Senate has passed an amendment to Section 1021 of the NDAA that in theory would forbid the President from ordering the indefinite military detention of American citizens.  The amendment is far from perfect as the Federalist Society overviews in an excellent blog.

Being a lifelong New Hampshire resident, I find it particularly embarrassing that our own Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) (who talks a good game about our “Live Free or Die” motto) voted against this.  How can one “Live Free” when they’re subjected to indefinite military detention, on American soil, without access to the court system?

If someone proposed something like the NDAA for white men in 1950s, a visit to HUAC would have been called for.  The NKVD did this stuff, not us.  It is absolutely “Un-American” to deny the accused the right of access to the court system.

Please consider contacting Senator Ayotte to convey your thoughts about stripping Article III and the 5th Amendment from the US Constitution.

Thank you Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) for voting for this.

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