Snooty Delmar Burridge Proposes Statewide Gun Ban from Govt Buildings

The high-and-mighty sociopath, Delmar Burridge, a sociopath who just won re-election as Keene state representative, is already insulting the average, non-college educated person in NH. He has proposed new legislation to ban guns from government buildings across NH, saying, “It’s outrageous…I don’t think public employees, people who go to college should be subjected to this.

Way to show your superiority complex, Burridge! Burridge, for those who are new to the blog, is infamous for telling FK blogger Toby Iselin to snitch out his cannabis-using friends, saying, “It is thrilling to dime on your so called friends.

Here’s the source article from Huffington Post.

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  1. yea burrbidge or whatever the fuck your name is… u just prob want the high school ppl to be cannon fodder ,You fuck!

  2. So this is obviously in reaction to the many shootings in NH public buildings in the last few years, right? No? Then how about that recent high profile one? There wasn’t one?
    Why the hell is this coming up? Does this guy have a case of hoplophobia?

  3. I think its a reaction to the bad decisions he knows he’s gonna make and people are gonna hate him for ,so its his life insurance policy..But by doin it hes makin people mad at him so its like a catch 22 or a contradiction or a oxymoron or something

  4. Just ban public employees from entering government buildings: problem solved!

  5. Y’all hoplobohes need to watch “Bowling for Columbine” again. The fear being broadcast to all American’s by television, and the defense contractors building war-grade weapons to kill foreigners is the real crux of the problem, not self-reliant homeowners who own guns in New Hampshire and Vermont.

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