Representative Cynthia Chase… A Legislative Nightmare

What exactly does Representative Cynthia Chase mean when she says this:

Why take the time to emphasize the legality issue… right before suggesting a group of people with government authority “make the environment here so unwelcoming” to a separate group of people towards whom she is politically hostile?

From where I sit, she’s openly just signaled her intent to abuse her public office.

Any proposal on the part of Representative Chase to change any public policy should be met head-on at the LOB and later in the NH Supreme Court. I’d say any bill she co-sponsors should be considered equally as toxic.

Who knows who the “we” she is addressing in that particular comment really is. Perhaps there is a plan already afoot to make the lives of the political minority miserable?

Governments within the United States of America aren’t supposed to maliciously target groups of people, Representative Chase. Your proposed future use of your public office is exactly why groups of people (in a free country) get class specifications.

People have a constitutional right in the United States of America to move to another state to democratically take over the government.


It’s not proper for you to say “our” General Court, so as to indicate it belongs to your “we.” It’s “The” General Court, so as to indicate it belongs to The People.

“The People” includes “anarchists,” libertarians, Republicans, and you.

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