Voting for “Manchester Person of the Year” Turns Ugly

A friend of mine, Amanda Bouldin, is among the 11 nominees. She posted on facebook that she believes Dr. Julianne Cooper, Co-Founder and President of Liberty Harbor Academy should win, but is honored to have received a large number of votes. At the time she posted, she was winning the poll with a few hundred votes.

Since then, a Police Officer, Dan Doherty, has received a large amount of support. This support likely came after another Officer from MPD sent out an email, which was reposted on, reads:

NHPA member Dan Doherty has been nominated for Manchester area Person of The Year. He is running against several people one being Amanda Bouldin. Amanda is a Free Stater. Yesterday when the Free Staters noticed Dan was ahead in the voting they posted on the Ron Paul website asking people to vote for Amanda so the cop would not win. Last night a MPD Officer was approached by Amanda Bouldin and asked him why should Officer Doherty get Person Of The Year “Just because he got shot”. She then asked the officer for his vote.
We can not allow a Free Stater to win this against a Police Officer who was SHOT in the line of duty and was almost killed. I am asking IMPLORING all of you if you have not voted to PLEASE vote, and if you have voted you can vote again. You can vote as many times as you want. Dan was leading last night now he is losing by a substantial margin. PLEASE put out an email to all your members at your agencies asking them to vote. Below is the like to vote on. It only takes about 5 seconds to vote.”

It seems that getting shot and being employed by a gang of thugs is reason enough to win “Person of the Year” instead of a woman who has created an organization which donates holiday meals to needy families.
One of these two people depends solely on stolen funds, harms peaceful people and was shot; the other person has honest employment that does not rely on stolen funds and helps people.

I honestly don’t care how this poll turns out, as most online polls are decided by which participant is able to “get out the vote.” That said, I’m a little disgusted by the tactics used by thye MPD in an effort to make sure a “boy in blue” gets an award, just because he was shot AND is not part of the Free State Project.

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  1. If Ms. Bouldin behaved in the manner described, it demonstrates a certain lack of class on her part. Insulting a person’s co-worker (and likely friend) while asking for the person’s support is simply rude. Particularly when the co-worker/friend is recovering from life threatening injuries.

  2. Taking down a violent criminal (and getting shot in the process) is certainly worthy of recognition.

    That said, Amanda has been doing awesome work. I had a lot of fun handing out turkeys.

  3. No doubt.

    The poll question has now closed. But Dan Doherty certainly has my support.

  4. I honestly didn’t know the facts of the case until I just asked someone 5 minutes ago. Based on everything I know now, I would vote for Dan too.

    Look past the fact that he is employed by a monopoly protection service and look at what he DID.

    He heard gunfire, went TOWARDS it, got shot, and the suspect was apprehended *safely* so that he could face trial. You don’t see that everywhere in the United States. (Shooting a cop, and living to stand trial.)

    I really like what Amanda has been doing, but what he did is damn brave…. and should be properly acknowledged.

  5. You made a good point in your first comment. Doherty—not overlooking the bad fact that he is employed by a monopoly—made the right decision in a difficult situation, I agree.

  6. Cops defend corrupt cops. Cops do the thin blue line. Untill there are more speaker outers ala Serpico- – my opinion will be that all cops are bad. It was the same thing with the priests covering for the pedophiles. They just denied and defended. Again, till there are more cops ala Serpico, all cops are bad. I would vote for Amanda a thousand times if i could

  7. Im not anti-cop. I just figure it’s other people’s jobs to defend the cops. “No my job man”. 🙂

  8. Given my experience in dealing with her, it does seem plausible that she would have acted in such a manner.

  9. Ademo Freeman wrote this on Facebook:

    “I don’t want to see the Manchester Police Officer win.. sure he got shot but he also jailed myself and Wes Lysander for using chalk on the police station. Therefore, I voted and am asking for you to vote for Shire Sharing Foundress Amanda Bouldin” ( )


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